Hoteps, Social Justice Warriors & Femi-Negroes Will Drive You Crazy on Social Media

So, I made some comments in regards to America’s favorite caucasian knee grow by the name of Rachel Dolezal stating that Rachel Dolezal wants to be black more than most black people want to be black.  And I believe that statement and I’m not backing down from it.  Now of course, we all know what the traditional feedback to such statements warrants from most black people is that you are a coon, you are full of self-hate and my personal favorite…you hate black women.  Black people are the absolute worst when it comes challenging a statement.  The vast majority flat out suck in articulating an argument beyond the stereotypical “coon & white supremacist” talking points.  Which is why I have absolutely no shame in pointing out this bs from most black people.

So after I made my comments on Rachel Dolezal, I had people calling me a coon, saying I’m full of self-hate, I hate black women…I had knee grows tagging people who used to be affiliated with my website to get them them to give their opinions on my stance.  Shit was hysterical for the most part.  But…whatever.  What I’ve come to discover in my “social media blackness” is that there are only a few types of black people online and most of these black people are complete fucking idiots at the end of the day.

As a black person who has an online persona, by default you reside in the world of Blackedy-Blackatopia whether you want to be there or not.  You have no choice in the matter.  Inside of this world there exists the land of Blackistan which is mostly inhabited by the Hotep Tribe who yearn for a real world of black male supremacy.  Inside of Blackedy-Blackatopia there also exists the knee grow social justice warriors who reside in the lands of Hashtags & Protests and all they desire to do is drag people online who don’t agree with each & every talking point they bring up and if shit really doesn’t go their way, they’ll break out the protest signs & marching shoes on you.  Another main group in Blackatopia is the Femi-Negroes who live in the lands known as Femi-Negro World.  This group is mainly run by a bunch a black women who have been done wrong somehow someway by a black man in their past and now they spend the remainder of their days babbling online about how black men ain’t shit.  But don’t think the Femi-Negroes are just a bunch of loud mouth pissed off woman who can’t move forward with their lives, they are the masters of recruiting a bunch of lame ass male flunkies to join their ranks to repeat the same “black men ain’t shit” talking points as if these so-called “men” aren’t the exact black men that these Femi-Negroes are talking about.  And finally, the other group is damn near every other black person who has created a social media account.  We’re normally cast off by default into the country of Sleepy Land or we defect to this county once we grow tired of the other 3 never-ending bullshit (like me).  I existed somewhere on the border of Blackistan and Hashtag World once upon a time, but I finally realized that most of these people were full of shit so I voluntarily moved my ass to Sleepy Land.  The reason why it’s called Sleepy Land is because we are constantly accused of not being woke, not woke enough or we don’t fit into the other 3’s monolithic worldview for how they believe all black people should live their lives.  For instance, in Sleepy Land a lot of so-called “nigga nerds” reside here, a lot of biracials (like myself) reside here because we’re constantly told one day we’re not black enough or if we aren’t trying to claim 100% black, then WE MUST WANT TO BE WHITE as if simply being biracial is completely off the table and we biracials have ZERO say in our identity.  Also in this world a lot of coons, people who are full of self-hate and people who hate black women are running around; despite there is rarely every any tangible proof to backup these claims.  The mere fact that the accusation was made is enough to punish somebody…sort of like how this #MeToo thing works.

Now that I’ve explained the population of Blackedy-Blackatopia, I’m pretty sure you can figure exactly what group you belong to and I’m willing to bet the vast majority of black people probably reside in Sleepy Land.

So today, I woke up to discover that I’ve been labeled a coon, I’m full of self-hate & I hate black women all because I say let Rachel Dolezal be black.  I mean after all, her desire to be black ain’t affecting your real life blackness one bit.  But I find these labels rather interesting because I’ve grown to a level of blackness in my almost 38 years of life to where I now embrace the labels and wear them as badges of honor.  The reason why is because, the vast majority of the people handing out these labels are really nothing more than just a bunch of niggas with social media accounts and opinions at the end of the day.  That’s it.  They have no real power, no real authority…they are just a bunch of knee grows chasing social media likes.  I don’t chase social media likes period.  As much shit as I talk about black people and their bullshit, it should be rather clear that I’m not doing for the likes….unlike certain individuals who once used to be affiliated with my website, in particular one whose initials are J.S.

When it comes to the word “coon”, that word honestly doesn’t even bother me.  This word is tossed out by all 3 tribes rather frequently to the point where I’m thinking about getting some coon shirts printed up just for the fuck of it.  The reason it doesn’t bother me is because it is the most overused and abused word in the black lexicon.  All black people are coons.  Your momma is a coon, your baby daddy is a coon, your kids are coons…it doesn’t matter.  All black people are coons and the reason being is that, in order to be labeled a coon, all it takes is literally for 2 black people to disagree with each other something.  That’s it.  You like sweet potato pie the other black person likes pumpkin pie…somebody is leaving that disagreement labeled a coon.

When it comes to the term “self-hate”, this term is used rather frequently, but not to the frequency of that of the word “coon”.  In most instances, in order to win the coveted “self-hate” award of black excellence, this normally is reserved for black people who choose to date outside of the race and the people who like to run around the most handing out the “self-hate” badges are typically black women.  The fastest way to see if your name has been added to the “self-hate” award of black excellence list is for a black person to say something like “Your mama is black!” in response to your preference for dating non-black women.  Black men will occasionally toss this phrase out there, but not as much as black women.  The funny thing about me being labeled a “self-hater” is that, I’m actually married to a BLACK WOMAN.  Been married to her for 12 years, yet somehow I keep getting handed the “self-hate” award of black excellence.  What I’ve come to discover about this label being placed upon me is that 9 times out of 10, the same men giving me this label are the same knee grows who do nothing but get online to profess their love and admiration for the black woman BUT, they are NOT interested in marrying the black woman.  Most of these dudes only desire to spread the black woman’s legs and put a baby (or STD) inside of her…that’s it.  These “I love my black queen” knee grows ain’t trying to legally claim black women as their wives because if they were, then how come it’s so many damn single black mothers and single black women in general running around CONSTANTLY talking about how they can’t find a good man?  These knee grows will tell you everything they can online to get on your good side in order to possibly slide you some dick.  That’s it.  When it comes to black women labeling me a “self-hater”, from what I’ve discovered, 9 times out of 10 these are the same black women who CAN’T keep a man to save her life, she can’t find a good man who actually has his shit together and she can’t find a man who actually wants to be with her beyond just treating her like a sexual object.  Because if she could, then once again, how come it’s so many damn black women online constantly crying about how they can’t find a good man or how niggas ain’t shit?  Even the moist niggas who constantly praise them online ain’t shit.  Once again, a black woman can find a knee grow all day who will drop some dick in her, but anything meaningful beyond that is a futile endeavor in most instances as proven by the horrible relationship & single mother statistics coming up out of black society.  But to the women who are so concerned as to whether or not I’m full of self-hate, if you actually could get a good black man to treat you like the queen you have allowed these online niggas to convince you to be, then would you honestly have time to be online accusing me of self-hate?  No.  You’d be with your good black man chilling in the house while he’s putting some Dickens ‘n Waffles in your life.

And finally, you know you’ve made it to the pinnacle of black excellence when you receive the esteemed award of being labeled a “black woman hater”.  With this award, your name will go on the Blackatopia Blvd Walk of Fame.  As high as this award of excellence is revered in Blackatopia, it’s really not hard to win.  The only real requirement for winning this award is to just simply criticize and/or disagree with what a black woman says.  That’s it.  The main groups of people from Blackedy-Blackatopia who constantly dish out the “black woman hater” award are the social justice warrior knee grows from the land of Hashtags and the Femi-Negroes.  These are the two groups who expect black men to bow down and accept any and every word that comes out of a black woman’s mouth without so much as blinking an eye in protest or disagreement.  The problem with these 2 groups is that most of these people were raised by single mothers who more than likely raised them to despise black men (since the single mother obviously failed at keeping a man in her life) or it’s a bunch of rambling femi-negroes who have daddy & black man issues due to some past pain that they can’t let go so they spend the remainder of their lives babbling on social media about how black men ain’t shit and they honestly expect black men to bow down to them like they are black women in the Wakandan army.  These two groups also run around repeating ad nauseam Malcolm X’s famous line about how “black women are the most disrespected people” yet, rarely do they ever analyze how this came to be in the first place and they will honestly act like ALL black women can do no wrong, unless that black woman disagrees with their philosophies of course.  But in reality, most of these people are complete failures in the relationship department.  The only affection they can muster up is the occasional heart somebody rewards them on social media for liking their status update or the random dick pic sent to their inbox (that applies to both men & women btw).

In the end, these are the types of black people you will encounter on social media.  The loudest ones fall into the 3 main groups:  the Hoteps, the Black SJWs and the Femi-Negroes.  They will get online and complain all day everyday about how the “colonizers” (white people) think all black people are monolith, but these same idiots will turn right around and demand that all black people actually become a monolith to agree with their talking points & philosophies.  It’s amazing how this works.  But, for those of you who are called a coon, a sellout, full of self-hate, and accused of hating black women…I say wear that shit like a badge of honor.  Fuck these people.  You don’t have to prove shit to a bunch of niggas with social media accounts.  Live your life and tell them that their accusations are “fake news” and keep it moving.

Your favorite mulatto.
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