Black Junction TV Looks Like a Promising Site for Black Video Content Creators

So as you should know by now, YouTube has gotten progressively worse over the years with the censoring of free speech and like most things in the world, when white people catch a cold, black people are in the ICU on life support.  The same holds true with the censorship policies that YouTube has been rolling out.  White people on YouTube are catching some b.s., but black YouTubers are REALLY catching hell.  But the crazy part about black YouTubers feeling the effects of the censorship hammer being dropped on us is that 99% of the black YouTubers aren’t catching the censorship hammer from white people being offended by our commentary…we’re catching it from a bunch of knee grows who patrol YouTube looking to false flag any & every knee grow who doesn’t 100% cosign with whatever the hell they claim to believe in for the day.  Instead of just simply not subscribing to a black YouTuber’s channel or just simply “turning the channel”…knee grows are really going all out to censor black YouTubers like it’s nobody’s business.  But the truly ironic part about all of this is that, knee grows will spend copious amounts of time on social media COMPLAINING about how black voices are being censored.  This is how ridiculous black people are, especially AMERICAN KNEE GROWS.  It’s gotten so bad that even Tommy Sotomayor somewhat quit YouTube to where he’s now broadcasting via Twitch…but I hear that black trolls who hate Tommy Sotomayor have even created Twitch accounts just to purposely run over to Twitch to flag Tommy Sotomayor down.  I guess this proves just how “productive” black people can actually be. 🙃  But yet, American knee grows are constantly sitting online and wondering why nobody takes black people seriously and why so-called “black empowerment” is mostly a joke at the end of the day.  Think about it, knee grows who claim to be all about black empowerment and black people or whatever with the label “black” in front of it are constantly running to white YouTube daddy to tell on other black people simply because they don’t like what this other black person may have said.  Then, they’ll turn right around and talk about how OTHER knee grows stay “cooning it up for massa” while they purposely hit the button to send for white YouTube daddy to lay the smack down on the other black video content creator……then they’ll get on social media and complain about how white daddy is censoring black voices.  And around & around we go.  Shit is amazing.

Well luckily us black video content creators might have another alternative to where we don’t have to deal with the never ending b.s. imposed upon us by mostly black people who run to the white YouTube daddy to tell on us simply because they may not like what we have said.  There’s a site called Black Junction TV which is trying to become a safe haven for black video creators to post their videos without worrying about their content being unfairly censored AND this site Black Junction TV is implementing measures to get these black content creators paid.  Currently there are 3 ways a black content creator can get paid on Black Junction TV:  1) donations by way of a donate button being added to a premium members account (premium membership costs $75/yr…which isn’t bad), 2) by the content creators being allowed to create premium content that their viewers pay to access, & 3) by running ads at the beginning of videos in a similar manner to how YouTube currently operates.

Now before you as a black video content creator just up & decide to immediately abandon YouTube to join Black Junction TV simply because there are currently 3 different ways you can get paid versus dealing with YouTube’s never ending monetization b.s., please understand that Black Junction TV is a relatively new site that’s probably been around for about 5 or 6 months now.  The only way that you could actually get paid presently is by creating premium content your subscribers would have to pay for or by having people donate to you via your PayPal donate button on your premium member’s profile (or you can run your own prepaid ads on your videos & offer other stuff to sell as well).  But if you are just trying to rely strictly on ad revenue from Black Junction TV, understand that this is probably not going to happen for a while due to the site being extremely brand new and Black Junction TV having to build up its numbers to justify to an advertising network that they should be running ads on the site in a similar manner as to how YouTube is currently operating.  What I’m saying is, you’re not about to get rich off of your videos on Black Junction TV anytime soon.  You’ll be lucky if you even make any money at all during its first year or two off of ad revenue.  But, that’s not the important thing.  What’s actually important is that now you, as a black video content creator, have a legit place on the internet to post your videos without worrying about censorship.  Yes, there is some degree of censorship on the site but the guy who created the site even talked about how in order for him & his team to remove a video, that video has to be above & beyond being offensive to possibly being illegal for his team to remove it.  So, if you like talking about pro-black topics or you like making Tommy Sotomayor-style videos talking about black women or you like making whatever, Black Junction TV is not about to drop the censorship hammer on you (at least according to the guy who created the site who does all of the videos posting updates about the progression of the site).

Now go forth to create great content in addition to supporting a legit black-owned website dedicated to black content creators without fear of censorship.

Your favorite mulatto.
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