Light Skin Girls Stay Winning

By:  BlackConservative93

What prompted me to write about colorism was after watching BKCHAT LDN discussing the subject.  It was interesting to see that colorism and rebuttals were universal and not just an American thing.

The studio set up was impressive, despite the multiple audio and mic problems.  Unfortunately, even with its popularity and viewership it lacks professional dialogue.  Hence, why I watched Al Jazeera English’s discussed on colorism.  Their problem is that they will bring professors and scholars that say things that have been heard a hundred times, but it was nice eye-candy to see Sudanese supermodel Nyakim Gatwech on the panel.

What I like about BKCHAT LDN is that it’s raw and uncensored and most of the time it leads to arguments, hence why I have a hard time in watching The Grapevine.  BKCHAT LDN did very little to sway my views or perception on black beauty.  I am a black man who would only date black women or mixed women with a black parent.  In some cases, I have fallen for women who looked mixed with black, but were not.  As a blerd, I would never date white women.  Blerds are the white-blacks and are excluded from black spaces so it is expected for us to date them.  My ideal black woman is light skin, tall and with natural hair.  Yes, I would date a dark skin woman, but hey, they never came to my direction or accepted my advances.  Black people can blame colorism for dark skin women not being chosen, but I would have taken an alternative route from the typical answer that us (black men) just hate dark skin women solely for their skin tone.

For one, social justice warriors and colorism activists shoot themselves in the foot when they say black comes in all shades and colors only to get mad when only one spectrum of black is cherished.  If my brown skin is equally black (in spirit) to a woman who is as fair as Cardi B, then I cannot be shamed for self-hate when social media spent a week fighting to maintain her blackness.  Let’s be honest, we are not trying to date women who look exactly like our mothers mainly because black boys can recall times when their own mothers taught colorism through favoritism.  Ask any dark skin black girl how she felt having a mixed half-sister, if she had one.  For boys we are reminded that we are black as hell with such statements as “with your black ass” as an insult.  Black boys run to other races of or light skin women because they want validation.  Before black people even knew the word “melanin” or saw Hidden Colors 2, it was light skin women loving our dark skin.  They lick, kiss and worship the D for dark skin.  Even in most black activist circles, it is light skin women showing the most love and appreciation, meanwhile dark skin black men are stereotyped as man-hating.  As I watch BKCHAT LDN, I see the fairest skin girl named Ariete calling black men kings in every sentence and hearing her say that we (black men) are her only dating preferences.  On the other side of the panel, there is Nunu, a dark skin woman who’s argumentative and generalizes that white men treat black women better.  The episode tried to defeat colorism by blaming black men, but one black man stated that he is not into light skin women because they are overrated.  Then the subject of racism was brought up, but it feels like a reach that unattractive SJWs like to use as leverage.

Nunu did bring up a brilliant reality that a lot of pro-athletes have white or light skin women as a trophy wife.  I have been there in the locker room overhearing black men bragging about how white women love them or how mixed their girlfriend is and they love the silky smooth hair.  My white co-workers have a bad habit of tuning the tv to Paternity Court or Maury for the daily ratchedness.  White men are not dumb.  They make the connections amongst being dark skin, violent, overweight and poor.  Light skin women may be more socially conscious about their looks.  Ariete wore makeup and got her hair done.  She topped it all off with earring shaped like Africa and a Straight Outta Angola t-shirt, yet Nunu does not want to be cute for the camera.  I do not know this girl, so I based my first impression of her off of her weird shades and no make-up.  Of course, my eyes will be glued to Ariete, despite how she hates when black men only talk to her for being light skin.  If dark skin girls want to at least be chosen or be our favorites, then they need to work on their weight and come correct on camera then I wouldn’t have to explain to white men that not all black women are ugly.

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