T’Challa Did Not Owe the World Vibranium

By:  BlackConservative93

There is no doubt that no film in this millennium has generated this much buzz (positive and negative).  Additionally, Black Panther has introduced a villain that is more complex and relatable than The Dark Knight’s Joker.  Unlike most black journalists and bloggers, I am not going to bore you with praise and pan-African feel-goodery.

It is a work worth watching, but it has its major flaws that does the opposite of what message is supposed to be in forming the union of Africans and African Americans.  In real life with both Americans and Africans seeing Black Panther in a ceremonial fashion, Wakanda is the afro-futurism of building our own nation and truly contributing to the rest of the world as seen in the end credits of the film.  From the cinematic debut of Black Panther, I always worried that he would be the pro-black warrior that fans wanted him to be since he is just another token black man on a mostly white team.  Despite, how the Avengers are supposed to fight against injustice around the world, universe and multi-verse; there are limitations on what is worth fighting for as a team.  The Avengers do not fight white supremacy or the realities of racism.  I guess when comic book problems are put into tiers, racism would be on a lower tier versus a higher tier of an alien attack.  When it comes to the lack of diversity in the mainstream comic book industry, I am not even offended by our absence.  Demanding a black superhero in white spaces requires heavy critique on his blackness, relatability and his sexuality.

The downfall of Wakanda was Black Panther joining the Avengers, honestly if he maintained his solo and stubborn ways as comparable to Batman in the Justice League then he would not need to team with Ironman, Thor, Hulk or any other white superhero to win a popularity contest.  What bothered me the most was the possible future of Wakanda and its Vibranium.  It is now shared to the world, especially towards countries that are already 1st world.  Instead of Africa being exploited, it is now the savior of the world.

Could whites and non-Africans be welcomed to Wakanda?  Most likely, since their resources are given away freely.  Black Panther shames and guilts black people into thinking that we owe the world something because we are the face of poverty and laziness.  Black people are to blame for the population and the destruction of our planet.  It is the same mentality white men banter people of color for not wanting to contribute to Trump’s vision of America.  Furthermore, black people were never paid for their forced services and free labor that were derived from slavery to voluntary service & labor as we became freemen fighting in all major wars.  We owe the world nothing and I wish Black Panther would put the world on notice about this.  Our humanity is our weakness, noted since it is black women who want to be goddess to feed the world.  Princess Kuri and Nakia have hearts that extend beyond their follow Wakandans.  White men were forgiven and Wakandans saw themselves as Africans.  It would be possible in a future article that I will discuss how the women in Black Panther destroyed their own traditions.

Furthermore, it seems that female co-leadership is depicted as the equalizer or the fair/benevolent option as black men were blinded by revenge or self-centeredness.  Hence, Wakanda turned from an inclusive to an exclusive nation and that was their weakness.  Black Panther’s love for and his respect for Wakanda’s ideas has caused him to “freeze” and lose his identity.  Thousands of years of traditional now given to white hands to further the colonization of our world and beyond.  Granted, Princess Kuri had a new job at the end-credits teaching Oakland youths about Wakandan technology, but where does African American ownership begin with vibranium?  Despite the healing and energy saving usage, we do own the health or energy industries.  Cancer could be cured tomorrow, but there will always be issues of classism on who is more deserving.  Let’s be honest, no matter the color or race, we love profit and will do anything to continue.  Due to black people’s humbleness of course, we would want to give anyway resources for free but how would Wakanda’s economy be affected?  White nations are receiving free resources from Africa & like usual, they are overpriced and these African nations get the short end of the stick.

By the next Marvel installment or Ironman standalone film, Black Panther’s contribution to the world will be forgotten, unrecognized or outdone.

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