Seductive Mixtape Series #24 – Late Night Reminiscing

This is my first post in a minute….I kinda missed staying up late and jotting down my thoughts.  Usually when I do, I often enjoy listening to some of my favorite soul music jams on YouTube, etc.  That is part of the inspiration behind the first entry of the Seductive Mixtape Series and those afterwards.

When the night is calm and our minds are able to slow down from the hustle and bustle of the day, that is when we  sometimes slip into our thoughts about our pasts and futures…lost loves and possible crushes.  These three songs are some tracks that have graced my headphones multiple nights as I reminisced over past experiences and plotted on what’s the next great step in love, life, career, and hustling.  I hope these make you remember your previous endeavors or become one of your new favorites.

Song #1 – Special Kind of Fool by Basic Black

Do you remember Basic Black?  Can you name another song by Basic Black?  It doesn’t matter.  This song represents the feel good R&B era of the 90s when lyrics were optimum and the mood set by the music was soothing and supreme.  Whew!!

My younger brother and I still talk about how a much younger version of myself would just stare into space when this song came on the radio…lost in feelings of love that I had yet experienced at that age.  The mood of this song just drew me in as I envisioned slow dancing with whatever childhood crush I had at the time.

We are now in a time where words like “simp” and “thirsty” are common lexicon against pursuers of this type of feeling.  Whether you see it as begging for affection or not, these quiet storm lyrics would be just as great now as it was back then.  Try it out.  Sip some wine, look her in the eye, and let her know that you would be a “special kind of fool” for her…just for her.


Song #2 – Cry No More by II D Extreme

The minute some of y’all read the title, I know you either starting singing or humming.  This is one of those one hit wonders that I wish were available on the song lists at your random karaoke night; it never is.  I would embarrass myself singing it, but everyone would say, “Damn, he was feeling that shit!”

Another song back when 90’s R&B male groups ruled the airways, Cry No More was another quiet storm jam that said, “Baby, I can treat you better than any man did before me.”  LOL.  I can remember watching Video Soul (and the beautiful Sherry Carter), and I would get so hype when this song would come on.  Now we can play it as much as possible thanks to the YouTube.  (Random question…isn’t that Johnny Gills’ younger brother in the group?)

Yo, why the the hell hasn’t anyone remade this song?  Real talk…


Song #3 – Go On Without You by Shirley Murdock

I debated about what song I was going to discuss third on this post (so many to choose from).  I decided to pick one of my favorite female singers.  Shirley has one of the those powerful voices that gives you chills while tickling your inner feelings of lust, pain, and infatuation.  LOL…you play certain Shirley Murdock songs when it’s time to break up or make up.

This song represents a type of honesty and vulnerability that you don’t see in dating and relationships now…in my opinion.  Now songs got ladies taking other ladies’ men for the weekend (you know the reference) and giving shopping lists of expensive items required to keep their attention (I’m sure you can name a few songs).

I saw in one of the comments that someone said that it would be cool if Fantasia redid this song.   Ehhh….as long as she didn’t overdo it, it would be just as powerful.  Hmmm…it may even by better than Kelly Price’s remake of As We Lay.


Pssst…. Southern Soulcast will be back soon….”giving you true talk with a lil twang on that thang.”

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