RE: Red Lip Theology: Yes, Progressive Church Girls Do Exist

By:  BlackConservative93

I recently read an article from The Root about how progressive black girls (feminists) do exist and are being ran out of the congregation.

Ironically, weeks ago I came across a YouTube video by InfiniteWisdom (aka SargeWp) about the difficulty of dating (black) Christian women.  Importantly, there is no such thing as a progressive black church girl.  It is either you are conscious, secular or in many black churches, a fake conservative.

I get that the writer of The Root article wants to be a feminist and have a more inclusive space accepting of those in the LGBTQ community and black women’s sexuality.  Here is the problem, black men for years have warned black women about the black church.  We were woke and conscious way before the internet.  We called out all your favorite pimp preachers.  We told black women why we would never kneel to a white Jesus.  We were clowned and sometimes abandoned by our families.  I do not know how many Hidden Colors we need to get black women out the church, but when the majority of people in America are Christian, black people want to fit in the best they can in a white dominated world.

Now since her definition of progressive is different than mine I would tell her that feminism will never be tolerated by black men regardless of religion.  I will give the pimp preachers credit that they know what they want from women (even though they do not deserve it).  The older generation men are not happy with today’s black women.  Giving up tradition for equality have black women lost and even disconnected from their grandmothers.  In most cases, women-led households are the standard or norm.  No doubt that black women are left to raise a new generation with little guidance or skills.  I have seen this first hand; I remember a single mother of two who lived with her (I am assuming) grandmother.

I knew the woman as someone who I met online.  Honestly, I wanted sex, but I had to chill so I could still be her friend.  When I first came to her apartment I met her two daughters, who were disrespectful and lacked manners.  Disciplining them took hours as they would scream and refuse to read educational material on their mother’s tablet.  The single mom rarely cooked.  I saw the kitchen lacked substance and healthy meals.  The kids only ate microwaveable food and candy.  Meanwhile, the mother wondered why her kids were in poor health.  The grandmother was a sick old woman who could not do much, she loved her granddaughter, but hated the grandson.  He was a slow young man and was scorned heavily for not listening to the grandmother’s instructions.  One weekend, she cussed him out for not knowing what brand of candy to get at the CVS.

Being around them made my ears bleed.  What made it worse was that the single mother’s kids did not respect him either.  By the way the daughters talked about the young man, I for a while assumed that he was their cousin, but when I put two and two together I was wrong & figured out that he was the kids’ uncle.  The realization was embarrassing as I saw a black boy being made fun of by his whole family.  It is shit like that black men are trying to prevent in the black community.  Of course, they are shaming single mothers.  Granted, I am not going to pull a “Fox News” to say that they were the cause of deaths in Chicago, but these women need to be held accountable for contributions to the violence and failure in the community.

Now here we go following to black sexuality and why it is frowned upon (according to her); yes, we can admit the guilty pleasures of unorthodox sex and how it takes the best of us, but it comes with risks.  If women are fucking aimlessly without commitment what would she do if she got pregnant?  Then it turned to “it’s black men’s fault” and that we are players and some of them never take care of their kids.  First off, women just said they were not looking for commitment, yet when they are pregnant suddenly, they want money and love.  I can no longer be too mad at Pastor Ciara for her #LevelUp status on social media because black women want marriage without the man.

Women think they are smart for reversing the scenario to say that the church needs to teach men how to be husbands.  Nah, I will pass, plus we are not in the church to begin with in the first place.  If black women have all these complaints about the fake patriarchy in the black church, then they should start their own church.  As much as I hate the faux black male leadership in the church I admire the few who are unapologetic and do not fall for the shaming tactics of the pc era.  I tip my hat off to Pastor Thaddeus Matthews for his unapologetic views on homosexuality.  How are black women going to ask for “real men” to step up when gayness is being pushed?  Dear black feminists, please explain to me how you are going to expect men in drag (dresses) to fight and defend your honor and build and maintain an infrastructure of a better black community?  Maybe the black church has dug its own grave by pimping poverty and the vulnerability of black women.  It does bite them in the ass as they desire to isolate themselves from the hood.  Let us be real because as a former Georgian, I know them too well.  They live with white folks yet go to black schools for the sake of “keeping it black”.  The family is republican asf, hence why white republicans can easily find a black pastor to coon for them, yet the most damning hole they have dug is how their consumer base (black women) is legitimating ratchetry.  It is a catch-22 because where will their kids go?  The father wants his daughter to save her virginity and wait until marriage.  Granted, I have met girls like that, yet it is the non-church going black boy who the father must worry about because the last thing he needs is his daughter being a single mother aka a typical churchgoer.

Pastors’ sons also have to worry because they cannot compete with street thugs.  Granted, some of them may have swag and are able to easily attract women, but they must maintain the patriarchy.  He can smash any girl, but to marry and father a child that is not his is not a responsibility that most black men want to take in the first.  Like I said before, being a conservative is boring.

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