Wakanda is a Comic Book Fantasy for a Reason

By:  BlackConservative93

Black Twitter is excited for the debut of Black Panther.  Even I am ready to spend the most as I plan to watch the real 3D version.  There are multiple black activist saving and donating money for black students to see the movie.  Black representation is important, and we are left to defend for ourselves as we must prove that Black Panther is the best superhero of the millennium.

In preparation, a hashtag started by @BlackGirlNerds invited a space for black fans to share their thoughts about the importance of the film.  Most people were in love with the images of black hierarchy and a kingdom that is 100% African.  It perfectly combines the spirituality of Africa and the technological advances of a 1st world country.  In theory the idea of a real Wakanda would fix the flaws of Black Wall Street and well-to-do black communities.  They lacked an enforcement arm.  This starts the painful reason why black people are ready for their Wakanda.

When it comes to history, black feminists love the hallmarks of warrior queens like that seen in the Black Panther.  Black women defending themselves against men is a stand against rape culture.  The problem is that black people are vastly against the 2nd Amendment, primarily black women.  They always vote democratic and flip-flop on the stance of gun rights.  Mainly due to the NRA’s racism and the southern mentality having swayed their views to be passive, black people have taken the bait that non-violence always wins.  Black liberals also fail to take into account black-on-black violence and the grief black mothers face when their sons die for shoes, beefs or robbery.

Now this scenario is for the best, how confident will black women be when their sons are no longer fighting amongst themselves, but against white supremacy.  Their sons would not have freedoms like civilians because in this endangered state, all black men would have to be warriors and spend countless hours training.  They would have to master self-defense ranging from hand-to-hand combat to gun training.  This would mean that men could not runaway from the responsibilities of protecting Wakanda even if they are gay/trans, non-traditional or just do not believe in war.  Black boys would have to adopt hypermasculinity because they must have the bragging rights.  Imagine how white nations would feel if Wakanda had nuclear weapons.  It would be a game changer that states that black people are serious about fighting white supremacy.  I know this piece sounds scary and it may kill the dreams of black boys who just discovered Black Panther yesterday.

If black mothers are too afraid to sacrifice their sons for the glory and independence of Wakanda then I know there will be even more push back to have black girls drafted into the military.  War is not pretty or cool.  Granted, your daughter is equal to her male counterparts, but what happens to their femininity.  Yes, I am aware that women of various races fight for their nations around world, but they are not viewed as manly or masculine as compared to black women.

Overall, if and when black people decide to build their own nation, black people will become enemy of America.  You won’t get dual-citizenship with all these white supremacists in office as they will be glad to see black people going back to Africa.  They will sabotage and deny trading sanctions.  We have not built a black community strictly for us in a century, so nation building is even harder amongst unskilled laborers to do in a day.  Mentality-wise, black people are too divided to come together on a single agenda.  They are many fakes, frauds and agents who live to maintain the division.  Black Panther and Wakanda is just a fantasy that projects blackness as being important.  It is an illusion to see black men and women getting along on a black first agenda.  Honestly, we love being in the losing position or last place because we can’t change the standard to fit our likeness.  Being last is our first place.  We love the stereotypes and crumbs that white America give us.  Despite all my reasons on why black people will never have a Wakanda, one of the biggest reasons would be that black men would still fight tooth and nail to bring Becky to the kingdom.  Them seeing dark-skinned women all day, 24/7 and having to pick from that would be a stress and challenge within itself.

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