Why I Don’t Really Talk About Racism or Black Empowerment That Much Anymore

Short answer:  It’s a waste of time.

Long answer:  I think I’ve wasted copious amounts of time repeating the same racism, white supremacy & black empowerment bullshit talking points over the last 4 years or so.

Long answer continued…

I got an email a few days ago from somebody asking me why it appears that I have changed my tone on this website in regards to talking about racism, white supremacy & black empowerment.  This person claims to have been reading my posts & listening to my podcasts for the last 4 years (to which I appreciate) but they have noticed a significant change in the things I say and they would like to know why.

Well, it’s rather simple.  It’s a waste of time in my opinion to talk about the same ole shit over & over again.  Seriously, how many blog posts must I type or podcasts must I record to where I’m literally talking about the same topic over & over again.  If you’ve been a fan of this website since I first started it back in December of 2013, then you should know that I’ve personally discussed these topics ad nauseam.  How many more blogs or podcast do you need from me telling you about racism and white supremacy?  How many more blog posts do you need from me talking about black economic empowerment?  Further, when are you going to realize that most of these discussions are nothing but pure entertainment on social media that black people find comfort in, yet won’t actually do anything about them in real life?

Here’s what I mean…nah fuck that, I’m not about to waste time explaining what I mean.

I pretty much write and/or podcast about whatever the hell I feel like writing and/or podcasting about on this site.  If I feel like talking about racism and white supremacy shit, then I’ll do that.  I feel like talking about some black empowerment shit, then I’ll do that.  If I feel like calling out black people’s bullshit and the ridiculousness of most hoteps & pro-blacks who tend to constantly struggle to articulate an argument beyond literally just calling people “white supremacists, suspected white supremacists, coons & negro bed wenches”, then I’ll do that (which I by far enjoy doing that than talking about white people all day long).  Point is, what has yet to be stated about racism, white supremacy & black empowerment that you don’t already know?  All of the so-called experts in racism, white supremacy & black empowerment tell you all the same things over & over & over & over & over again.  Exactly what don’t you know by now about these subjects already?

If you want a steady diet of lectures about racism, white supremacy and black empowerment all day everyday…you’ve come to the wrong place.  I’m not about to waste every minute of my life trying to find a new way to tell you the same shit you’ve been hearing for years now from countless other content creators across the internet.  Sorry.  Maybe my next blog post or podcast I’ll talk about that shit or maybe I’ll talk about some ratchet shit…who knows.

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