4 Hard Truths Black People Need to Admit About Social Justice at This Point

By:  H.T., Website:  Rogue Black Nerd

1.  Male feminists aren’t right for being creeps, but you can’t blame them for trying to get some play.

One of the reasons that I constantly bring up Jeremy D. Johnson isn’t because I think he’s innocent or believe what he did was right.  What I do believe is that at this junction of things, it’s really frustrating to not know what works in courting a woman anymore.  Again, I am not saying that dick pics are right or even the wave, but I am saying that options are often getting so narrow that we’ve reached what I like to call the “bumble era” of dating.  Bumble, a mobile dating app changes things up by making it so that men and women can like each other, but only women can send the first message.  While I understand the logic of this, one must recognize that human nature as it is leaves things pretty fucking lopsided in terms of who gets attention.

The way things are like in social justice is that not only does it feel like this a lot, it also feels at times like any and all deviations from this protocol gets met with hostility and snark.  Men are called “ashy” and women are called “pick mes” all because as a man, you thought maybe the standards for men can get a bit peculiar and as a woman, maybe some of these high demands for men aren’t your groove.  Yes, being a man who thinks maybe I don’t need to dress in ways that might make most women assume I might be gay or being a woman who wants to spoil her man from time to time is SOOOO regressive.

Cut back to male feminists.  The reason you see so many high profiles getting busted for being a creep is because aside from the actual creeps, we’ve narrowed things down to where now flirting is seen as attempted sexual assault when as we saw with Aziz Ansari, things can get labeled as sexual assault with a combination of mixed signals and signals that just weren’t caught.  This goes to what happens with a lot of male feminists and why so many almost become asexual in these circles as frankly these are a lot of men who find themselves flirting with women or even finding themselves in intimate situations with them that they can’t read.  Thus invites danger.  Danger in that now to get sex becomes a odd game that’s one part Simon Says, one part Minesweeper and the rest just cold readings really.  Then, combine this with now that if at any point she starts to have negative feeling towards ever having sex with you, the argument can be made that it wasn’t all consensual.  When it comes down to it, male feminists are left in what can only be described as a sexual frustration stew that only gets warmer as the rhetoric gets more intense.  In fairness, there are a lot of men who have legit bad ideas about women, but this particular group of men have invested so much social currency in not being awful that even when bad behavior is rewarded you can’t afford deviation as you could lose everything.

2.  Women need to stop pretending that their sexual choices don’t affect why men are trash.

As I’ve said over and over again on here, the reason so many black men refuse to not be trash is simple:  the only men we see getting attention from mostly attractive women ARE the problematic men.  Women, trust me, that really sweet male friend of yours that you won’t date notices when you stress out over the guy who says annoying shit and might be cheating on you.  We notice and frankly, you keep narrowing away his options.  Can’t date interracial without getting shade for not being able to “handle” a black woman, can’t look for women that actually want a good man that treats them right and in turn returns the favor or said woman is labeled a “pick me”, can’t complain on social media, so he’s left frustrated and sees this…

If you wonder why so many men walk away from social justice or just go full red pill, it’s for the same reason I started to have questions:  I came to try and be a hero, I left because it meant I had to be a tortured one to remain in good standing.  To try and seek dates in social justice circles often boils down to physical attractiveness or who’s the loudest man downing other men.

“But there are feminist men with girlfriends and wives!”  True, but, as we often see, these are men who in the name of smashing patriarchy give up basic luxuries in marriage like having normal guy talk, arguing like an adult and even porn.  Hell some even get vasectomies and allow their wives to be in open relationships with them.  Fact is, if this is what these women want men to become, Godspeed.  The wait will take a while.

3.  You can’t complain that cishet black men refuse to fight for social justice when you continue to force them into odd places.

While I’ll agree that on some level, black men are the white people of black people as, let’s be honest, the super pro-black elements of our culture sound a lot like the Richard Spencer’s of the world.  However, this isn’t to say that these men are unable to sound rational to a guy when on the more liberal end of black culture, things sound daily like a bizarre game of Simon Says.

It’s one thing when black men are sold the idea of wearing rompers, it’s another thing when we’re told that not only can we not know if a woman is trans but also that we’re transphobic if we reject her.  Now we’re at the point of black barbershops being viewed as negative and that masculinity as straight men have is toxic and must be stamped out.  The problem with this is that when we phase out more masculinity or soften it even in ways that are impractical, you can’t wonder why so many men walk away from it.  Honestly, I can’t even say it’s about homophobia for all men.  If anything, it’s the fact that black men’s strong masculinity can be used around other races and we’re praised for it.  Hell, that’s probably why it’s alleged that even despite Tomi Lahrens rhetoric, she has sex with black men a lot.  Yet, at some point, the savoir faire of black men became a bad thing.  Yes, there are things that need to be phased out, but fact is as I said before, you can’t keep fucking bad men and expecting them to change.

Honestly, it’s bad enough that for the average guy dating often means pursuing a woman who posts mastubatory fodder daily for the world, but now we’re at the point that we have to be pro the idea that women are likely in full on relationships saying, “I like being promiscuous and so should you.”  The problem with this is that men know there are men who have wives and girlfriends who are modest and loving, but that’s dying out because frankly a lot of us have bought into the idea that apparently all our grandmas were stuck in loveless marriages with tyrants.  Never mind that A) statistically, this can’t be that widespread and B) honestly, by today’s standards, even those of us who had fathers who married our mothers would be seen as problematic because again, social media has painted this fantasy of a good looking guy that says all the things you want to hear while completely ignoring that such a fantasy shows your hypocrisy.

4.  You made the wrong people your heroes for change.

The reason I harbor so much animus towards the whole collective of podcasters that includes Phoenix Calida, William J. Jackson and Ricky L. Hinds II isn’t simply that these people continue to call me a rapist when I’m innocent and with no proof, it’s that people like them pose an honest threat to the integrity of actual social change.  Rather than advocate for reasonable causes or even fighting for reasonable cause WITH reason, these are people that don’t understand why frankly so many people are moving more to the center of left, or even further right politically.  It’s because these kinds of people have made being black and left leaning so foreign to black culture that there’s really no point in militancy.  Fact is, as much as police brutality is an issue, a lot of black people have moved more towards the idea that perhaps this is an issue that isn’t being handled realistically by this generation.  Notice that all the activists that started to work with actual political leaders were called sellouts when that’s likely the most effective way to make change.

What’s more, in terms of militancy, the biggest reason so many of these movements lose traction amongst black people is the political ideology they push itself:  socialism and communism.  People often forget that as far as African nations and communism goes, of the 5 countries on the continent that joined the Soviet Union, all had economic strife and eventually went through revolution to oust its communist leaders.  So how exactly do these people expect to sell an ideology to black people when fact is culturally we are a very capitalist people?  They don’t.  If anything the reason I call people like Jackson and his compatriots hypocrites is because for as much as they claim to be “too left for the left” they have no problem pitching their Patreon for people to buy into so they can podcast full time.  

The problem is that when we started to reject respectability politics, we also got rid of quality control in terms of PR.  Gone were the days of astute, well dressed, telegenic leaders that could sit in front of America and sell their beliefs with confidence.  Instead we got people like the ones you see today that yell and use the same recycled talking points that day in and day out gets debunked more and more by the Ben Shapiro’s of the world.  The problem is that if we’re keeping it 100, the reason so much of mainstream society has more or less learned to dislike yet tolerate Trump and likely voted 3rd party is because Hillary Clinton herself came off as more of a symbol than an actual politician.  What’s more, even amongst her voting base there was already a divide.  If I had to guess why so many white women voted for Trump over her, it was because so many didn’t want to be in leagues with the pink hatted, loud and just naive crowd of women who believed that a woman President would solve all their problems.  If anything, the reason why many white women didn’t vote for Hillary and maybe even voted for Trump was likely the same reason we saw a lot of black men voting for him.  For as much as he was divisive race and foreign policy wise, Bush did cause many black people to start making money.  Sure it wasn’t on par with the Clinton years, but black people made strides.  Obama, for what it’s worth, was a good leader but the problem is that he created what we see today with social justice:  the rise of the proud victim.  Obama didn’t have a hard life per say growing up, but because he’s black we all have to assume he had to endure massive racism to get where he is, not hard work.  This is why I say that social justice as it goes for black people needs to admit that the reason that so many black people choose to go more centrist or even right wing is because the black left is becoming more and more out of touch with black people.

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