Tulsa Real Estate Fund Explained in Detail by Jay “Mr. Real Estate” Morrison

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Jay “Mr. Real Estate” Morrison, according to his website “he is a successful real estate investor, educator and speaker who also just happens to be a three-time felon and high school dropout”.  To my understanding his felonies were related to selling drugs back when he was a teenager.  The only reason I’m mentioning his criminal background is simply because he mentions it and isn’t ashamed to talk about his past.  In a way, you can kind of think of Jay Morrison as to what Stringer Bell from HBO’s tv show “The Wire” aspired to be.  But regardless of his past, the man has gone one to become a very successful real estate investor and to develop a serious following around his works.  If you recall around late last year, Jay Morrison was the person who vent viral due to being denied entry into a popular steak house in Atlanta known as Houston’s which caused people like rapper T.I. to lead a charge into boycotting Houston’s.  Jay Morrison is also known for going around the country to urban communities and hosting free real estate classes on the street to anybody who wanted to attend to gain further insight into the importance of real estate.

Well, Jay Morrison has recently embarked on a pretty significant endeavor to encourage black people to literally “buy the block” through a crowd funded business model as to where pretty much anybody who can afford at least $500 can buy shares of his company called Tulsa Real Estate Fund LLC (TREF) as to where this money will be used to buy up properties in predominately black communities and in return for the investment, the investor will receive a preferred 8% return on the investment and the overall profits generated from the investment will be split 50/50 between the Tulsa management company & the investors.

Naturally, when it comes to black community, we tend to be extremely skeptical of anything that involves us parting ways with our money that can’t produce an immediate return and people have been popping up all over YouTube questioning the legitimacy of Jay Morrison’s TREF endeavor (rightfully so considering TREF managed to raise well over $1M within it’s first week).  Well, below is a video I encourage you all to watch as Jay Morrison himself explains exactly how this business model works, how the returns work, and the overall mission of TREF as it directly relates to the progression of the black community.  You can also find out more information about the TREF by visiting their website right HERE.


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