Super Pro-Blacks & Hoteps are Currently Bowing at the Alter of Erik Killmonger

As you know by now, the movie Black Panther came out this past weekend and it’s apparently breaking all kinds of records at the box office.  I finally decided to go watch the movie today at a matinee with the old white people because I didn’t want to have to run the risk of dealing with any foolishness that Ray Ray & Bonkwikwi might cause.  I’m not about to give a review of the movie other than that I enjoyed the movie.  I thought the costumes were amazing, the acting was on point, the overall design and flow of the movie was pretty damn good, but overall, it was really just a great movie.  I’m not exactly sure where I would rank it when it comes to Marvel movies, but it’s probably in my top 3 so far.  My favorite Marvel movie by far is Captain America:  The Winter Soldier.

Anyways, all last week leading up to the debut of Black Panther my social media feeds were clogged with endless status updates & videos doing their best to inform me that Black Panther was a white-owned movie, this movie did not represent black empowerment, black people look like fools for engaging in cosplay to go see this movie, black people were just too overly excited to go watch a fictional movie about a comic book character given to us by white people.  I’m sure you saw the endless updates and videos as well.  The overall message that is constantly broadcasted from Blackistan is that black people aren’t allowed to indulge in any type of entertainment…period.  We should have our minds squarely fixed on fighting racism & white supremacy 24/7/365.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  If you do, then you are a coon or a traitor to black society.  That’s the typical Blackistan message these days.

Now being that you all have a pretty good idea for the Blackistan philosophy, you would think that these same philosophical ideals would need to be first & foremost practiced and maintained by the actual knee grows who reside from Blackistan correct?  Oh, you would be wrong.  As I’ve told you all countless times on this website, the Blackistan principles for how to live as a black person are merely just social media talking points designed to rack up the most likes, reshares/retweets & followers, that’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  The overwhelming vast majority of these people do nothing but get online to constantly complain about white supremacy and that state of black people in order to try to make themselves appear to be some type of thought leader, yet, you would more than likely find it extremely challenging to find an average knee grow from Blackistan living up to every Blackistan commandment.  And if you catch one slipping, they normally tell you some bullshit like, “ain’t nobody perfect!”  Cool, nobody is perfect…yet you demand “black perfection” which is nothing more than black people worshipping and praising heterosexual black men and sending black women all the way back to the 1950s to be in a subservient status.  But, you know all of this already.

So what does this have to do with Black Panther and the Erik Killmonger character?  Great question.

You see, after all of that bullshit talk about how black people look like fools for getting excited over a fictional comic book movie given to black society by white people, these same knee grows from Blackistan somehow found the courage to the break the Blackistan Commandment of “thou shalt not give thine money to the white man” to reach into their pockets to cough up some money to watch the Black Panther movie.  I’m sure they didn’t want to do it, but they probably did it in the name of going on a reconnaissance mission to see what the white people were presenting to black people so they could have something of “extreme importance” to talk about on their next YouTube video, tweet or Facebook update.  But something odd happened in that movie theatre.  And that oddity was the character Erik Killmonger.

Erik Killmonger is literally the hotep super pro-black wet dream on the big screen…and since we’re talking about Blackistan, I do not mean “wet dream” in terms of something homosexual or homoerotic as we all know that could possibly get you the death sentence in Blackistan.  What I’m referring to is, Erik Killmonger represented every ideal about Blackistan down to the letter.  It’s as if the writer for this character himself actually popped up out of Blackistan to breathe life into this character for the Blackistan crowd.  Erik Killmonger is all about killing the oppressor to free black people globally.  He knows how to fight, he is muscular, he is an “alpha male” (shout out to Cynthia G.) & he understands everything about white society since white people were the ones who trained him so he figures he could use this information against them (shout out to Jason Black).  The only thing Erik Killmonger didn’t do was pass out a copy of Hidden Colors to the people of Wakanda.  If he had of done that, this movie might have taken a completely different direction once the Wakandans discovered the power of melanin (shout out to Tariq Nasheed).  Overall, Erik Killmonger is the epitome of super pro-black.  He is the super pro-black super hero.

Now you’re probably thinking, “well, what’s wrong with that?”  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing other than, just last week knee grows from Blackistan were just telling the rest of us knee grows that we shouldn’t be getting overly excited about a comic book movie.  So being that this is case, how come my timeline is currently flooded with status updates & YouTube videos worshipping and praising the shit out of Erik Killmonger?  On YouTube, Tariq Nasheed is doing YouTube videos celebrating how Erik Killmonger was killing white people, Cynthia G. got a video up talking about “T’Challa Was Not Our Hero” while praising Erik Killmonger, Yvette Carnell has a video up with Antonio Moore of Tone Talks titled “Black Panther is Marvel’s Version of Obama; Killmonger is Our Hero“.  There’s a #LongLiveKillmonger hashtag on Twitter right now.  Basically what I’m saying is this, all of that “IT’S JUST A FICTIONAL COMIC BOOK MOVIE CREATED BY WHITE PEOPLE” talk went right out of the window when Erik Killmonger’s character emerged.  NOW it’s ok for black people to view the movie as entertainment and do a little comic book character “worshipping” because there is a character who embodies everything about Blackistan ideologies in the movie.  See how this thing works ladies and gentleman.

Sadly Erik Killmonger died, so in order to keep his spirit alive in the name of hotepness & super duper pro-blackness, don’t be surprised if your favorite knee grow from Blackistan dresses up as Erik Killmonger for Halloween.

Your favorite mulatto.
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