Why Black Men Do Not Want to Date Leslie Jones

By:  BlackConservative93

Before I read the many articles about how comedian Leslie Jones believes she will die single and alone, I read one black woman’s comment on a shared article from a Facebook friend.  She said she could relate to Jones since her lifestyle limits her dating options, despite how open she is to date anyone and literally anyone through the spectrum of race, gender, class, education, sexuality, geographic location, etc. and still be in last place due to her race.

Honestly, it does get overdramatic as anti-black womanhood is the easy scapegoat.  Just grab a colorist statement from a rapper, a story of a nigga who is a closeted homosexual who gave another woman HIV/AIDS or a random black male celebrity who just happens to have a white wife and it runs to death that black women are the least desired and have the worst dating pool, but they get it wrong most of the time.

Black men can easily name drop beautiful dark skinned black women like bombs on a B-52.  For starters as a young man in his mid-20s, I am not attracted to Leslie Jones.  No, not because of her skin tone.  For one she is old, so she won’t win the sex appeal game.  Through the age of Instagram, black men are expecting the best.  We want dimples, wild tattoos, fat ass, big titties with suction cups nipples and clear skin (not just light as an option).

Leslie Jones is playing a dangerous game with her pity party.  What if she meets Mr. Right today or whenever; honestly her man may feel like it was an easy win than a genuine hookup.  She is broken and it leaves her vulnerable to abuse.  Furthermore, Jones is known as the butt of the joke in the mammy image.  Her 2016 AllState commercial was embarrassing enough that Christelyn Karazin (of Beyond Black & White) feared that it would create a negative impact on interracial dating.  Honestly, she is sometimes embarrassing to see on television because her roles are fucked up.  Again, on the AllState commercial she is flirting while looking like Akuma from Street Fighter while the white man drives off in fear and disgust.  Then there is her appearance on SNL playing Donald Trump, the problem is that the world already side-eyes her, but she continues to make it worse.  Granted, I cannot fix her problems or tell her that there are men patiently waiting for her.

I am just here to correct the narrative of the “shallow black man”.  Black women love shaming black men especially educated lames for having high standards.  So somehow we became the buffer dating pool for the rejected class of women who are fat and unattractive so attractive women won’t feel guilty in rejecting unattractive guys with money and education (at least during their prime years of dating).  Meanwhile, when the educated lame gives a rebuttal that black women have been crying and begging for black men to get their shit together, they at least feel confident that other races of women won’t hesitate to cuff them.  Hence, the reason why I side with the nerds who say black women are not checking for them.  I’ve omitted the corny answer of “black women do not like comic books or trading cards” (those things are childish even for me), but it’s their social awkwardness that really throws them off as their shyness and lack of aggression is misinterpreted as a weakness.  They fail in promoting themselves in media and even in the real world.  The advantage that blerds or unattractive men have is money, even if they lack power.  Jay Z for example has both and this was how he can have Beyoncé as his wife and media control how his marriage is televised; hence, how rumors of their divorce are unbelievable and how his allegations of cheating are forgivable.  Yet, he is no Chris Brown when it comes to his sex appeal as I can still remember in 5th grade on how classmates would clown him for his nose.  Men do not have to be beautiful or handsome (at first) and we know that if we stay on the straight and narrow that any minute women like Ciara will come to us crawling for forgiveness.

Call it sexism or male privilege, even the most undesirable man cannot relate to Leslie Jones, yet my advice to her is not to make this an issue of colorism as black Hollywood has beaten this like a dead horse.  If Jones presented herself with better roles and skits other than a token, ghetto hoodrat or cross-dressing fool then her career would be better.

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