I Gotta Confess…I Actually Like Tariq Nasheed’s Song Called “It’s Time”

You all should know me by now in regards to how I’m not a dick rider when it comes to popular pro-blacks like Tariq Nasheed and others.  People like Tariq, I like certain things about them and I can’t stand certain things about them.  But, I guess when you think about it, that can be applicable to anybody I suppose.  When it comes to Tariq, I think the dude is genuinely funny and has a great business mentality which has allowed for him to create the numerous products he’s been creating over the years.  Where I dislike him is in his inability to articulate an argument without just calling everybody a coon, negro bed wench, white supremacist or suspected white supremacist.  I’m not really trying to focus on that aspect too much but real talk, dude is HORRIBLE at debating and articulating arguments.  He’s literally like that one kid in the class who struggles to read, so instead of owning up to his literacy struggles, he reverts to calling the teacher a skinny nipple bitch.  That’s what he reminds me of, just a grown man who’s been on the defensive for so long about his flaws that in order to prevent people from exposing his flaws, he purposely goes into name calling mode to mask his deficiencies.  But…that’s Tariq for ya.

Other than that, regardless of how you feel about him, dude’s business sense is on another level (compared to the average knee grow I suppose) and his ability to foster a loyal following of blind supporters is pretty damn amazing.  So I say all of that to say despite how I feel about this dude and his message, his song titled “It’s Time” from his (I’m assuming) music group called Mink Slide is actually….good.  😳

Not good from the standpoint that I think Tariq can sing…this nigga sucks at singing.  Not good because I think Tariq can dance…this nigga sucks at dancing.  Not good because the video is off the chain….the video is aiight.  Tariq’s Mink Slide song “It’s Time” is good because it actually has a catchy tune, a catchy beat & more importantly, it’s actually different from what I’m constantly bombarded with everyday on the internet & radio from musical artists.  Yes I know it sounds like he’s going down the Bruno Mars path of trying to recreate the funk and R&B sounds of the 80s, but truth be told, I actually don’t mind and more truth to be told, I actually welcome it.  For those of you who don’t know, I’ll be 38 years old next month.  I was raised on 70s, 80s & 90s music.  Back then as a kid, I really didn’t have much of an appreciation for the music because I was a kid more fascinated with going outside to tear some shit up, but on those days I forced to stay in the house & clean up, the only music blaring in my house was mostly 70s/80s funk & R&B.  My parents introduced me to the world of Parliament Funkadelic which later had a major influence in the West Coast Gangsta Rap music.  My parents introduced me to the Ohio Players, Isley Brothers, Cameo, The Gap Band, EWF, Commodores and so on.  I used to listen to that music so much as a kid that aside from the 90s era of hip hop/R&B, my parent’s music is my favorite music to listen to, even to this day.  And this is part of the reason why I’m a big fan of Bruno Mars and the music group called Tuxedo.  If you haven’t listened to THIS Tuxedo album…you are missing out.

So this brings us back to Tariq Nasheed & his group Mink Slide.  Honestly, I have no idea if this a serious endeavor that Tariq is pursuing, but frankly I really don’t give a shit at this point.  For me, the song is very entertaining despite a few of the flaws I identified earlier and yes, it does sound like something I can find myself jamming to while I’m stuck in traffic on a Friday trying to get back to the house to get ready to start the turn up.  If you removed the Tariq Nasheed persona from the song and you just heard this come on in the car or at the club, if you honestly can sit here and say that you wouldn’t find yourself bobbing your head in the car or doing the 2-step on the dance floor at the club to this song…you’s a damn lie.  The joint is catchy.  He isn’t talking about any gangstalicious or thugnificent shit a lot of these so-called R&B singers of today are doing because most of them probably couldn’t succeed as just plain ole rappers.  But, the song is actually not bad.  Will I be buying the song, probably not.  Not because of some protest on account of who he is, but because I really don’t buy music anymore.  Will I stream it if it pops up on Pandora or YouTube…sure, why not.  I mean, just be honest, it’s actually not a bad song.

Your favorite mulatto.
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