Knee Grows Won’t Support Stephon Clark Because He Wasn’t Living a Life of “Black Perfection”

When a black person is brutalized or killed by the police, normally the first thing the white media does is to dig into the black victim’s past to find anything to discredit this victim in order to justify the victim’s brutalization or the killing.  The next thing that often happens is black people will flock to social media to tell white society how full of shit they are for trying to find said excuses to justify the brutalization or murder.  Take for instance Trayvon Martin:  white media found pictures of him wearing gold teeth & smoking weed to paint the narrative that Trayvon was a thug who viciously attacked George Zimmerman…never mind the fact that George Zimmerman was literally stalking a teenager who was walking home from the corner store.  Tamir Rice, a 12 year old boy playing in the local park across the street from his house with a toy gun (in an open carry state of all places), gunned down.  The media painted this image of a 12 year old child as some gun wielding deranged negro threatening to shoot up the block.  Mike Brown, allegedly him being high off weed turned him into a super nigga who ran head on into a cop pointing a gun at him as if he was bullet proof.  And this list can go on & on as you all know.  But regardless of who the black victim is, the narrative from white media is always the same:  blame the victim for his/her brutalization and/or death.

Now it’s the American Knee Grows turn to demand “black perfection”.

As I’m sure you all have heard by now, a young black man by the name of Stephon Clark was shot 7 or 8 times in his grandmother’s backyard by the Sacramento Police with about 6 of those bullets being shot into his back.  Like normal, the white media went into victim blaming mode and black people went into “FUCK THE POLICE!” mode.  But then something odd happened which caused a bunch of knee grows to reject their support towards another black victim of an unjust homicide committed by the cops.  This oddity was Stephon Clark’s own tweets from a few years ago to where he basically stated that he didn’t like black women nor was he a supporter of BLM.  This caused quite a few knee grows all over Blackistan to pull back their support of this latest black victim all because Stephon Clark essentially made some negative comments about black women, BLM….AND he has an Asian baby mama.  That’s it.

I told you all before that in the world of Blackedy-Blackatopia, 2 of the cardinal sins is to say anything remotely negative about black women and to date interracially.  These two sins are enough for Blackatopians to toss you into the depths of coondalini purgatory for all eternity.  Who cares if Stephon Clark is the latest murdered black victim of the police who just happened to be shot in the back 6 times….Stephon Clark not liking black women, not supporting BLM & having an Asian baby mama apparently makes him a co-conpirator in cahoots with white supremacy.  That’s the word on the block from your favorite pro-black social media commentators out there convincing their flock of dumb blind knee grow followers to believe.  These people have spent years railing against unjust homicides of unarmed black people by the cops to quickly evolving into the very white mindset they have longed claimed to despise of now demanding “black perfection” from black victims in order to show support.

Now I want you to understand something real quick, when these knee grows say shit like, “Why should I support him, he didn’t support black women and he wasn’t pro-black?”, these knee grows idea of “support” is just simply typing a person’s name on social media in the form of a hashtag or resharing some articles about him online.  That’s it.  Seriously, that’s it.  That is how black people “support” black victims.  And they honestly feel like they are accomplishing something.  To show just how much they DON’T support Stephon Clark, they are now running to social media to create status updates on Facebook, tweets on Twitter & videos on YouTube about Stephon Clark.  Black people are literally doing EXACTLY WHAT WHITE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DOING TO BLACK PEOPLE…LITERALLY looking for any iota of imperfection to justify his homicide by the police.  These idiots are literally using a few tweets about black women & his Asian baby mama to paint him as a supporter of white supremacy who deserves no “support” from black people because apparently, he was “off code” which essentially means, he thought differently from black people (for better or for worse…you decide) and that him thinking differently and living his life differently (by dating an Asian woman) is somehow him supporting white supremacy, therefore leading him to being labeled a coon and not receiving support from the American Knee Grow Delegation of Blackedy-Blackatopia, despite their endless cries about unarmed black people being unjustly executed by the cops for years now.  Sounds like another case of niggas wanting to be white people by demanding “black perfection” if you ask me.  Crazy thing is, let one of these dumb knee grows unfortunately become a victim of some type of police brutality; I hope they scrub their Facebook & Twitter profiles first to prevent them from becoming the latest black person to be ostracized and not shown any type of “support” for the very issue black people claim to be some “passionate” about.

Most black people will flip flop on you so damn fast over trivial bullshit that’s it’s no wonder why black society as a whole just completely sucks to the point where you just have to sit back and laugh at this shit.

Your favorite mulatto.
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