Kanye West is the Prime Example of Why I Gave Up Dating White Women

By:  H.T., Website:  Rogue Black Nerd

Yes, I get it.  By this point, the internet has deemed me a black woman hater that loves him some white women, but in light of what Kanye West has been saying, I think it’s time I had my come to Jesus moment as far as my issues with women, particularly black women.

I’ve always been a Kanye West fan, and in ways, I still am.  But here’s the issue I take with him:  Kanye West is, quite literally, what I feared in the back of my head I’d become should I start exclusively dating white women.  As far as my own issues with black women, I think the honest issue I had with them wasn’t that I wasn’t attracted to them (I am) but that of my encounters with black women versus white women, I must say that this situation with Kanye and my own life proves that the issue was never black women, but a deep rooted need to find external acceptance from women which in turn is never healthy.

Speaking for myself, I think after my last big relationship (the one I was in when I wrote said article that had black women on my ass) I think I look back with a clearer mind and realize this wasn’t the world I wanted to keep living in.  The world being namely that this was a woman that grew up in a environment devoid of really any people of color, let alone black people, and while her family and parents were nice, there was one point at which I started to think.  Her cousin in law, a Filipina woman, said that she’s kind of sad that while she loves her in-laws, she said it made her a bit sad to know her kids will likely grow up not fully understanding their culture, namely hers.

Then I thought more & more and by the time me and said girlfriend actually broke up I really did start to see things differently.  My next girlfriend was Mexican, a first really and to be honest, it felt more organic as there was less exposition about certain things.  Then, I started to try to make amends with my mother, who currently is on the mend after a near fatal hospitalization from kidney failure.

I think as far as Kanye goes, I think this sort of situation he’s in is what I honestly fear about dating white women as this is a man who quite literally is inspiring me and scaring me.  Dr. Claud Anderson has a bit of a point about slavery, but I think he is ignoring the powers that be that lead to why slavery didn’t have enough uprisings to crush it.  For what it’s worth, the government sanctioned and enforced slavery to the point that all uprisings up to a point were crushed with extreme prejudice.  The private entities that were actually capturing and selling slaves knew how to break people down fast and effectively as such tactics have been around since the age of Genghis Khan, and keep in mind, it wasn’t as though people didn’t consider rising up.  It’s that when one did, slaves were literally forced to watch as they hung the men, raped and killed his entire family.  400 years of knowing that awaits you and everyone you know and love will wear you down quick.

But with Kanye, I think the reason I say that he’s the reason I’m turned off from dating white women is that at this point, one cannot deny that this is the thoughts of a man that was in the same mindset I was when I wrote that article.  I look at pictures of the mansion he lives in with his wife and her family and it eerily reminds me of the day I wrote that.  I too found myself in a house full of white women, being fed and treated kind and for a split second, I really did try to believe that white people weren’t that bad.

Truth is, you’re not white people, but at the end of the day there really are things about being black that even if I sat you down and broke shit down piece by piece I’m still not sure you’d get it.  With Kanye, I think his mindset speaks more like a man who’s been too far out of the loop to where I can see the point he’s attempting to convey, but all in all, he really does sound like a man who’s seen too much of the world that exists among white people, and thus has come to believe this could be the life for all black people.

This goes to the running joke that I heard from John Pennymon about how every black content creator knows that if they went conservative tomorrow, within a month, they would have a job on Fox News and be set for life.  Sadly, this is very very true and is why I believe his stance of loving everyone and thinking freely is not from a genuine place.  Yes, the Democratic Party many times doesn’t give a shit about the actual needs of black people unless it’s an election year, but keep in mind that I live in a state where our governor (a republican) has made strides to where if you’re black and have money, you can make it around here.  But his apathy for poor people in general is shown by the fact that this is a man who not only will not send state funds to fix the pipes in Flint, which has left the water virtually undrinkable, but is also selling fresh lake and groundwater to Nestle, a company whose CEO has been on record saying that water is not a right.

I think when people say that black men are the white people of black people, I think situations like Kanye are prime examples of what they mean as truth be told, any man that can look at the state of his people and simply think that the problem can be solved by embracing the very people causing said discourse, I think this is when I myself get uncomfortable.

It’s often said that a man’s spouse is a reflection of himself and his drive in life, and I think we see that in the dichotomy between Kanye and Jay Z.  I think Beyonce is a very talented and beautiful woman, but this is a woman who we’ve seen has kept her husband on his game and kept him keeping things in perspective.  Kanye on the other hand, has become what I wrote about years ago in proving he was never woke.  Sadly, his wife has proved me right by pushing him down this road.

Kanye is a very talented man, but I think both living a life enameled with all these not only white women, but white women that have somehow managed to take the playbook of an already wealthy heiress (Paris Hilton) and create and entire empire out of it all.  The reason people often bring up his mother is because frankly this all looks as though this is a man who has gone far too long without a consistent influence from a black person in his life that remembers what he came from and knows what happens still outside of the life he lives today.

I blame this all on his exposure to the Kardashians because while I can understand being famous for doing porn, these are women who ALL became famous for just being around people with ACTUAL talent, namely black men.  If I had to give an honest theory why nearly every man who gets attached to the Kardashians comes out eventually worse, I’d honestly have to say that the honest answer is that it’s because the Kardashians live a life completely outside the realms of reality in many ways.  These are women who don’t have a discernible talent.  Kim made a song that I can’t even remember, she had a brief role in a Tyler Perry Movie, and despite the huge amount of plastic surgery they’ve had, only two of them are actual models.  So one has to assume that as a black man living amongst women that are treated as modern gods almost, to eventually come back to reality outside of them, at any point is jarring.  It’s like in the Matrix when Neo took the red pill and immediately found out he was being used as a battery by the machines and dropped back into the cold harsh reality that was humans fighting the machines.

This goes to what I see in Kanye and why I believe I’m done dating white women as truth be told I can look at him and realize this is what happens when you spend too much time around white people and in their good graces.  You forget to challenge them on their shit, you forget that if you’re in a room full of white people and the cops come to check on a report about a disturbance you could very well find yourself beat, tased or even shot just because you made one cop uncomfortable in a room full of people who might very well actually have weapons on them.

I’ve always found black women attractive, so much so that to this day, I stand by the statement that I think Kelly Rowland is the most attractive member of Destiny’s Child.  Yes, more than Beyonce.  To be honest, I’m kind of bored with the whole beauty standards of today where nearly every woman who’s popular on social media either looks like Beyoncé, a Kardashian, or Cassie.  My crushes at this point in life:

  • Kelly Rowland
  • Keke Palmer
  • Lupita Nyong’o
  • Aisha Tyler
  • Amber Riley
  • Amara La Negra
  • Demetria Obilor
  • Zoe Kravitz
  • Melyssa Ford
  • Regina King

In short, I’m kind of tired of being attracted to women who look racially ambiguous all the time as there really is a beauty about darker skin women that I never could put my finger on till now.  To be honest, I think it’s because I’ve come to realize that after a while, it gets boring to be like everyone else chasing after some fat white girl or some exotic looking woman who could damn near be anything.

I do find women of all races attractive, but I do believe that Kanye proves that being around white women for too long can make you deaf to the very reality of black people.  I think after seeing what he’s become, it’s time I made my way back home.

“You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged.  And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.” — Morpheus, The Matrix

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