“Dear White People” Fails Yet Again to Give Joelle a Love Life or Importance

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

Most black sitcoms & woke dramas fail to entertain me due to its over the top portrayal of issues.  The media has had its fun baiting black people to watch Grown’ish, Black’ish and Dear White People despite all of these shows failing to deal with colorism.

Dear White People failed with its black audience by having (mixed) Samantha Black’s bestfriend Joelle be a loveless dark skin sidekick.  On season 2 episode 5, Joelle has had enough of Sam’s “mix-splaining” of black issues and over shadowing her during a campus podcast.  Consequncently, she runs into a new black student named Trevor in anatomy class.  He is just as smart as her and she falls for him as his wokeness values her dark skin.  Together the couple out wits their white peers in class and uncover secrets of their racist campus.  Yet, everything falls a part when Joelle’s boyfriend has conservative/pro-black family views as he shows disapproval while watching a knock-off version of Love & Hip-Hop as one of the characters is caught having sex under a piano.  Trevor calls him a faggot and blames Hollywood for producing black family dysfucntion and black success as tokenist entertainment for the white audience.  Trevor gets called a hotep by Joelle.  He ends up leading a fallout with other students when he calls Sam a mut.  Reggie then punches him in the face and forces him to leave.

The series did dark skin women a disservice as all they wanted was for Joelle to have more screen time and be loved, instead cishet heteronormative black men are shamed for their views.  It disgusts me that black characters can gang up on another black man, yet when whites are out of line all Sam and Reggie can do is debate and negotiate.  Hoteps may have displaced anger towards black America, but it was their consciousness that inspired the woke movement.  Not long ago, niggas did not know shit about Africa or that they were descendents of royalty from Egypt to the Moors.  Now femininism has infiltrated the conscious community spreading lies and misinformation while promoting obscene lifestyles.

Dear White Poeple gives Sam’s mix ethnicity free range to date whomever without question.  Her pro-blackness is a sham and her insecurities play both the victim and black card.  Her black card is never revoked or questioned as she is privileged to date white men, yet hate them at the same time.  Surely the series would not have good reviews by black women if it showed a pro-black man with a light skin or white woman.  Sam ruined Joelle’s relationship.  Trevor did not have to be perfect or completely understanding of the LGBT community.  Let him grow sympathy for them.  But at this point I will no longer watch the show as straight black men are thrown under the bus.  The episode should have ended with sympathy and a happy ending.

In retrospects the black family is under attack and good black men are not finding their place in the community.  It is bad enough that black success in the media only transpires among sports, music or drugs.  Media paints the picture that black men are too uneducated to be with a black woman.  Black boys need their fathers and if the fathers refuse to be there then black mothers need to take accountability for their inability to choose good black men.  It is damaging our children to constantly see the current fuckery that is aired now on television.

The problem with PC culture especially from Dear White People is that their pro-blackness focuses on sexual freedom, hence the irrational rationization of black dysfunction.  Black women have earned their god status to the point where they can say anything and people believe it just because it sounds good & progressive.  Black women are independent, yet single fathers can preach for days on how their wallets are stretched from their ex-wives and baby mommas who are too lazy to get a good job.  Black women can preach that they are educated, yet their education does not do any good for the lack of black employment.  Just like with the #TheRootArticles hashtag that went viral in May 2018, black media fears black male leadership to the point where even black men willingly take roles of destroying their own image.  Black men need their own unapologetic talk shows or even sitcoms to discuss how we really feel about black women, religion and homosexuality.

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