Seductive Mixtape Series #26: Woman Crush Wednesday, Vol. 1

We all have those celebrities that we fantasize about, and I am no different.  I’m talking actresses, singers, etc. that we will probably never get close enough to other seeing them on TV or movies…maybe a concert.  This entry in the Seductive Mixtape Series is titled “Woman Crush Wednesday, Vol. 1” to highlight some of the beautiful women that I would love to have dinner with or talk the fate of the world while sipping a cocktail with.  The songs that I have chosen add to the fantasy.  I mean it would be so live if they were to sing these to me…I’m just saying.  Though highly unlikely, it is still cool to dream.  No stalking….just admiration.

Artist: Chante Moore, Songs: I’m What You Need & Candlelight and You

I was so jealous back in the day of Dwayne Wayne (Kadeem Hardison) because he was married to Chante.  He’s cool and all, but he wasn’t me…lol.  I understand that it didn’t work out between them, and now I am jealous of Kenny Lattimore (lucky bastard!).  If Chante gets divorced again, I’m putting my bid in.

I often listen to I’m What You Need as I drive in to work.  It is as relaxing as it is seductive.  The bass drop at the beginning gets me every time!  I sometimes play the intro over and over again to catch it.  I have to mention the high notes she hits toward the end and the gentle and tender singing of the background singers during the chorus.  As far as the lyrics, the message is simple.  Basically it is saying, “give me a chance because I am the one for you”.  Simple.

Candlelight and You is the genius collaboration of Chante and one of the smoothest brothers to do it, Keith Washington.  This song was actually the background track that played whenever you first visited my old candle business website, Designs of Diamond D.  (Awww, the memories of young entrepreneurship!)  Anyway, Chante and Keith complement each other so well on this track.  I particularly love the way they alternate singing throughout the song.  One of the top duets ever…period!!

Man, if she ever sang to me…..bruh!!!  I missed seeing her perform once due to a severe ice storm.  I was so hurt…I still am.


Artist: Jean Grae, Songs: underneathu & Love Thirst

Jean Grae is engaged y’all!!  WTF?!?  Ummm….she didn’t call me to see if I was going to shoot my shot.  Honestly, I called one of homegirls that actually knows her and was like, “How could she do that to me?”  Man, I had to rescind my invite (that she never received…lol) for a quiet home-cooked meal and jokes after she had a hard night in the studio doing what she does best…proving that she is still one of the best rappers period!

Ok, ok.  I sound like a fanboy, but I really did feel some type of way when I heard the news.  I was like low-key hating when I watched Jean and her….fiance (ehhhh) on “Desus and Mero” a while back.  Well maybe I can’t witness some of Jean’s beautiful weirdness firsthand or sip Hennessy with her while we talk about her tattoos, but maybe I can get her on the Southern Soulcast one day…fingers crossed. (Ummm, that was a hint to my homegirl that knows her-hook a brotha up!!)

Now about the songs…  underneathu is classic crazy-out-of-the-box Jean (which I love).  It kinda has that twangy Prince sound to it.  The video spoofs public broadcasting stations and is off-da-chain as the group, “Jean and Everyone’s Pregnant” serenades you.  You don’t know whether you want to laugh or be turned on.  Hell, I think the whole thing was a joke that ended up being a fan favorite.  #teamjean

Y’all may have seen my thoughts about Love Thirst in a previous Seductive Series Mixtape post.  No need to overly reiterate it, but whichever version you like (solo, w/Busta Rhymes, or chopped and screwed) is well worth putting on your mixtape list.  I’m not just saying because of my infatuation with her.  This is just a crazy, sexy, cool track.

Psssttt…Hey, Ms. Grae!  If Quelle Chris doesn’t do you right, holla at your boy.  I ain’t playing…real talk.


Artist: Jill Scott, Songs: Come See Me & Crown Royal

If Jill Scott came to the family reunion, I’m sure that I would have to fight a couple of my brothers for her attention.  All that sexy thickness would be worth the family disruption…lol.  I mean…we are talking about Jill Scott.  Ever since her first album, I was a fan, and she was one of my crushes.  So much sultriness and power coming out of that voice in each note on each track.  Whew!!!  I always fantasized being that dude that woke up to see her cooking grits and biscuits for me after a LONG night…just like she describes in like three or four songs.  Y’all know I am telling the truth.  Ha!

I’m not sure which version of Jill Scott I like best as an artist.  Her best music (to me) came when she was either deep or angry.  I wasn’t feeling the happy-in-love, golden-life Jill.  Speaking of being angry, I guess there were rumors that she was difficult to date or be married to.  I hope that is false (like I have chance).  If you recall some of her songs on that one album after that one divorce that one time (like My Love – bruh!!!), you know what I’m saying.  I would rather be in her good graces instead of getting straight up flamed on the album and “Breakfast Club” interviews after the breakup.

One of the songs that I hope Jill sings to me (in my bedroom as moonlight and vanilla-scented candles light the darkened room while we are tipsy from sharing two bottles of blended red wine – I can dream, right?) is Come See Me.  Those horns along with the bass line lay down the right soundtrack to Jill’s sweet and silky voice in this song of anticipation and longing.  Bruh!!!!

If Jill was in more of a get it on mood vs. lovemaking that night (in my dream), she could bust out the toy kit and sing Crown Royal.  I like that warble sound in the background music and the graphic imagery she conveys in this short track.  She is so nasty, and I like it….LOL!

There are so many songs that I could have discussed since Jill is just the bomb!  (My fanboy-ism is acting up again!)  She will definitely be one of my favorite crushes and you will see her in upcoming posts.  In the meantime, I suggest listening to Honey Molasses from her first album. You’re welcome.



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