Jay Z Ain’t Us, So Stay Bougie

By:  BlackConservative93

I’m honestly getting tired of celebrity black men becoming liberals either because they did not get a chance to coon for the favoritism of black women.  Jay Z’s appearance on the Van Jones Show was exactly what I hate seeing black men become in 2018.  Everyone has a doctorates degree in blackness, women’s studies and music/art, yet when it comes to practical solutions we wish things to existence without the means to execute the mission.  Black people want better living conditions despite their lack of environmental discipline.  When I see hundreds of lottery scratch offs tickets on the ground, do you think that will encourage city officials to fund the inner city?  Of course not.  Let’s not always run to the call of racism.

Jay Z is everything wrong with black men as for starters, he adapts a Bell Hooks approach to money as a useless resource that does not create happiness.  Ironically, this is coming from a New York rapper who is known to prop himself as the best and wealthiest in the business.  Yet, Jay Z wanted to trademark his daughter Blue Ivy’s name and now he wants to do the same with a hand gesture.

Black people’s long exposure to poverty has created acceptance to low achievers and redefining blackness through struggle.  Jay Z did what a lot of conscious black men do in Harlem, they redirect the focus and steer away from black people dominating in economics.  Wealth becomes conspiracy theories of how it is no real or fiat money that is bound to crash.  Therefore, it creates the myth of black success and this is how Beyoncé was offended that black people question her career through pledging to the Illuminati.  Granted, if black people had more opportunities, then the Illuminati conspiracy theories would be solely unbelievable clickbait.

Furthermore, conscious black men love being broke for religious beliefs that physical wealth is not tangible in Heaven.  Jay Z on the other hand loves broke niggas because they aspire to be like him.  He is hood rich.  It defeats the American Dream that institutional education leads to wealth.  Being dreamers who want to run the world with catchy hardcore lyrics rather than through knowledge or an occupation that defines America’s strength is easy.  The rap game would not last if blackness and poverty were not relatable.  What could Jay Z rap about if every black community was a black wall street?  He cannot talk about niggas hating because black men are working together.  Neither would there be a reason for entertainers when avenues like being a scientist, electrician or doctor are much easier and common to obtain.

Ironically, Jay Z and Van Jones heavily emphasize Blue Ivy and his twin daughters.  Granted, I understand their point-of-view that regardless of the gender parents want to see their kids succeed.  I wonder how different the conversation would be if Jay Z had a son.  This was the most cringeworthy part of the segment as I see black men are uninterested in power and wealth because they got inspired or man-shamed by feminists.  These women lie to black men that they were grandfathered into white patriarchy knowing damn well black men never ran shit over their own communities let alone along side white men.  See I did not fall for black women empowerment because on the other side of the coin black men will be charged for being unmotivated, weak and broke.  Jay Z needs to cut out the Damon Young pandering.

I honestly want to slap him because just last year due to his wife’s Formation album, black media was calling him out of his name for allegations of him cheating on Beyoncé with a white woman.  Why start these types of trigger responses that make black women offensive?  So then Jay Z cleans himself up with the 4:44 album where in one of the songs he admits his faults.  Of course, we can get on the OJ Story as it become the theme song for black economics, but somehow in his brain money ain’t shit.

He brings up a conversation with Ava Duvernay about how we need a world where blacks accomplished everything first.  Well dude it takes money to do it because we are currently trying to get there by constantly asking or riding off white advancement.  You think NASA will allow an all black team to go to the moon?  No, of course not.  So start the first the black space program, but before we become space musketeers we got to fix the current problem of what black men go through.  Since Jay Z knows Meek Mills is being harassed by the corrupted justice system, why aren’t the best lawyers in the world working on his side?  I did not even want to hear him sympathize towards Kalief Browder, a former Riker’s Island inmate who committed suicide after his release, not to say that he is too famous to relate to our struggles, but I am tried of Jay Z and Beyoncé singing a revolution versus starting one.  Let’s be honestly Formation is not enough to unite black women for them to see their inner beauty when they must put up with negative portrayals of themselves.  Jay Z’s songs about racism is tone-deaf when he does not mean it because deep down inside there is a kink in starting beefs, looking fresh, fucking bitches and keeping it hood; despite him not wanting blacks to do better.

Lastly, in response to Van Jones’ question to Jay Z over the uncertainty of a black future, it is not going to come about when black boys are ignored and we continue to push our girls to unrealistic standards of success.  We are expecting them to be presidents, world leaders and freedom fighters against sexism and racism, yet it takes men to grant them opportunities.  I miss the era when boys were taught by PSA commercials of their superhero telling them to man up and defend the world and girls wanted be wives and princesses.

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