Terrible Dating Advice From the Conscious Community

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

The internet was supposed to be a collection of information that could not be accessed physically, just like I can write a 4-page essay on Saturn without leaving the planet or talking to an astronomer.  Instead, it has been riddled with more lies than truths and needless debates on reality.  The same could be said about ‘black consciousness’ as it is embarrassing to watch grown men fight over ideologies or if African Americans are really African or Hebrew Israelites.

The thing I hate the most with these hotep/Hebrew factions is their narcissism and entitlement to black women.  These are the guys spreading misconceptions that black women at large sold out the black man for feminism, yet most of our mothers and grandmothers know nothing about feminism in general.

Black women are not perfect, but hoteps/Hebrews over-exaggerate the issues in the black community.  These men blog all day about how black women refuse to get with their program because they are conscious (not Christian), not thugs and do not have children.  They use their undesirability as a cover that they are loyal.  Of course, conscious men would believe their own crap.  This mentality is becoming more common as black men (whether conscious or not) are venturing to interracial dating and men’s rights movements, hence why black consciousness is deluding as black men make excuses that every non-black women of color is somehow black, yet the same rules do not apply to black women who date outside their race.  As a conspiracy theory, I believe this is the reason for Tariq Nasheed directing his sequel to Hidden Color 2.  Even outside of his documentary/film making career, Nasheed fathered the internet era of ‘conscious entitlement.’  He was a god-sent for hoteps as a bully who taught rejected black men how to verbally assault black women.  Negro bed wench (NBW) is a term angrily thrown around by hoteps as a one-up towards the women who rejected them.  Black women were less empathetic even in slavery as Nasheed’s narrative claims that black women could not have been raped rather they were seen as conspirators to slavery.  Even for me, negro bed wench loses its meaning as black men get the free pass to be pro-black, while fucking a white woman.  Black men do not listen to Nasheed for dating advice, rather they enjoy the puns and shaming of black women.  Issues like street harassment was discredited by him because feminists did not appreciate men invading their personal space.  Instead, Nasheed took his criticism as a personal insult to the ‘game’ and then race-baited to a conspiracy theory that in the future it will be against the law to talk to women.

Again, this is Nasheed’s hysteria that black women are in league with white supremacy to destroy the black man.  This is where I want Tariq Nasheed to shut up.  Unlike real men who do not live off of crowdfunding (I MEAN BLACK GENERATIONAL WEALTH), we have day jobs, bills and responsibilities.  I am not going to fund a man who who gets easily offended by the actions of black women when he can easily pay for pussy, which he probably has done in his travels to Brazil years ago.

Despite all that frustration I have with him, I put more blame on Shahrazad Ali’s infamous book, The Blackman’s Guide to Understanding the Blackwoman.  Granted I haven’t read it, but I have seen her appearance on television talk shows along with Jesse Lee Peterson by her side.  Yes, no shit, Peterson was once a pro-black.  Her book was so controversial that even it pissed off Iyanla Vanzant.  I will be honest to say that black women are not perfect and there are things that they have ruined in our community.  For starters, their womb is given to almost any pre-deadbeat father along as he has swag and a pipedream to become a rapper making features with Kanye West.  Black women have no excuse in 2018 and beyond to whine about the lack of good black men.  Yet, hoteps are not any better.  Pro-black vloggers lack a love life mainly due to their narcissism.  This is the reason for my separation from pro-blackness.  I broke away from the pro-black idol worship to live a simpler life that needs no approval.  I warn black boys who are single and sexually frustrated to stay off YouTube or Men’s Rights forums, especially when white men are using those same platforms and talking points to commit violence against women.

Like most conscious black men who are frustrated with black women, their misogyny stems from the flawed logic from Shahrazad Ali as she made theories that black women are stupid.  Ali has all the answers, yet her love life is either non-existent or kept under wraps.  Either way, the book does not help black men, despite supplying them with faux king status.  Implying that black women are naturally inferior and deserve abuse for their disobedience is simply pathetic.  Clutch Magazine dubbed her as the ‘Godmother of Terrible Black Love Advice‘ and she rightfully deserves that title.  Sadly, black men fall for these women who think they are doing them a favor.  Her garb and connections to black leaders do not make her beyond reproach.  Her ridiculous views have spawned Tommy Sotomayor as he often references her quotes in his podcast.  As far as Ali showing her loyalty to black men, she has done the opposite and is the mother of the idiotic ideology that discredits black men from the jump.

Again, black men have real problems with black women, but the problems can be without name calling and sprinting on the Oppression Olympics.  Brothers, let’s stop throwing negro bed wench around simply because she has been with a couple white men.  Tariq Nasheed has black men foolishly believing that every black women with a non-black man has auditioned for ghetto gaggers.  By the way, just stop watching it, it is stupid to boycott because overall ghettogaggers is tasteless entertainment.  So please stop making pro-black video responses to ghetto gaggers.  Most importantly, we need to stop retelling the myth of how feminism destroyed our community, yet there is truth to it as the black community was led astray to believe that the 60s was an awakening to the ‘sexual revolution’ that was going to end racism, sexism and the war on drugs.  Yet unlike the white community that was able to recover and profit from the sex industry, black people did not get a second chance.  Not just our grandmothers, but grandfathers too played into their sex craze that white people introduced them to such as swinging and metrosexualism.  As a result, our communities was flooded drugs, STDs and unwanted pregnancies.  The truth was that your grandmother was not in a book club reading books from Bell Hooks and Gloria Steinem.  Her problem was that instead of a book in her hand, it was a dick with no condom hence to the multiple aunts and uncles we have.  Meanwhile, your grandfather fell into the stereotypes and wanted to be a Mandingo.  Black men are not perfect, so we need to get off the god-complex.  Even in 2018, our communities are sill fucked, but instead of YouTube videos and cheesy wife-school seminars are your favorite pro-blacks physically making changes or are they giving you change for attending yet another wasteful debate?

Speaking of wife schools, I criticize Ro Cutno for her insensitive views on the death of Sandra Bland for blaming her death on being unwed.  This woman thinks she is God’s gift to the world and she uses her draw of being light skin and French as way to boost her revenue.  She makes her money enforcing mammy stereotypes that African American women are masculine and lack femininity.  This is a common hustle for many herbal tea sipping hotep women who believe in the most gnarliest conspiracy theories.  There is even a YouTube channel of a black couple in which the husband publicly spanks his wife for being unruly or disobeying his commands.

Conscious outside of governing relationships is no big deal for me whether or not you are a Hebrew Israelite or Moor, but do not let these men and women with shady love lives give advice on dating let alone marriage when they do not even have their own lives in order.

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