Here’s Why So-Called “Pro-Blacks” Like Chyna Fox are Completely Full of Shit

So there’s this looney tunes light bright out there named Chyna Fox who has absolutely nothing of value to add to the world other than babbling online about how pro-black she proclaims to be.  I’ve talked about this babbling idiot once on this website when she got into with a white chick named Rubia Garcia over some micro braids.  To quickly summarize Chyna Fox, she’s one of those extra light brights who honestly tries too damn hard to convince brown & dark skin knee grows that she’s down for the cause of black people.  I mean, I’m fairly light bright my damn self, but I’m not about to go above and beyond to convince the rest of you darker knee grows that I support black people.  I see no point considering damn near half of you can’t stand us light brights in the first damn place for simply being light skin and/or biracial…but that’s another article I suppose.  But when it comes to Chyna Fox, this chick really goes above and beyond to sell black people on how “black” and “down for the cause” she is, when in reality…it’s all for the views & likes.  I don’t know why I have to keep telling you people this, but damn near every pro-black is pro-black simply in an attempt to become social media famous so that they can try to flip their fame into some money.  That’s it.  They’ll hashtag you death and they’ll coon, sambo, butter biscuit & negro bed wench you to death to prove their so-called “intellectual superiority” over you when in reality, they have no true articulation skills.  The fact of the matter is, the overwhelming vast majority of them just want some damn social media love to help mask how shitty their real lives are for the most part.  You got a few legit ones sprinkled here & there but sadly in this day of age of social media blacktivists preaching the good word from Blackistan daily, finding the legit ones is like searching for Waldo.

So Chyna Fox recorded a video on YouTube recently talking about why she won’t be supporting Stephon Clark due to his reckless tweets about black women and it appears a lot of black women (and quite a few lame ass dudes who follow these lame ass babbling black women) decided to join Chyna Fox in expressing their vitriol over a 22 year old who was shot in the back 6 times by the Sacramento police.  It appears that black society has now evolved into adopting the dreaded colonizer’s mindset of persecuting black victims off of any infraction in that victim’s life.  I talked about this on a previous blog by the way.  So Stephon Clark said he pretty much didn’t like black women on Twitter and he has an Asian baby mama.  Well, in the world of Blackistan, that’s treason these days.  What’s funny is, if that’s the new standard black people are going to abide by when trying to decide if support should be given to a black victim of police brutality or some act committed by a racist vigilante/terrorist, then damn near the entire black male population won’t be getting any support because I’m sure at some point in time a black man has called a black woman a bitch, a hoe or some other term…hell, just turn on your favorite rap song, I’m sure some black woman out there is dancing to a song right now calling black women “bitches & hoes” while she’s telling herself, “He ain’t talking about me!” Ok.  But, let’s not stop there, according to this new rule of “black perfection”, damn near every black woman shouldn’t deserve support either if they unfortunately become the victim of police brutality or some type of racial attack.  Why?  Because I’m sure in every black women’s past there’s at least 50leven “niggas ain’t shit” comments floating somewhere either online or traveling through the ether.  Let’s just stop pretending already.  Black people aren’t hard to figure out.

But this brings me to the reason why I’m writing about Chyna Fox.  Apparently this light bright social media super pro-black high preistess knee grow with light eyes has some things in her past tweets that appear to have a strong scent of the Stephen Clark odor in regards to how she feels about black people.

Exhibit 1:  People are SO stuck on race & other people’s business.  If ANY of you have an issue with me having a preference for white men, you can kindly fuck off.”  — Chyna Fox, Sept 15, 2011 at 1:43 pm

I thought swirling was illegal in Blackistan?  I thought Chyna Fox once recorded a video going off on black men who had an affinity for the Beckies of the world?  How could this be?  How do you go from telling people to fuck off because you wanted a McZaddy one day to becoming the most pro-black blackedy blackest person on all of social media?  What happened?  Methinks a McZaddy probably left her for a McBecky.  Black women can’t stand it when a man of any race leaves them for a McBecky.  That shit just brings out the Dora Milaje warrior in black women to know that a McBecky laid claim to their man.

Exhibit 2:  “ALERT:  White women & light skinned women, I do not, repeat, DO NOT want your chocolate men.  So stop clutching them tightly when you see me.” — Chyna Fox, Feb 21, 2012 at 3:56 pm

I wonder if McBecky thought the exact same thing when she saw Chyna clutching tightly to McZaddy?  🤔

Exhibit 3:  “The world is so full of hoe ass black men.  Shame.” — Chyna Fox, July 16, 2017 at 12:34 am

You know, I don’t really disagree with her on this one.  There are a lot of hoe ass black men out in the world too include a bunch of hoes ass black women as well.  Hell, it’s a lot of hoe ass black people in general.  These are the facts, have always been the facts and will continue to be the facts.  So that’s that I suppose.

Now that I’ve presented 3 artifacts pointing out Chyna Fox’s Twitter past, if something unfortunate were to happen to Chyna Fox at the hands of a police officer or a racist running rampant on the streets, how many of you would ride for her?  How many of you would be on social media making endless tweets & videos about why you wouldn’t support her victimization due to her past (& fairly recent) tweets on black men?  Methinks, hardly any of you would.  Maybe the super duper pro-blacks who reside deep deep into the woods of Blackistan would say fuck her, but I doubt any black woman (or their black male follower flunkies) would throw Chyna Fox under the bus.  You know why?  Because too many black women are hypocrites.  Yeah I said it.  Too many of you run around thinking you have free range to do & say whatever the hell you want at anytime simply because you are black woman and you have endless beta males (shout out to the Tariq Nasheed wannabe by the name of Cynthia G. for popularizing that phrase) running around pumping your heads up with this “I’z luhhs my black kweens” foolishness online everyday…yet none of these “I love my black queens” niggas are trying to go about the actually business of legally declaring you to be his queen in the form of a marriage & building a family with you.  They’ll put a baby (or STD) in you all day though, but that’s another article for another day I suppose.

But my point is, not a single one of you would do onto Chyna Fox over her past tweets what too many of you dumb knee grows with social media accounts have been doing onto Stephon Clark.  You know it.  I know it.  Hell, even Chyna Fox’s McZaddies & McBeckies know it.  Everybody knows just how hypocritcal & full of shit most pro-blacks are at this point in the game.

For the, “B-b-but…that was years ago!  Chyna Fox has changed!”  Who gives a fuck?  Her tweets still exist, so much so that she’s even locked down her Twitter account which I’m assuming is to give her time to scrub her tweets & to prevent people from digging up more of her tweets of hypocrisy that are the polar opposite of everything she proclaims to be these days.  But for the sake of argument, let’s just say that Chyna Fox legitimately believes the super pro-black babble she spouts these days for likes & views, the ONLY difference between Chyna Fox & Stephon Clark is that Chyna Fox hasn’t been killed and decided to “change” to become the woman she portrays to you all today on social media.  Stephon Clark was a 22 year old man who tragically didn’t get the opportunity to possibly evolve in his ways of thinking more positively towards black women.  Seriously, who the fuck at the age of 22 had everything figured out in life especially as it relates to this thing we call “blackness”?  Very few of you dumb knee grows had blackness figured out at the age of 22.  And if you are sitting here proclaiming that you did, you are know damn well you are full of shit.  I have no idea how old Chyna Fox is (nor do I really care), but I’m just going to assume she’s older than 22 but younger than 30.  So let’s just say she’s 29 for the sake of argument.  You go back to exhibit 1 of her professing her desire for McZaddy, well, that tweet was 7 years ago.  29 minus 7 = wait for it……………22.  Oh my, how could this be?!  So assuming Chyna Fox is 29 because once again I have no idea how old she is, that means Chyna Fox was THE SAME AGE as Stephon Clark when she was out there professing her undying love for the McZaddies of the world.  Say it ain’t so our light bright super duper pro-black high priestess.  Say it ain’t so.  Once again, the only difference between Chyna Fox and Stephon Clark is that she lived to evolve in her way of thinking (which I think she’s just putting on an act for social media fame) and he didn’t get that same chance.

Welp, there you have it folks.  Another clear cut case of pro-black hypocrisy which will more than likely be proceeded by a bunch of dumb blind knee grow followers of people like her making up every excuse in the book to justify her bullshit.  But, hey….power to the people.

Your favorite mulatto.