Why Have So Many Black Men Joined the Red Pill Movement?

By:  H.T., Website:  Rogue Black Nerd

Let me start by saying that while I understand some of the logic by which the ideology lives off of, I must say that as a society, if people want to know why the red pill movement has begun to take such a deep hold with black people, particularly black men, I think we need to admit to something that is not pretty or politically correct.  But is honest.

As I write this, George H.W. Bush, father to former governor of Texas George W. Bush, may very well be on his death bed after recently burying his wife of 70 years, Barbara.  Now, what does this have to do with the the red pill movement?  As I’ve said before about dating as a millennial, dating today is a social nightmare because truth is for as technologically advanced as things are, romance via modern technology really has reduced things down to really the most shallow forms.  Men and women immediately objectify each other, but for men to secure a monogamous mate is in ways different than what a woman struggles to accomplish in the same scenario.  This is not to say one necessarily has it harder than the other, but it is to say that as a man, to be a below average or even just average looking guy requires you to essentially be built up more in other aspects besides looks as frankly your options based on physical appearance are kinda low.

As a man, I can understand self-improvement, especially from the perspective of attracting a mate.  But I believe the reason the red pill movement has gained such a dedicated following, if only a small one, because there’s an unspoken and in a ways mocked demographic of men who for one reason or another don’t fit into the grand narrative about intergender dynamics.  Fact is, there is a generation of young men who by no means were prepared to adapt to the change of things at such a massive scale.  While Darwin was right that adaptability decides which species goes on to the next round, fact is dating wise, the tables seem very oddly lopsided.

To put it bluntly, there were many young men who were raised to have to act right, work hard, treat women right and and be generally good citizens in society.  Now, I want to say this for a fact:  no woman OWES any man sex, a date or even affection for what is basically basic human decency.  However, I think the point at which the animus is created isn’t because “I’m a nice guy but women like the assholes”, it’s that I really think all memes aside, the biggest source of confusion is that if you are a average to below average looking guy, regardless of what good you have what can’t be denied is that in terms of potential mates dating wise with women, your options many times are very limited.  This is not to say there aren’t exceptions, but it is to say that on average, these days things like character, drive and charm don’t SEEM to go as far as one would think anymore.  I say seem because from a slightly different paradigm one could easily lose sympathy for said men as you quickly realize that in the end, the only reason said men find themselves longing for said women is because they are highly sexually attractive.  For as much as we shit on women for dealing with fuckboys who make them wet, I think there’s something to be said of men who romanticize their lust of women as “being shut out for assholes”.

This goes to the simultaneous issues at hand with the red pill movement.  On one hand, you don’t want to root for said men as it’s clear that if these men would honestly humble themselves, there’s a sizable chance they could find a mate, but on the other hand dating today by the perspective of the red pill falls under the old proverb “a broken clock is right at least twice a day”.

I’m not saying that the purveyors of red pill logic have all the answers, but it is to say that part of the reason so many men have grown to loathe the social justice narrative about dating is that things have, to put it bluntly, become a game so cold it’s nearly become easier to just to pay a sex worker for a night or even just buy porn as the truth is, dating today for men a lot of times feels like a demented game of bingo.  I use this analogy because like with cards in that game, due to the combination of luck and timing, dating for many of us could very well be a matter of you are missing all the numbers being called that night.

Sure, this is a normal part of life.  Not every woman will go crazy for you, but with the #MeToo movement, as much as I see the necessity for such a movement, the fact is socially, dating has become risky as what used to be labeled social awkwardness or ineptitude is now potentially labeled signs of being a sex offender.  This is not to say all men are innocent, but please understand that when you as a man are hit with the creeper label, these days the only way to get the scent off you is to basically say that other men are terrible, which leads into the bigger issue of creepy male feminists.

When you look at what red pill philosophers have to say about things like feminism, hypergamy, finances, sex and dating, one can see some level of logic in their argument.  But it can be disassembled.  It’s not that women like assholes, it’s that women in general are attracted to confidence and good looks, but some have a very immature idea of what strong masculinity looks like in a man.  And to be honest, while there are elements of masculinity that need reformation, the reason so many feminists lose the ear of men is that many times it’s clear as day that 1) the often used examples of non-toxic masculinity often lack any real masculine energy, and 2) many times as toxic as a man is, many men still see them clearly being sexually viable despite social pressure to change.  Honestly, even though I can see Terry Crews’ point, it’s still hard to not get a slight feeling of cynicism as the only black male celebrities you see not having a million think pieces written about them are ones who typically on record as regularly saying, “women are queens and men are trash” in some form.

The red pill philosophers are onto some right ideas.  It wouldn’t kill men today to take up a physical activity that actually does attract women on some level, many men including myself need to get our finances in order and dating to find a woman of a certain level of physical attractiveness or even just loyalty is difficult as dating today feels less like seeking love or even just a mother to children, and more like diplomatic debates between two countries in a trade war.

Which goes back to George H.W. Bush.  As much as I loathe the man for the part that him, the Reagan administration and his compatriots played in the aspects of the Cold War and ultimately the drug war in getting communities flooded with cheap drugs, one must acknowledge that at the end of the day, this is a man who at what appears to be the twilight of his life has just had to bury his wife and may very well have early signs of dementia.  He and his wife were together, started a family and he ran a country while knowing that if all else went to shit, he always had Barbara by his side.  And now she’s gone.

I bring him up because in a sad way, I think the fate of George H.W. Bush is a beautifully sad fate as this is a man who has accomplished so much and still managed to find such a devoted wife and mother and after she passed realized that there is a void.  A void.  Today, I’m not sure that the men of today will get that feeling as the incentive to be dedicated to one person, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, which in the end leads to many living a life in mental flux as we are never sure we aren’t close to being replaced.  For men, for as much as women today go on and on about how men for years were shitty to women and treated them like options, why would we as a society choose to inverse a behavior we all agree is shitty In the name of empowerment?  What strength is gained in telling anyone to be shitty to other people?  This goes to why so many men both turn to red pill philosophy or straight up go MGTOW because in the end, it quickly becomes hard to debate wanting to go into the dating pool when every one of us as men knows that theoretically, if our girlfriends so chose, the internet makes it so easy to step out or simply vie for attention from other men, garnering potential mates.  This is not to say that women haven’t always been able to replace men who may or may not serve their needs, but in the age of social media, the potential for a mate, man or woman, to upend the other person’s life is so easy to pull off seeing as we literally carry the tools to commit infidelity in our pockets.

And honestly, I really really wish I could ignore the fact that social media gives people in general the ability to be unfaithful.  One cannot ignore when we’re on Twitter and hear rappers question why women should even show basic decency to men or when militantly promiscuous women become the voices of social change, and thus control the narrative on romance from their perspective which is admittedly cynical.  While the red pill philosophy strikes me as an incredibly well meaning yet incredibly toxic ideology with the goal of bettering men, it becomes hard to completely side with all counter arguments when many times the only argument is “stop your bitching”.

It’s easy to tell men to silence their complaints when it’s clear their shortcomings don’t affect them, and furthermore it actually in a way helps to have a generation of men constantly sexually frustrated as they at the very least will always be there to tell you you’re pretty should you be that vain.  I’m not saying there’s some huge conspiracy against men of this generation, but I am saying that things have begun to gain almost a lean towards not just a departure from the value of our grandparents, but what can only be described as an almost soulless version of mating.  There’s no mystery, no courting, no real growth, and the beauty standards for both men and women focus essentially on the top 10 to 15 percentile of attractive people, forgetting that most of us don’t look like the idols put before us.

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