Killmonger was Never Pro-Black. He Was an Agent.

By:  BlackConservative93

Before I expose Killmonger as a CIA agent, I want to reflect on the irony of the film from the beginning that foreshadowed the end.  During the narration of the original of the Black Panther’s power, the Jabari Tribe separated themselves from the rest of Wakanda because of Vibranium.  They also did not use it.  Despite Vibranium being a useful element, the Jabari Tribe saw it as a threat to ancient tradition.  They predicted that Vibranium would add to the devaluation of their culture.  As evidence, when M’Baku first appeared in the film he is displaced with Princess Shuri’s disrespect and lack of tradition due to her obsession with technology and modern pop culture.  M’Baku led a patriarchal nation where only a few women were seen as warriors, yet none were visible in higher leadership.  At the end of the film, M’Baku leads his tribe to fight against the Wakandans who are still loyal to Killmonger without the use of Vibranium.  In my opinion, M’Baku ends up being the real hero of the film by maintaining his culture and not allowing outsiders to change his views.

I honestly hate doing this because yes I was one of those pro-blacks who was riding for Killmonger for his unapologetic leadership, but after my second time seeing the film I had a realization that Killmonger was not for “the culture”.  Now, Killmonger’s past is vague with huge gaps after his father’s death into his adult years as a Navy Seals to becoming a CIA operative.  I find his education and career background makes little sense for a kid from Oakland (going from MIT to the military).  My question is how does Killmonger have the ability to be in the CIA and the Navy Seals when his father was wanted by the FBI and with background checks, this information should have prevented him from having such a prestige career in the military/government.  Killmonger maybe playing the system like the classic blaxploitation film, The Spook Who Sat By the Door, but during his dialogue in challenging T’Challa for the throne he brags about his joy in assisting in the imperialism of foreign nations (the same people of color who he then later claims he is fighting).

Hence, Killmonger’s plan of liberation was flawed, especially when he has no African American support and he is coming to Wakanda alone with an all or nothing chance of being accepted; it just seems like a suicide mission.  The most damning evidence was presented by Agent Ross in the film when he said, “He (Killmonger) is one of ours.”  Agent Ross explains to T’Challa that Killmonger’s role in the CIA was to cause havoc, rebellions and regime changes, while disappearing again to continue his path of destruction.

Killmonger entering Wakanda was a mission and not a rite to passage for Wakandan acceptance.  He was designed to be the scapegoat as the villain for Agent Ross to be heralded as a hero.  In theory, Killmonger was abducted by the government to become a super-soldier with natural talents.  Plus, he was Wakandan and had the potential to understand the use of Vibranium.  This was 2 decade plan in the making to convince the king of Wakanda to give away Vibranium and its technology for free as seen in the first end credits scene.  It was not a coincidence that Agent Ross was there when T’Challa spoke to the United Nations.

When I first saw the film, Agent Ross’s cluelessness did not make sense to me.  He is in the CIA, so why is he asking a lot of questions and not knowing anything about Vibranium or the secret location of Wakanda.  Also, how did he not meet with Killmonger during the film, when they were in Wakanda at the same time.  Agent Ross knew everything from the start, starting with him running into T’Challa in South Korea.  He is an actor and knows how to scheme his way into Wakanda even while sacrificing his life on a hunch in hopes that a fatal gunshot wound would land him a chance to see their technology.  Saving Nakia was a heroic front to injure himself enough for T’Challa’s pity.  Agent Ross succeeded and was able to go to Wakanda and see Black Panther’s laboratory where he learned his secrets in a day thanks to Princess Shuri.  I noticed she does the same to the Winter Soldier (now called White Wolf) as he was greeted openly and the end scene with another white man gathering more information.  M’Baku was right that Wakanda’s downfall was through her, but not her alone as other women disregarded tradition.  I would even suspect Klaue of having involvement as well, maybe as a back up if Killmonger failed, which Killmonger may have sensed when he was surprised that Klaue was dumb enough to sell vibranium to the CIA.  Hence the reason he killed him and Linda (his girlfriend/partner) as reassurance to the CIA (not Wakanda) that he could go forth alone with no help.

Killmonger’s intentions of being a black savior was an act as he does in every other mission in foreign countries.  All he knew how to do was destroy and kill.  He was clever, nonetheless, as he manipulated Wakandans to fight among themselves and plan his suicide as he ordered the burning of the heart-shaped herbs.  It is not uncommon for a regime change to target women.  Killmonger would have known this as he incited a gender war between the Wakandans.  The women were still loyal to T’Challa as they were not used to him or his family losing the throne.  The women admired T’Challa’s compassion and forgiveness, while the men saw him as weak since he failed to kill Klaue.

During, Killmonger’s reign as the new king, Princess Shuri, Queen Mother Ramonda and Nakia gave M’Baku the last heart-shape herb (another break in tradition) to fight Killmonger.  Instead he refused because he could not break tradition due to his own humbleness to his culture.  Instead he helped to revive T’Challa.  Even when T’Challa demanded a rematch for the throne, Killmonger had nothing to prove, yet General Okoye called for a challenge, despite both competitors having the “spirit of the Black Panther” inside them as they wore their suits.  Announcing a challenge did not make sense, especially for T’Challa to think that he did not lose his first confrontation with Killmonger because he did not die.  Yet, he lost and he would have died if it wasn’t for a stolen heart-shape herb that saved his life.

After all this I do believe Killmonger had a death wish with a legit hate for T’Challa.  He may not have succeed in destroying Wakanda, but he did his job by indirectly influencing T’Challa to distribute Vibranium around the world for free.  I cannot wait to see Black Panther 2 or even The Avengers:  Infinity Wars, especially when the Avengers get Wakandan technology as well.  I assume Ironman will get Vibranium armor, Captain America may get a Vibranium shield and White Wolf gets a Vibranium prosthetic arm.  I look forward to seeing how Wakanda’s politics and demographics will have change and will white people be accepted into Wakanda.

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