No Black Tears When Seeing White Fear

By:  BlackConservative93

I am aware my articles tend to piss off black people, particularly black women.  Honestly, I would love to trade the vitriol for white tears.  As of Feb 14, 2018, 19 year old Nikolas Cruz was captured for being the gunman who killed 17 people in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  It did not take long for social media to go to war over gun rights.  As usual, videos on Facebook began to circulate showing America’s gun problem and how other countries rarely have mass shootings.  Liberals argue that guns are too easy to obtain, especially for unstable youths.  Meanwhile, conservatives blame the lack of discipline that allows mass shooters to be armed unchecked and illogical gun control regulations.  Where ever black people stand is irrelevant.  Yes, the situation is messed up and undeserving, but what did white America think would happen when anti-black and Muslim rhetoric normalizes.  White youth are not dumb and they are tuned into social media, especially YouTube where they digest alternative facts from coons and right-wing podcasters.

After reading an article from the DailyBeast about Cruz’s reputation as a student in high school, the situation fits too well as if this madman was a template of every genetic mass shooter.  These white identified-extremist are racist and sexist.  These xenophobes try to make up for not truly passing as white or being accepted among most of their white peers.  Trust me, it does eat them up inside when their white supremacist friends or their own ego reminds them of their ethnicity.  I knew a mixed raced girl who was half white and Hispanic and she was teased by her racist peers that she looked black.  As for Cruz, girls in school saw him as a weirdo and creep, yet he somehow landed a girlfriend (now ex) who he allegedly abused.  He was a loner who had to suffer due to his arrogance, racism and looks.  This is the folly of white nerds, yet it is their privilege.  Unlike black people who are watched 24/7 and censored on social media while white nerds with 5 friends on Facebook can express their hatred.  It is not even a secret that most of these situations are preventable without the need for stricter gun control; for god’s sake tell someone, especially the police.  These students knew how unstable he was and how was an immediate threat.

Mass shootings will happen in predominantly white schools because they have an image to uphold.  Black people especially eat up the belief that their (white) schools are replicas to real life Disney sitcoms.  The schools are nice, students are well behaved and test scores that lead the nation.  The reality is that these schools are cutthroat from the board to the student body.  White kids are far from angels, at least they stay on code long enough to dodge media and negative publicity, hence why sexual assault allegations seem random and out of the blue.  As long as the skeletons are in the closet, predominantly black schools on the other hand will be the headliners for local newspapers as outrage focuses on (black) girl fights and viral misbehavior.  White students in the suburban schools have issues.  I have learned about the dirt their schools have from a black friend who worked a hospital.  He has seen it all from the stupid trends/dares to the suicide attempts.

I do not pity Cruz at all.  White schools have a problem manufacturing mass shooters as an alumnus from a predominantly black high school.  I am tired of snobby white people mocking black students and telling us how we are bred for prison.  Black schools have their own problems, but the white community has newly produced sociopaths that will kill 17 people in a day.  White people want the moral compass yet lose direction by running in circles because they are the problem.  Stop crying foul when your teen daughters’ and sons’ safety is in danger for the first time in their lives at the expense of black lives who must be in constant fear because our presence alerts the police or vigilantes.

Wake up & stop using liberal talking points on gun control while trying to change America.  Australia and Japan are not models that America will follow to reduce gun violence, mainly due to race and class.  If all guns registered under citizens were rounded up and banned our lives would be under a police state as the local government and military would gain more power.  It defeats American’s right to challenge their government or simply defend themselves.  Gun control also fails black people because we are not the largest sellers of legalized or manufactured guns, so we would not be able to screen on the internet or gun shops as to who can own a weapon.  It is okay to mourn for the lives that were lost, but America has placed black people to be the face of violence, but this black man will be silent and let the white folks fight among themselves as to who are the real thugs and terrorist.

Florida is under judgment as black people been warned that white supremacy will affect them too.  A black boy named Trayvon Martin died because he was walking while black.  White America defended George Zimmerman and awarded him with free money, now this man lives like a celebrity as he feels more emboldened to kill black men.  Where were the tears from white women while black mothers had to fear that their sons may not return home safely.  White women did not care as long as their neighborhoods were protected regardless of the matter.  Ironically, the anti-hero mentality that white-identified extremist have has backfired as their own women are uncomfortable and reject their vision of an all-white world.

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