The Rise & Fall of Black Conservatism Led by Kanye West

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

We all know that one black kid (usual a dude) who’s always confrontational and goes the opposite just for the sake of starting an argument.  Granted, I used to be that guy or maybe my friends saw me as that troll who would barge into their pro-black or woman-post preaching to them that African Americans are being manipulated to be liberals or think a certain way.

The problem did not start with Kanye, but he has made the black community’s blood boil with needless debates on slavery.  Regardless of what people think whether the popular opinion or not, I am seeing the bigger picture of how black celebrities work against their own best interests.  One minute Kanye West wants to run for office for the 2020 Presidential campaign, yet he is an open Trump supporter.  He burned every bridge and chance he could get in being backed within the good graces of black people for headlines.  This man is not dumb or mentally challenged, he is just weak.  Time and time again, black men are killed and attacked by everyone and everywhere.  Unlike fighting the power or ruffling the feathers of the dominant white society, black men fold and crack under pressure.  Kanye knows that he cannot live up to or go back to his golden era over a decade ago.  He is cracking and has no comebacks as even black Hollywood alienates him.  He is not a bad guy, but he needs to grow a pair and stop playing into white hands as the ‘dumb negro’ of the month.  We as black men do not need this press or bad look.  For starters, I am tired of the countless YouTube videos of how every successful black man leaves his dark skin babymomma for a white girl.

White media and TMZ do not care for black people, so why are they fueling Kanye to say more dumb shit?  The media is playing black men as a fool.  When do white men in media get angry at the multiple outlandish statements about black people Stephen A. Smith?  There is always some negro on television who wants to lecture at black people and networks allow it.  Beyond Kanye, the fuckery of black feminism gave what I call ‘Wikipedia’ facts that black men are the most violent against black women to the point that we lead in their deaths.  This was said on the Breakfast Club by Amber Phillips and Jamilah  Lemieux.  The episode is still up with no apology from these women or even a fact check.  Meanwhile, this same show was quick to bend over backwards and apologize to the gay community after comedian Lil Duval’s comments towards transwomen trapping straight black men.  Black talking heads in the media know when to hit their tail and run when their black card gets puledl even if they are liberal or a feminist.  The same goes for MSNBC Joy Reid who could no longer host her show after being exposed as a homophobe.  Black men get no apologies or even a respected voice to settle the air and get the facts straight.

Yet through the downfall of Kanye West there is a powerful lesson that I have learned.  As my pen-name suggests, I am conservative.  In pro-black/woke tables I would not be welcomed or wanted due to my views of being too radical, patriarchal or unrealistic.  As much as black hate people Candace Owens and other black conservatives excluding the obvious coons, they see a better platform to be themselves and follow mainstream media out of black solidarity.

Many black celebrities and artists are battling each other to death over who is more woke and most of it is just for show.  Donald Glover’s This is America is a trending music video that has shaken our perception of our country, yet his blackness is challenged due to his wife and poor portrayals of black women in FX’s Atlanta.  In reality, Donald Glover would not even make his hit song if it was not for Kanye West supporting the President and his denial of the existence of slavery.  It is an easy target market to excite black journalists to talk about this so even I have fallen for it, but I am neutral on his art.  The problem is that wokeness is not taken seriously and it ends up being a shield from being judged by black people.  Music becomes tasteless as it is just a PSA to either vote democratically, support gay marriage or interracial dating.  Yet, the god complex of Black Twitter is flawed as it ends up being a fraction of endless possibilities on what is pro-blackness down to the other end of the meter to what is feminism/womanism.  Take a 1/100 x 1/100 and use that product to find the thousands of versions of afro-centricism.  Black celebrities need to go to sleep and relax, stop wasting time entertaining or pandering to bots and vloggers who could only mustard no more than 1,000 followers and views on their channel.

This is not me saying that black issues does not matter, but there is no good coming out of fighting each over blackness.  Those who are black and gay, light skin, mixed, rich, educated, nerdy, date interracially or a woman; who are they to impress over the internet?  Every week there is a gender debate over educated lames versus black women.  Next month there will be another battle over classism, education, gayness and womanhood.  At the end of the day, white people make millions off of what I call the ‘black civil war’.

I have been woke and conscious before the internet and the birth of Black Twitter.  I was woke when it was not cool or accepted in the black community.  I was conscious when my mother thought I was Catholic.  I have left the ankh, Egypt, the Bible, spaceships and the dream of a world ruled by black people to sleep and be carefree.

Once black people log off the internet to be themselves no one will judge them on a black scale.  I have met many back women who do not care and even support interracial dating not just from women, but black men as well.  In the real world a hotep yelling at white people is a bum who thinks he is god and abuses women under the justification of a books he never read.  I laugh at black people who try to model a cohesive black society.  Filmmaker and relationship expert, Tariq Nasheed does this the most with his famous ‘stay on code’ catchphrase that describes an unreal constitution for black people to unite against white supremacy.  Wokeness is not real and it is being pimped to death.  As a freethinker I keep my money to myself and have saved hundreds avoiding kickstarter projects that use black economic shaming tactics as ‘building’ and ‘black wealth.’

Black men are discovering that they are not as pro-black as they thought they were mainly due to frustrations from black women.  As interracial dating becomes a reasonable option, individualism is the next best thing as black people are getting tired of the lack of support and solidarity.  To a degree, Kanye’s betrayal to blackness could be a response that his marriage to Kim K. disqualifies him from fighting for black issues.

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