Who Out There Actually Participates in These Boycotts in Real Life?

First things first, rest in peace to Uncle Phil…for real (shout out to J. Cole representing Team Biracial for dropping a new album today that I’ve yet to listen to and at the same time I’m rather confused on how people are declaring this album an instant classic even though it JUST came out today…but I digress).

Anyways…first things first,

I’m rapidly hitting my boycott limit for the year.  I try to allow myself to support one boycott per quarter each year, but I can see we are rapidly approaching my limit.  We kicked off the year boycotting H&M, then Netflix, now Starbucks.  I can’t remember all of the boycotts from last year other than Dove and the Shea Moisture fake ass boycott.  But all in all, I’m tired of boycotts.  I’ve been long stated that I’m in favor of boycotting boycotts.

But here’s what I want to know, aside from getting on social media to declare that you are participating in a boycott, who out there actually participates in these boycotts?  Seriously, who out there in Knee Grow Land actually gave up on using Shea Moisture products or Dove soaps?  As happily nappily as most black women’s hair can be if left untreated, I highly doubt most black women who were all over social media ranting about Shea Moisture quit their products.  More than likely most of them probably were greasing up their scalps with Shea Moisture with one hand while using the other to express their disgust on social media.  Who out there really quit using Dove?  I know damn well I didn’t.  I can recall first hearing about this alleged boycott right before I hoped in the shower to rub a dub dub with some Dove.  Fuck outta here, I’m not about to be smelling like ass in order to show some fake ass support for a bunch of angry knee grows on social media.

H&M, I can’t say I actually boycotted them because I’ve never shopped with them before due to me not being a part of the skinny jean, half man, half woman genre of young people these days.  For those of you who did claim to boycott H&M, that more than likely lasted all of about 1 week as well because I was in the mall the other day and saw quite a few knee grows in there shopping (maybe they didn’t get the message that week, who knows).

Netflix, now that’s laughable.  Fuck Mo’Nique and her bullshit ass boycott.  I rarely watch cable tv.  I spend most of my time watching videos on YouTube & watching shows on Netflix.  I think I pay around $10/mo for Netflix.  Hell, I wouldn’t give a shit if Netflix decided to charge me $25/mo starting tomorrow, I’m still going to pay for it and watch it and I honestly don’t give a damn about Mo’Nique and the shambles her career appears to be these days.  And I’m sure the vast majority of you knee grows reading this feel the exact same way.

So now the latest & greatest boycott is that of Starbucks.  I’ll just be upfront, I’m not boycotting them either.  I rarely go into a Starbucks in the first place, but when I do, that damn caramel frappuccino (with no whip cream) does something to my soul.  Yes, it’s fucked up what happened to those 2 brothas and I hope they get whatever the hell they feel they deserve for being racially profiled, but I’m not about to boycott Starbucks for the rest of you knee grows.  Fuck outta here.  As a matter of fact, most of you reading this probably frequent a Starbucks about as often as I do so I fail to even see why so many of you are all online chanting you’re going to boycott Starbucks as if your black ass even goes there regularly.  A few of you wannabe bougie knee grows who want to pretend to be all arty smarty by acting like you can read books without pictures in them might frequent a Starbucks as a safe haven to hide out from your everyday average knee grow roaming the streets…but other than that, most knee grows don’t frequent a Starbucks.  Hell, even the knee grows who work in Starbucks don’t frequent that spot when they’re off the clock.  So my point is, all of this “WE’Z NEEDS TA BOYCOTT!” foolishness is just that, pure foolishness.  Most of you just wanna join the social media bandwagon to show how “black” you are by declaring that you will be boycotting any random company that intentionally or unintentionally offends black people because you get high off of trying to convince social media niggas that you are blacker than you actually are in real life.  You know it, I know it.  White people know it.  Black people aren’t hard to figure out.  But you knew this already.

Your favorite mulatto.
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