These Blackistan Knee Grows Really Get On My Damn Nerves

I hate these niggas.  I really do.  I know hate is a rather strong word…but, I hate these niggas.  These super duper pro-black niggas just literally drain the life out of black people.  From the moment they wake up (assuming they actually go to sleep due to their extreme levels of wokeness), these niggas make it their life mission to find a way to ruin any and everything about your black health, wealth and overall existence all while trying to find a way to convince you to believe that it’s really the white man doing all of that to you.  No nigga, it’s you.  I’ve yet to see a video from the white man flowing up & down my social media timelines trying to discourage me from going to see the Black Panther movie all because Disney is the owner of the movie.  I only see niggas doing this.  Niggas.  Not just any ole random poot-butt niggas.  Just the super duper pro-black niggas who’s pro-blackness should be viewed as some type of mental illness at this point in the game.  These niggas are like that annoying ass itch you have on your back when your backscratcher is nowhere to be found.

This Blackistan knee grow wants us all to remember that “it is still a white owned movie” as if he honestly believes that the majority of black folks don’t know this, let alone give a damn.  I mean seriously, who honestly out there reading this who wants to go watch the Black Panther movie honestly gives a damn that this movie is owned by Disney (who owns Marvel in case you didn’t know)?  Who gives a shit.  It’s a damn movie.  I wonder how concerned he is with Twitter, Instagram & Facebook being owned by white people to which he uses his platforms to broadcast his messages from Blackistan to, all while the owners of these social media platforms make money from every Blackistan message he uploads.  I highly doubt he gives a shit about that.

Next this dingy looking knee grow asks how can the Black Panther movie be about black empowerment when it’s derived from white people (who are against the black man, according to him) simply because he may have saw one or two black people relating this movie to black empowerment.  How is social media about black empowerment when these platforms were derived from “da whyte mane”, yet he uses these platforms to beam in messages from Blackistan quite frequently.  Where is the Blackistan social media platform?  Anyways, so what if a few knee grows want to look at Black Panther in a way that inspires them to exalt black empowerment.  So fucking what.  My goodness.  Let these knee grows be happy and enjoy the damn movie.  Niggas literally have 365 days a year to be as bliggity black-black as humanly possible.  I’m pretty confident that a black person can take one damn day off to enjoy a fictional movie about a fictional African kingdom, even if the damn movie is owned by a white corporation.  Who gives a shit.  Let black people be.

Why must you Blackistan niggas be so ready to knock the excitement out of black people every damn day on social media?  You niggas need some pussy.  Go get a damn sex-bot and preach that good Blackistan bullshit to it.  My goodness.  You niggas are horrible.

Your favorite mulatto.
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