Black Women are Afraid of the LGBT Community

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

Let’s be honest, despite the whole proud month and being pretend liberals for a while, black people are becoming more conservative with their views against the LGBT community.  Black people had to play nice for a couple years because President Barack Obama wanted a more equal America.  Gay marriage was legalized & black people played a long because a black President did that just in case anyone forgot.

The black community was always hit with being labeled the most homophobic & transphobic.  Whites on the other hand will pray the gay away or send gays to a gay camp.  Other nations are more harsh as homosexuality could lead to death or public shaming.  Black people’s niceness to the LGBT community wears thin as black men’s image is emasculated.  It could be debated that black gays and trans always existed, yet did not had a voice.  Straight black men saw black gay voices as an agenda.  Some analysis are overdrawn, but when the black community needs black male leadership and all hands on decks, gay black men become more of a liability them an asset.

Gay men’s ability to opt out of manhood responsibilities rupture patriarchy.  Fathers have to worry about their legacies being soiled without the continuation of a lineage.  The problem with gay men & trans women is their idolization of women.  Women have the privilege to worry about clothes and loose talk bullshit.  Men do not expect women to wear hard hats and work in the trenches to get dirty.  Women want to be pretty and cared for as a woman.  Gay men have a bad habit of governing heterosexual relationships, for example Donovan’s advice on The Grapevine. Trans women do a worse job as how most trans activists theorize that men who love them are not gay and hide under feminism.

Eventually, cishet black women are losing and withdrawing their alliance with gay men as now they too hate black women.  Yet, black women’s devotion to Christianity and its conservative views on sexuality has a heavy impact in the South.  In early 2017, a video of Kim Burrell exposed her true feelings about homosexuality in a church.  The controversy even sparked the rare conversation of homophobic black women.  Around the same time of this incident, Amber Rose (an openly bisexual woman) stated that she does not date bi-men.  In theory, even amongst sex positive feminist, they do not even believe in their own shit.

Black bi-men were never seen as bisexual, instead they are seen as infamous down low black men who are responsible for infecting black women with HIV.  The concept of a man receiving and/or giving oral/anal sex assumes weakness and loss of manhood.  Penetration is a submission position that women are socially entitled to.  Black women already feel lost in the media as their image is mocked or invisible.  Trans women add to the damage by implying that they are real women and the concept that not all women have vaginas is a patriarchal/eurocentric mindframe.  Even African feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie feels that women are women due to their vaginas and not a mystical state of being or imagination.  When Laverne Cox and Janet Mock are referred to as women, it is a slap to the face of blackness.  Does this imply that black women look like black men or that they are masculine.  The black males of the LGBT community has stretched the line on their identity and is also affecting black masculinity.  When black women were defending Jaden Smith’s dress wearing tendencies, the black community was in code red.  Ebony magazine writer Michael Arceneaux could not properly explain how a gay man could narrate or control the image of heterosexual black manhood.  Jaden Smith is a straight black boy in a Hollywood world that already wants him to submit to white men.  So black men have a right to be angry.

Feminism and gay men have huge problem leading to their misconception of what (black) women want from black men and niggas in dresses is not one of them.  This campaign to turn black boys sensitive is going to cause more harm than good when they discover that magazine editors were wrong.  Black women love bad boys who are heartless.  These square black boys or in other words blerds/alternative black boys learn the hard way that women give bad dating advice.  While those black boys were worried about being different the girls in their class wanted to be the same to the point that they dated the same few boys.  Now black boys are angry and their sensitivity backfires as they continue to cry about why the world hates them.  They cannot take rejection and will continue to follow misogynist anti-black women groups.

Black women have shown no evidence that they like alternative black boys.  I have yet to see teenage girls lusting over androgynous pop stars.  Korean boy bands are the exception, but Asians do not have to worry about their image looking bad as their emasculation low key aids in touring and non-Asian women lusting over them.  The long history of weak black men has stained us for so long that we do not have the time or luxury to experiment on our image.  The black LGBT community has to understand that the larger fraction of the black community is broken and their contributions are more harmful than good.  Black men have been more vocal about it, but black women like Joy Reid still have to play devil’s advocate and be the ideal intersectional black feminist for the sake of keeping a job.

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