I’m NOT Boycotting Kanye West Either

So Kanye West has been all over my social media feeds for the last few days from expressing his admiration for the way Candace Owens thinks to him getting retweeted by Donald Trump and showing off his autographed MAGA hat.  As you can imagine, knee grows all over social media are proclaiming that they are officially done with Kanye West (which I highly doubt), but I’m not.  You know why I’m not?  It’s because just like Kanye West tweeted in reference to Candace Owens, “I like the way he thinks.”

What do I mean?  Simple…

I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, I barely even know who the hell Candace Owens is, but I do know who Kanye West is.  Kanye West has been outspoken his entire career from stating that George Bush doesn’t like black people, to interrupting Taylor Swift to declare that Beyonce had the best video of the year to wearing clothing adorned with Confederate flags, to going on public tantrums against his mentor Jay Z about their relationship.  Basically, this is who this guy is and shall continue to be.  He’s a black man who’s not afraid to voice his opinion regardless of how unpopular it may be.  We can argue all day about whether his opinions are right or wrong, but regardless, he’s not afraid to voice his opinion at all.  Sadly, it’s way too many knee grows who are afraid to voice their true opinions for fear of a “blacklash” against them.  And I should know being that I am a content creator.

Seriously, I get called a coon 50lemen times a day on this website or on my YouTube channel for simply voicing my opinion.  When I talk about black people’s bullshit, especially the never ending bullshit seeping out of Blackistan from all of these super pro-blacks, these knee grows lose all articulation skills they should have learned since about the age of 3 to resorting to literal playground tactics of calling me a coon, sellout, sambo, butter biscuits…basically every name in the book people like Tariq Nasheed have taught them under the illusion of being a so-called good debater.  But when I spent the first few years on my website talking damn near non-stop about racism & white people’s bullshit, I was damn near a superstar to a degree.  Truth be told, I’ve received more bullshit from black people for talking about black people’s bullshit than I ever have from white people when talking about their bullshit.  Amazing how this works.  So, in a sense I can understand Kanye West (& Candace Owens to a degree) when he tweeted about being a free thinker.

You see in black society (especially in the era of social media), you’re not allowed to have an independent thought that’s different from the mainstream black thought floating around in the ether.  Whatever some popular black voice online or in the media tells you think, you are supposed to automatically cosign it simply because you are black.  That’s it.  No questions asked.  And black people are reminded of this daily especially by the likes of your popular pro-black talking heads who constantly tell black people “we need to get on code”.  Ironically, hardly any black person parroting that phrase even knows what the hell that means.  What it means is, “you need to 100% cosign whatever the hell I’m saying because I’m a black person speaking pro-black who has a large following.”  That’s it.  Seriously, that’s it.  Even if it’s not a stereotypical pro-black from Blackistan but instead one of these popular black liberal talking heads, they essentially spew the same nonsense by constantly attacking any black person whom dares to think differently or express a slightly different opinion as if knee grows aren’t allowed to think outside of the “black box” these liberals & pro-blacks constantly try to stuff black people in.

All black people don’t have the same life story and struggles.  Some of us grew up in the hood, some of us grew up in the burbs, and some of us grew up in the country.  Some of us like to rap, some of us are nerds, some of us are this, and some of us are that.  We all didn’t come from extreme poverty and crime-ridden communities where we are worrying about the cops or a racist being on our ass 24/7.  Some of us did grow up in impoverished communities and made a way out to living a life that isn’t surrounded by the pitfalls of poverty others who didn’t make it out still deal with.  Some of us started off thinking one way and some of us may have changed our position over time due to new life experiences and/or information that has been presented to us.  The point is, all black people are not the same.  We all don’t think the same.  We all don’t act the same.  We all don’t live our lives in the exact same manner.  We all don’t see the world in the exact same way.  We are not just one big knee grow who’s restricted from independent thought.  So to demonize Kanye West over a few tweets because you miss the old Kanye and refuse to accept that the old Kanye has had over a decade of new life experiences that has shaped him to be the black man he is today is rather ridiculous.  You have every right to agree or disagree with the things Kanye & people like Candace Owens may say, but to demonize them as the worst of the worst in black society for simply having a different point of view based on where they currently are in their lives as if they are just supposed to think identical to you in every way on account for simply being black is quite possibly the dumbest shit ever.

And for everybody running around throwing out the words coon, sambo, sellout, sunken place, butter biscuits, negro bed wench, Uncle Tom, etc…you niggas sound absolutely retarded & continually display your ignorance with every letter you type.  You literally suffer from a mental block preventing you from fully composing a thought to where you are reduced to name calling and it’s just so sad to witness.  What’s even more disturbing is that you honestly believe that you are doing something effective by constantly labeling people as coons etc.  Even crazier is to know that you all honestly believe yourselves to be the best & brightest that black society has to offer by displaying your lack of a vocabulary that fails to extend beyond the grade school playground level.  If I’m sitting on social media talking about how I think black people need to stop being so sheep-minded and learn to form their own opinions and thoughts about the world based off of their life experiences and all I’m ever met with are “get out, sunken place, coon, sambo, Uncle Tom, negro bed wench, etc…” comments as a rebuttal to my statements, how can you honestly expect anybody to take you seriously and honestly expect people to think you are capable of demonstrating any real level of grown up intelligence?  I mean, you niggas are literally angry over black people telling you to think for yourselves.  Think about that.

“B-b-but…Kanye said he loves Trump & he got an autographed Trump hat you coon ass nigga!”

Who the fuck cares.

Listen, since Donald Trump has been in office, has your life gotten progressively worse, better or remained stagnate?  Serious question.

Has a so-called race soldier showed up to your door ready to blow your brains out yet?  Has a swastika, confederate flag or MAGA hat wearing Trump loving racist showed up to your door ready to tie you to the back of a pickup truck to drag you down the street yet?  Or has the same ole bullshit been going on since Obama, Bush & Clinton were in office still taking place?  Chances are you’ve still been either that same go-getter striving for the best life possible or you’re still that same bum ass nigga eating Cheetos on the mama’s couch watching Maury.  Point is, your life hasn’t really changed for shit for the most part since Trump has been in office.  Now is that me cosigning all of the fuckery that has come out of Trump’s mouth since he’s been in office?  No.  That’s simply me saying exactly what the hell I just finished typing…your life hasn’t really changed for shit for the most part and by the time Trump leaves office, your life will pretty much be on the same trajectory of success of utter failure with it being brought to fruition by your actions for the most part.  Kanye getting an autographed MAGA hat and saying he loves Trump and liking the way Candace Owens thinks isn’t changing a damn thing in your life one bit.  In the end, it’s just another excuse for you to sit on social media and complain about another black person who chooses to express a difference of opinion from the knee grow masses thereby giving you another excuse to type the words coons, sambo, butter biscuit, negro bed wench, etc all for some likes, hearts & retweets as if this fake social media approbation is really about to improve your life one bit.  It’s not.  You’re just another nigga overusing and abusing the word coon to the point where nobody really gives a shit about being called one anymore.

Your favorite mulatto.
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