Why Do Black Feminists Claim to Hate Toxic Masculinity But Still Ignore Male Feminists as Mates?

By:  H.T., Website:  Rogue Black Nerd

During the time I was a male feminist, I can tell you that when it came to feminists and dating, there was always a dirty secret to the women in it that ran it or were followers:  they were human, as human as you and I.  Human in that for as much as they wanted men to improve how we are, there are just things about men that women just can’t unwire as it’s hardwired into why women choose mates and potential fathers for their children.  The problem is that politics of the day often causes the conflict that leads us down this road where women can say over and over again how such and such is “canceled” or men are trash, but for the heterosexual women trying to have a sex life, biology takes over.  And for as much as we use science to defend men and women changing their sex, it’s shocking that no one likes to talk about the fact that it’s clear as day that the men they let into their bedrooms fit a lot of checkboxes except the ideological ones.  And this is because again, for as much as your favorite feminist blogger likes to talk about how men are so problematic, the fact is there’s a scratch that needs to be itched that no amount of hashtags or protests can fill.

I can’t say I harbor any animus towards Christelyn Karazin as fact is the woman is trying to get women to not be victims and improve their lives.  With Karazin, I see her logic as pushing women to seek out men who can give them at the very least what they need and the rest will flesh out.  Still, people call her a coon for daring to push women towards a more sophisticated version of hypergamy that will give them happier lives.  Fact is, as draconian as it is, I can see the logic in it as I know so many women who picked terrible men (as far as being a father) to have kids with.  But if we break it down to why these types tend to be the main ones breeding, it’s not hard to figure out:  they are usually tall and muscular, which speaks to the evolutionary desire to find mates that can protect offspring and possibly even the mother.  He’s charming, which on some level translates to intelligence and above all they’re good looking, which what mother doesn’t want attractive kids?

This goes to why I believe so many male feminists in the black feminist community go ignored so incredibly hard in these circles.  The only time you ever see black men in these circles getting a place of prominence is ALWAYS when they’re gay, i.e. not an issue as far as being a reproductive candidate.  The reason so many male feminists find themselves in a land where basically they’re worshiped for how well they get in line and follow the narrative is because frankly that’s likely all they’re good for.  Again, for as much as people love to say men need to progress, society proves again and again that the only time feminist men get ANYWHERE in these circles is because the relationship they found was more of a transactional one than one of attraction.  These men are placing dead last as their feminist leaders sneak to go have sex with the guy they spent 30 minutes arguing with on Twitter because these women don’t like to admit it, but there’s a desire in them to find a strong man in some way.  Even if he doesn’t command said woman, it’s still safe to say they want a man that fits the physical profile of a man that could potentially create strong children.  And don’t give me that “but I’m on birth control” shit.  Your libidos are wired how they are because even if you can shut down the process to have kids your libido, forged through millenniums of protocols, operates on the MO thar this guy could be good to make babies with.  This being said, this is why I imagine every male writer for Blavity or The Root is either single or married to white women who believe a black man’s blackness is attractive enough to make kids with.  Go figure.

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