Is Tariq Nasheed Living in an Alternate Reality?

I’ve been following Tariq Nasheed for a few years now.  I even purchased the first two Hidden Colors.  I stopped after Hidden Colors 2 because I couldn’t get past the “Alex Jones” conspiracy theory-like talk about how melanin has super powers capable of communicating with the universe or some shit like that.  Watch the clip below.

But I’m not here to talk about Hidden Colors.

I’m here to question as to whether or not Tariq Nasheed actually believes the shit he says or is he living in an alternate reality where he’s absorbing ridiculously high volumes of melanin free floating in the ether.

If you follow Tariq on Twitter, you should know that his timeline is flooded with nothing but tweets dedicated to pointing out the white supremacist angle.  Even if the white supremacist angle legitimately doesn’t exist, he’ll make up some excuse along the lines of, “See, that’s what the white supremacists want us to think.  They want us to believe that there is no white supremacist angle because of the I’m white & say so rule family.  You gotta be smarter than that family.”  If you are a black person, you are expected to 100% cosign his foolishness or be tossed on the coon train.  But, one does have to admit that his ability to conjure up a white supremacists theory out of nothing is rather impressive (& laughable).  Tariq Nasheed could probably go into a Foot Locker and notice that the majority of the shoes on display have white shoe laces and find the white supremacist angle.  He’ll be on some shit like, “See, they have all of these white shoelaces laced up in all of these colorful shoes because the shoes are symbolic of melanoid people and the white laces symbolize white supremacy’s grip on melanoid people around the world….now go buy my Hidden Colors DVD and download my Mink Slide song.”

I saw this tweet from Tariq on timeline today…

So professional football player Michael Bennett’s warrant for shoving a 66 year old paraplegic woman at the Super Bowl is payback for Michael Bennett calling out police racial profiling for an incident that happened in Las Vegas last year?  Really?

So Tariq posts a screenshot of the details of the incident involving Michael Bennett and the 66 year old woman and the best explanation Tariq can come up with to justify this “pay back” is the “I’m white and I say so” excuse.  Really?  And to think, I actually used to take this guy seriously once upon a time.  Hell, I’ve even used the phrase “I’m white and I say so” once or twice to justify my inability to articulate something beyond the easy go-to logic of just calling out the white supremacy angle.  I’m guilty of doing this and so are plenty of you reading this.  But the problem is, Tariq has built his entire mainstream existence off of finding the white supremacist angle to the point where he can’t back down or retract statements even if he honestly wanted to.  He’s too deep into the game and the money he makes from spearheading the charge to find the white supremacist angle in any and setting is too good.  Seriously, you honestly think he’s about to give up his McMansion in the same gated community where all of these “suspected white supremacists” live in order to keep it truly 100 with his blind knee grow followers about his inability to articulate himself beyond calling somebody a coon, a bed wench, a white supremacist or a suspected white supremacist?  No.  It’s not about to happen.  The money is too good.

Now for those who saying, “You just mad that he spitting facts!  You hating you coon!”  That’s fine, I’ll be the hating ass coon.  Reality is, most of the people who blindly follow Tariq Nasheed are often the lowest of the low in black society in terms of socioeconomic status and educational accomplishments.  Those are the facts…jack.  How do I know?  Go read the comments people leave on his status updates.  It isn’t hard to tell who was socially promoted through grade, middle & high school.  Plus they literally just parrot what he says.  Literally.  And if an opposing view is presented (even in a respectful tone), Tariq and his followers immediately dismiss it and resort to labeling you a coon or a white supremacist.  The point is, he can’t articulate an argument or a point of discussion beyond just tossing everything in the bucket of white supremacy.  And this is why I question if Tariq Nasheed is possibly mentally ill to where he can’t distinguish between the world of social media and reality.  Sure, he’ll address real world topics that happen at the speed of now, but the way he purposely chooses to frame his explanation about everything being directly tied to racism & white supremacy is ridiculous.

Just a few days ago he was on Twitter talking about that Austin, TX bomber and he made a statement saying to the effect that the cops caught the bomber AFTER white people got injured.  Never mind the fact that the bomber was seen on camera at a Fed Ex or something delivering a package which I believe later exploded thereby giving the cops a real break in the case to identifying the terrorist’s identity.  But according to Tariq, the Austin police knew who the guy was all along and they just let him run wild terrorizing black people until he messed around and killed a white person (I actually heard him present this ridiculous theory on his latest podcast episode).  Another thing that has me convinced that he’s either just a professional troll trolling dumb knee grows for money or maybe he’s mentally ill is how a few days ago he made some comments about swirlers.  He posted a clip of a white guy saying some ridiculous shit about black women, yet this white guy claims to have a black girlfriend and of course, Tariq was quick to toss in his two cents about bed wenches…

The crazy part about this “Zaddy” tweet is that if it wasn’t for swirling, his wife wouldn’t have been born.  😳  So I guess that makes his father-in-law a bed buck I suppose. 🤔

Another crazy part is, Tariq has stated out of his own mouth to date only biracial women that have white mothers…you can’t make this shit up. 😂

At the end of the day, Tariq Nasheed is just a walking talking contradiction who has mastered the art of social media trolling which I’m assuming has made him a millionaire by way of calling any & everything racist or some form of white supremacy.  But I’ll will admit, the main reason why I’ve followed this dude for so long is because even though I disagree with about 85% of the stuff he says, he does find a way to make his never ending white supremacy arguments rather entertaining.  And truth be told, outside of his loyal blind dumb knee grow followers, that’s how most people see him, even the suspected white supremacists, the white supremacists, the coons & the negro bed wenches.  His overuse of the terms has gotten to the point where most people with common sense don’t even care what he or his followers label them as because Tariq Nasheed is literally not to be taken seriously beyond some good ole fashioned pro-black entertainment.  You know it and I know it and for those of you choosing to not admit to that fact, you are chasing a fantasy that he’s feeding you that you so desperately want to believe in…like Wakanda.  But eventually you’ll wake up for real for real…..and then he’ll label you a coon because you’ve managed to see him for what he really is…pro-black entertainment value.  It’s just the way it is.  Accept reality.

Your favorite mulatto.