What Happened to Tariq Nasheed?

So after making 2 videos about Tariq Nasheed, I’ve come to learn a very important lesson when it comes to being so-called “pro-black”.  That lesson is, black people who religiously follow Tariq Nasheed will unapologetically and vehemently fight their hardest against white supremacy by running to tell the YouTube white daddy on every black content creator who disagrees with Tariq Nasheed by false flagging their videos…which is what happened to me after I published my 2 videos on Tariq Nasheed.  On my Gee Lowery Rants channel, at the time of this writing I’m currently temporarily banned for 2 weeks from uploading due to false flagging imposed on me by his diehard followers whose only contribution to fighting racism & white supremacy is to go all out to attack a black person to help them feel better about themselves before they have to wake up to go clock in for Mr. Suspected White Supremacist in the morning, whom they 100% depend upon to sign their paychecks so that they won’t end up homeless and starving.

Here are my 2 videos in case you are wondering exactly what I said to set these people off.  I encourage you to read the comments on these videos so that you can get a thorough understanding of exactly who blindly follows Tariq Nasheed and why these people represent the “best of the best” that black society has to offer. 🙃

My first video that sent Tariq’s fans into a kamikaze status:

My second video which specifically spoke to Tariq Nasheed’s fans on just how dumb & predictable they are:

Now in case Tariq Nasheed’s fans are successful in having my Gee Lowery Rants YouTube channel deleted, you can also listen to my commentary from these videos on my podcast or on this new video sharing site called Black Junction which is a brand new site that’s trying to become a legit competitor for YouTube that specifically caters to black content creators who face never ending bullshit on YouTube…like being false flagged by a bunch of “pro-blacks” who run to white daddy every chance they get to tell on somebody who makes commentary in opposition of what their fearless leader Tariq Nasheed may say.

But, the day after I recorded my first Tariq Nasheed video questioning his sanity, I came across a YouTube video from a guy named CDFury who put together probably the best exposé about Tariq Nasheed I’ve seen to date.  This dude dug deep into the crates to pull up footage of Tariq Nasheed showing him to be the literal walking talking contradiction that he is.  This video posted below shows Tariq Nasheed praising white women, talking about how white people are smarter than black people, how black women basically aren’t shit and then there’s even audio of Tariq telling a black woman that he would beat the shit out of her for basically not bowing down to a black man in a subservient status.  I don’t know who this CDFury dude is, but I give this guy much props for dedicating the time to finding all of this material he put together in this video.


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