The Misdirection of the Anti-Gun Violence Movement

By:  BlackConservative93

Despite the Parkland, Florida shooting that happened on February 14, 2018, the effects and aftermath have sparked a national debate on guns and school safety (longer than previous mass shootings).  The movement evolved from the grievances of suburban white kids to inner city youths.

I hate that black people cannot keep their mouths shut and just let Nicholas Cruz be the face of white terrorism.  Instead, the focus skipped around to enforce unrealistic public safety.  Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are already upset and protesting against their new school policy of mandatory clear book bags.  They wanted and asked for it but this is a problem since we are used to lazy and inactive policies; when people get what they want they will still whine and complain that it’s not enough or too much.  Bottom line is that white kids take policing for granted, their micro-aggressions of not feeling comfortable in a school full of officers (who are white just like them) and metal detectors is nothing compared to what black children are treated with in their inner city schools.  Despite black kids being more versed in the correlation between gun violence and racism, we know that white kids will never learn.  They know their privilege and the hidden support they will get for their hatred for certain groups of people.  White mass shooters from Elliot Rodgers, Nicholas Cruz, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold generally have the typical grudge on society:

  • White women do not want them
  • Black men are too cool
  • Obsession with pain or causing pain
  • Animal cruelty
  • Lack of friends
  • Fear of immigration
  • A part of a hate group

I am more concerned with privilege white boys who think Donald Trump is a god-sent savior to white people.  Let’s play dumb and say assault weapons are banned to the point where simply owning one previously is illegal and must be disposed of, next thing you know a white identified extremist would figure out a new way harm black people.  It cannot be a coincidence that while black people in Dallas were receiving bombs in the mail, while liberals demanded stricter gun reform.  The weapon of choice can easily shift from gun to knife, bare hands or (to hell with it) lasers and the media will have white liberals and black feminists debating on FOX News on how {insert weapon of choice here} needs to be banned.

I am not going to entertain the game of gun violence because as a black man it will always be my ass who is watched afar by white people.  There could be a million mass school shootings happening in one day by whites, Latinos, Arabs, Asians or women; but when it comes to policies we know it’s black boys who will have a target on their back and this is a reason for black parents not to support the idea of arming teachers.  White people are idiots when it comes to their own privilege or accountability.  I have whites who believe in reverse racism and that the ‘Stop and Frisk’ policy actually works.  Yeah, of course if police officers stop a hundred black men I would at least guess 25 of those men would be armed, but that does not mean they are going or did commit a crime (even if the individual’s weapon was illegal owned).

Yet, I won’t play dumb and not say that gun violence plagues a war community.  We heard all the fucked stories of innocent black kids being hit by stray bullets from a drive-by or the lost of a best friend due to a ‘nigga moment.’  Towards the black girls like 11-year-old Naomi Walder and Dr. Martin Luther King’s granddaughter Yolanda Renee King became self-made advocates against gun violence against black girls and women who lost their lives.  It mind boggles me that they know that the media does not care for the lives of black women and girls, yet enjoy being the token voices for the #MarchForOurLives.  Wake up, white people are not marching with you, rather using black people for fake progress of diversity.  Of course, (white) celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez can support March For Our Lives, yet remain silent and confused when black men are victims of police brutality and shootings by police officers.  The movement is bastardized as a ‘get out of school’ pass to pretend to be liberal.

For the black students marching I ask, “what is the goal?”  I know you do not want more police in your neighborhood, especially after the death of Stephon Clark.  As much as we hate criminality in the black community, African Americans are not ready to trust the justice system.  Unfortunately, black students are not probably  taught about racism, so they always fall for their own desires to ‘blacken up’ white movements.  Honestly, I am happy that the media pays little attention to the supposed need of inclusiveness in the anti-violence movements.  White media is doing them a favor, especially when white people always bring up black on black crime.  Activist Tariq Nasheed discredits this as a white supremacist myth.  So what would the black students have to say, “we need more police presence or more black men need to be locked up?”  Media played black people by telling us that we are the problem and face of gun violence when time and time again they prove themselves wrong.

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