Seductive Mixtape Series #25 – A Night at the Soul Inn

For my fellow Tuskegee alumni, memories of good times flood in when you mention the Soul Inn.  For those of you who are not familiar with the joint, the Soul Inn is a certified “hole in the wall” in the backwoods of Tuskegee, AL.  You can always guarantee good music, good wings, and a good mix of students with the local populace.

This blog entry is a dedicated to all of the small juke joints in the middle of nowhere that have served (and continue to serve) as places for simple, good times as well as places of refuge from the daily grind.  Oh, I can’t forget the fish plates and stiff drinks.


Song #1 – Sexy Mama by The Moments

As soon as the beat comes on, I think back to my favorite song by The Firm (Nas, Foxy Brown, AZ, and Nature) featuring Dr. Dre titled Firm Family which sampled this “hole in the wall” banger by The Moments.  (Ohh…the good ol’ days of college…).  Anyway, Sexy Mama is one of those songs that just screams “Laid Back Scene”.  Imagine people flirting while waiting way too long in the crowded line to order their next drinks and others walking off the dance floor back to their seats for a quick break after a series of line dances.  (This isn’t quite a dancing song.)

Maybe that is just my imagination, but I can dig it.  I think this would definitely make a great foreplay song, especially if you play the long version.  I can see a lot of whispering, low moans, and sexy, bedroom voices trying to get the moment started.

Whenever I hear this song, I imagine the final hours of a rent party in the 70s.  People sitting in a dark room illuminated with one blue bulb with everyone vibing out and doing a lot of jive-talking as this song plays…afros, shags, and empty bottles of dark liquor everywhere.  Maybe that’s just my overactive imagination working again, but be honest…you just visualized it too.


Song #2 – Say Yes by The Whispers

Let this song come on at the Soul Inn!  The “playa playa” with the shimmering vest and a mustard-colored (maybe bright blue) pimp suit is going to stand up from his spot at the corner of the bar and spin Maybelle, Martha, or whatever “young tender” will accompany him around about 3 times every 30 second as he dances with them.

Y’all already know that The Whispers hold it down in the smooth groove category!  Whether having a drink alone after work or dancing with your girl at the Soul Inn trying not to laugh at the “playa playa” near you, The Whispers will ease your mind and sooth your spirit.  Shiii…it may even spark a flame!  Watch out now!  Know what I’m talking about?

If the DJ is doing a great job, and the vibe calls multiple couples to the floor to “cut a mean rug”, he might even follow-up with the timeless hit by the same group, Are You Going My Way.  Y’all don’t feel me!  Some of you might, but the “young whippersnappers” though…..

Oh!  The Whispers will get their own entry into the Seductive Mixtape Series!!  Trust That!!!


Song #3 – If You Think You’re Lonely Now – Bobby Womack

You know that moment when the DJ does that hard and harsh change of songs that has everyone saying, “What the…”  He goes from the latest Nicki Minaj song to Bobby Womack without any warning.  You can’t be even be mad at the change in the groove because it’s a Bobby Womack song.  It ain’t a good night if you don’t hear this song play at the Soul Inn while you are there.  Probably no artist gets more play in your local juke joint than this guy.  With tracks like, “I Wish He Didn’t Trust Me So Much” and “That’s The Way I Feel About You”, you know that I am telling the truth.

Let’s discuss the point of this song though.  Though it makes you feel good, have you ever listened to the words?  “When it’s cold outside, who are you holding?”  Can’t forget, “I’ll be long gone, and you’ll never find another man that will treat you right.”  Whew!  This is one of those songs you play as you say goodbye to the woman who can never be satisfied or doesn’t realize how good she has it.

I remember falling in love with this song while hearing K-Ci from Jodeci singing this on the cop show, NY Undercover, back in the day.  (That show was the ish!).  Later in life, I really loved the original version and was fan of Mr. Womack ever since.  RIP, sir!


Song #4 – Cause I Love You by Lenny Williams

This song is a Soul Inn classic calling for the end of another successful night of making people feel good and forget about their worries temporarily.  I can even remember dances in junior high school ending with this song.

Damn near everyone up in the club yells “Oh shit!!” before crooning the words “Girl, you know I…I…I love you” in unison at the end of the night as this track starts.  By this time, last call for alcohol has already happened or will come soon.  The previous two or three songs that the DJ played prior to letting Lenny close out the evening were just warm-ups.  If you were lucky to be dancing with someone at the end of night, it was time to either solidify the deal, per se, or let it go.

Bruh, get her number before the song goes off and the lights come on!  Ladies, stop acting shy!  Make it known what’s on your mind before the guy dancing with you walks away and says, “Have a goodnight.”


Psst….Hey guys!  Do me a big favor.  As you view this videos on YouTube, leave comments and let everyone know that Dante D. and Seductive Mixtape Series brought you there.  LOL.

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