Tariq Nasheed’s Followers are the DUMBEST People on the Planet

So, I’ve recently been accused of trying to use Tariq Nasheed’s name to bring more attention to my website, podcast & YouTube channels.  So being that this is what I’m accused of doing, I’m going to go ahead and do just that by purposely putting Tariq Nasheed’s name in the title of this article.  After all, Tariq is a very well known person in the media and I’m not.  So fuck it…I will use his name to draw attention to my shit so I can get my clicks up.

But here’s the reality of the situation:  Tariq Nasheed is a public figure.  Since when are public figures somehow excluded from having commentary created about them?  If I wrote or podcasted about Kim Kardashian, knee grows wouldn’t give a flying fuck.  But since it’s Tariq Nasheed, knee grows from Blackistan presume that Tariq is somehow off limits from criticism and if he is criticized, then somehow this criticism is really just a person trying to make a name off of Tariq.  This is some of the dumb knee grow follower logic that has made Tariq Nasheed a millionaire (I assume).  Never mind the fact that Tariq has built his entire mainstream existence off of talking about OTHER public figures with the never ending sprinkles of racism & white supremacy tossed on top, but somehow his dumb knee grow followers feel as if he’s off limits because he’s speaking the “troof”.  Fuxx outta here.

These dumb blind knee grow followers of his are so damn stupid that they fail to realize that this nigga will literally flip out on them at the drop of a hat.  You could have donated your entire life savings to Tariq’s “Melanoid Ministries” and the moment you even hesitate to not agree with 100% of the bullshit he spouts, this nigga will toss your dumb black ass on the coon train with the quickness…all while happily counting up the proceeds you graciously donated to his melanoid ministries.  This is how retarded his followers are.  I’ve stated this before, but Tariq purposely attracts the most ignorant black people that hang on to his every word because they are so fearful of attempting to think for themselves due to the fact that they don’t want Tariq to label them a coon or a negro bed wench.  Their entire (online) existence revolves around doing everything in their power to NOT have to be forced to wear the scarlet letter C or letters NBW on their shirts.  If Tariq told these dudes that they need to get down and suck his dick in order to avoid being labeled a coon, 99% of these dumb blind knee grow followers (especially the dudes) would gladly drop to their knees to start sucking….unapologetically all while holding their right hand in the air pumping the black power fist while their left hand is cuffing his balls.  That’s how bought in these people are.

Some of you who have been around for a while are probably like, “Well, don’t you follow Tariq and doesn’t that make you a dumb follower too?”  In a way, I could be tossed in the dumb follower container as well to a degree.  But not really.  Early on when I first came to discover Tariq was probably a little bit after the first Hidden Colors DVD came out.  I thought the documentary was somewhat interesting and definitely different.  I listened to his podcast to discover that this dude was extremely entertaining to listen to.  His subject material early on when I first started listening to him was mainly centered around relationship topics for the most part.  Then after his Hidden Colors series began to take off, that’s when I noticed his subject material slightly shifting more so towards discussions surrounding racism & white supremacy which just happened to coincide with all of these cops and vigilantes getting off for killing unarmed black people.  So like most knee grows, I gravitated towards that mainly due to my anger at white society in how unfair and unjust black people were being treated over & over, even when there was video footage.  So yeah, I became a fan.  What black person wouldn’t gravitate towards somebody speaking directly about something that you feel passionate about?

But as time progressed, I noticed his rhetoric getting more wild to the point where he appeared to develop this god-like complex to where he felt he was 100% right and if you disagreed or challenged him, you were a coon, a negro bed wench, a white supremacists or a suspected white supremacist.  I guess to further reinforce his beliefs that everything he says is factual, his dumb blind knee grow followers would pump his head up on social media by literally parroting everything he says damn near word for word and blindly just cosigning his shit all because he found a way to dress his argument up in white supremacy rhetoric.  He has essentially tapped into the helplessness of his dumb knee grow followers by continually feeding them pure bullshit which basically amounts to them not ever being able to accomplish anymore than what they have accomplished thus far because white supremacy (or a coon) will throw a road block in your path…like they did on the plantation (one of his go-to analogies).  And his dumb knee grow followers sop this shit up like some biscuits and gravy all while claiming that if you disagree with him that you are the one who looking to get a butter biscuit.

The truth about his dumb blind knee grow followers is that, they are literally just that…dumb blind knee grow followers whose only real accomplishment in life is creating a social media account.  That’s it.  They attempt to live vicariously through Tariq Nasheed because he’s a financially well off black man who’s not afraid to express his opinions in public for fear of retribution.  Meanwhile, the average dumb blind knee grow who follows him screaming coon this, coon that, white supremacy this, white supremacy that has to more than likely go clock in at 8 am for Mr. Charlie, you know, the more than likely suspected white supremacist that they work for whom Tariq Nasheed constantly instills fear into them about.  These dumb knee grow followers want the ability to shout from the top of their lungs that they essentially hate white people but in reality, 99% of these dumb knee grow followers would be homeless and starving to death if a white person didn’t sign their paychecks.  These are just the facts.  So, they live out their wildest online pro-black fantasies through the likes of Tariq Nasheed and others who have managed to find a way to earn a full-time living off speaking the good hotep pro-black word…and Tariq knows this.  The same game he used to sell his books on how to mack to women is the same game he’s using on how to “mack” these helpless dumb knee grow pro-blacks who long for a real life Wakanda.  These same people constantly talk about how the black church is using and abusing black people by collecting money from selling black people false hopes about God and religion, yet meanwhile these same dumb ass pro-blacks do everything in their power to enrich people like Tariq Nasheed who constantly feed them bullshit about how they will never be better than white people.  And if you think I’m lying, go to YouTube and look up the latest interview Tariq Nasheed did with Jesse Lee Peterson.  In that interview, Tariq unapologetically stated that white people are smarter than black people.  This coming from “Mr. Pro-Black” who’s all about black economic empowerment, who’s constantly tries to “educate” black people on how to empower themselves boldly stated to another black man that white people are smarter than black people. Hell, he even shocked Jesse Lee Peterson of all people with that statement.  And do you think any of his dumb knee grow followers got angry?  Hell no.  They made excuses for him to justify his bullshit…which is why I call them a bunch of dumb blind knee grow followers.  These niggas literally cannot think for themselves or see bullshit even if it’s literally a big ass bull taking a shit right in front of their eyes.  That’s how stupid these people are.  They like to claim that they are “intelligent black society”.  No.  These muhfuggahs are fucking idiots.  The only smart people out of the bunch are the niggas like Tariq Nasheed who figured out how to capitalize off these people’s stupidity in longing to believe that they can never amount to anything greater than what they are simply because of their skin color.  In some respects, Tariq is rather genius when you  put it that way.

But in the end, this is who follows Tariq Nasheed.  The most ignorant and dumb that black society has to offer.  They spend their lives calling people coons and negro bed wenches on social media all day as if they honestly feel that they are accomplishing something of value in real life.  They spend much of that time fantasizing over a race war with white people as if they honestly have the first clue on what to do to protect themselves from a race war be it the race war is physical or financial.  They spend their lives talking about “getting on code” when in reality, all the phrase “getting on code” simply means is:  agreeing 100% with whatever the hell Tariq Nasheed says without questioning anything.  At the end of the day, these are nothing but a bunch of niggas with social media accounts who are trying to recreate their lives to appear to be something that it’s not by living vicariously through Tariq Nasheed.  They idolize him & hang out to his every word blindly because Tariq Nasheed is living his life as a black man 100% on his own terms, even if he is pumping out non-stop bullshit to his dumb blind knee grow supporters.  And these dumb blind knee grow supporters would rather put more energy into following this guy pretending that his life is theirs versus actually backing away from his bullshit and viewing it as pure entertainment so that they could go about the business of creating the life that they want so that they too can live their live as a black person 100% on their own terms.  But no, living vicariously through Tariq Nasheed is much easier than having to legitimately formulate a real life tangible plan to remove themselves from Mr. Charlie’s plantation that they constantly bitch about on social media all day.

Those are the people who blindly follow Tariq Nasheed…a bunch of dumb ass niggas with no skill other than who can say the words coon, sambo, negro bed wench, race war, butter biscuits & white supremacists the most on social media.

Your favorite mulatto.
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