Rachel Dolezal, The Blackest Non-Black Person in History Got Her Own Documentary

If you’ve been around on this website for sometime now, then you all should know my stance on Rachel Dolezal.  But in case you don’t, I’m unapologetically on team #FreeRachel.  Why?  Simple.  Why not?  But in case you need a slightly longer explanation, truth of the matter is, Rachel Dolezal wants to be black more than a lot of black people want to be black.  Her life over the last few years has deteriorated to damn near complete shit to where I believe she was once doing hair & selling homemade lollipops to earn income and despite all of that, she hasn’t backed down on proclaiming her blackness in exchange for cashing in her “I wanna be white again” coupons.  That takes dedication.  To be ostracized by the race you actually are and the race you believe you identify as…that’s dedication and I personally see not a damn thang wrong with her wanting to identify as black.  I’ve stated it before somewhere in one of these Rachel Dolezal blogs I’ve written in the past that her choosing to identify as black presents her absolutely no benefits at all.  None.  And the way her life has been going for the last few years should be a testament to that.

But we all know how this is going to go:  the blogosphere & endless tweets, FB updates & memes will circulate from predominately knee grows who will steadily claim that they wish for her to disappear all while keeping her name in constant rotation like they have been doing for the last few years.  Real talk, the only time I hear news about Rachel Dolezal originates from black people, that’s it.  As far as her documentary goes, I’m willing to bet more black people will watch her Netflix documentary titled “The Rachel Divide” than black people would have watched a Mo’Nique comedy special.  Why?  Because no matter how disgusted black people claim to be about Rachel Dolezal pretending to be black, deep down inside, a lot of knee grows actually admire her unapologetic “blackness”.  They admire her “blackness” because she isn’t backing down on what she believes in & what she believes herself to be.  Meanwhile, the social media knee grow delegation hosting knee grows from Blackistan to Social Justice Warrior Land to Femi-Negro World stay flip flopping & debating about what’s black, who’s black & who’s not black all day everyday.  Meanwhile our fellow caucasian knee grow by the name of Rachel Dolezal simply just wants to be black….and hasn’t shown any signs of backing down.


Your favorite mulatto.
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