Never Ever Accept a Drink From a Person Defending Bill Cosby

Cookout season is amongst us and we all know how black folks love some damn cookouts…at least I do.  So I want to bestow upon you some information to help you remain safe during cookout season.  When I was in the Army we used to refer to this as a safety brief.  We got one every weekend & every 3 or 4 day holiday weekend as well.  So here’s my safety briefing to you all during this year’s upcoming cookout season:

The next time you have a cookout, when you are assigning tasks to people who are supposed to bring some type of food, utensil or supply to the cookout, be sure that everybody on your list who has been vehemently defending or making up excuses for Bill Cosby on why they believe Cosby isn’t guilty…be sure that those people are not tasked with bringing the drinks.

Anyways, what I really came here to say is this…

If you are a black person out there running around talking about, “B-b-but what about all of those other white men who were accused of some type of sexual assault or harassment?!”  My response to you is:  Fuck them white dudes.  It’s Bill Cosby’s turn to get dragged.  If/when their trial starts and if they are found guilty, we’ll drag their white asses too.

Knee grows kill me with this bullshit of thinking that just because one group may have gotten away with something or they may not have been forced to stand on the carpet to answer to their accusations that this somehow should be used as a reason to justify the complete fuckery that the black person has been accused (& recently convicted) of.  Like, let’s say it’s a bunch of random ass white dudes punching random ass people in the mouths for no reason at all and then all of a sudden I decided to punch a random ass person in the mouth just because i felt like being on some dumb shit that day.  Now let’s say for some damn reason everybody and their mama witnessed these white dudes punching random ass people but yet I’m the ONLY person who got in trouble for punching somebody…the mere fact that the other white dudes didn’t get in trouble does not absolve me of the complete fuckery I did when I decided to go out there and punch some random person too.

I seriously don’t understand what’s so complicated about how this works.  But, this is yet another reason why NOBODY takes black people seriously.  Too many of you niggas would prefer to see a black person get away with utter complete fuckery just so you can extend your ashy pointer finger out to say, “B-b-but…what about the white man?!  It’s racism!  It’s white supremacy!”  Maybe it is a little racism & a little white supremacy sprinkled in there, but that still doesn’t mean shit at the end of the day.  Bill Cosby still did the shit he was found guilty of doing…period point blank.

Your favorite mulatto.
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