Being “Pro-Black” is a Futile Endeavor

I’ve always been a “conscious” person for the most part I presume.  Growing up around black people & attending a black college (shout out to Tuskegee University), one can’t help but be somewhat conscious.  Even when I initially joined the military I was somewhat conscious as I was clearly able to identify knee grows who were doing their best to suck up to the man in order to get some brownie points vs knee grows like me who weren’t about that ass kissing life, which unfortunately caused me to be assigned to a lot of shitty details early on in my career till I started moving up in rank…even still, I wasn’t about that ass kissing life which probably directly affected me not making a certain rank which helped seal the deal in my decision to exit the military after 13 years.  So, there’s always been a level of consciousness residing in me.  But my consciousness didn’t really get turnt the fuck up until Trayvon Martin was killed.  After George Zimmerman was acquitted, I was about the most pro-black light skinned knee grow roaming the face of the planet.  Then Mike Brown died, Ferguson erupted, Eric Garner died and on & on it just keep going.  I was fully submerged in the 100% bliggity black ideology to the point where people honestly believed I hated white people.  Truth be told, part of me did at that time because it just seemed like white people refused to understand what black people were protesting about.  I mean, how could you honestly not be disgusted at a white person.  So yeah, I was full blown “conscious” and pro-black to where you couldn’t tell me anything and I was letting the word coon fly out of my mouth damn near every other word in opposition to anybody who wasn’t on the same page as me.

But then I came to a realization when I started getting some haters who felt I wasn’t “black enough” because I’m biracial.  This realization forced me to take a step back and begin to examine exactly what in the world was I ranting & raving about all over social media in favor of black people and black empowerment for when damn near half of these knee grows had a serious problem with me being biracial as if I had a choice in the matter.  So my content began to somewhat shift from exclusively talking about black issues that affect just black people to talking about my issues I’ve dealt with as a biracial growing up in a country that likes to focus on things purely from just a black and white perspective 99% of the time.  Then I began to start paying attention to a lot of these popular pro-black speakers like Jason Black, Tariq Nasheed, Dr. Umar Johnson & Dr. Boyce Watkins etc. to see that being pro-black was really nothing more than a contest to see who can rack up the most loyal pro-black followers to subscribe to whatever pro-black ideology or agenda they were pushing (it’s the same way for the social justice warriors as well).  You’re either Team Jason Black, Team Tariq, Team Umar, Team Boyce and so on.  So as I’m examining all of this, I started wondering exactly what in the fuck is the point of being pro-black if damn near every pro-black knee grow can’t get along and they toss the word coon out every five minutes if you are not subscribed to a certain pro-black team?  It’s just madness & chaos that makes all black people look like complete idiots at the end of the day.

Fast forward to December of 2016 and the infamous Dr. Umar Johnson vs some random pro-black YouTuber beef kicks off the Battle of the Ankh-Right.  Fast forward to December 2017 and it’s Dr. Umar Johnson versus Tariq Nasheed and Dr. Boyce Watkins.  Fast forward to February 2018 and it’s Dr. Boyce Watkins vs Yvette Carnell where she’s challenging him on his credibility as black financial expert as to whether or not Dr. Boyce Watkins works for an Asian dude named Charles Wu.  Shit is just messy.

Now out of all of the pro-blacks I follow, Dr. Boyce Watkins is the one I give the most credibility to simply because outside of his random rants about complete bullshit, the dude knows about money and investing.  I know about money and investing (not to his level), but I can attest to quite a few things he’s talked about.  Now to get into the controversy as to whether or not Dr. Boyce Watkins is really an employee of an Asian dude named Charles Wu who is trying to peddle products to the black community under the guise of selling them “hope”…here’s the thing:

Now, I don’t know Dr. Boyce Watkins or Charles Wu, but I have been following Dr. Boyce Watkins for quite a few years on YouTube and I’m just going to make that educated assumption that Dr. Boyce Watkins hired Charles Wu to help Dr. Watkins market his products to black people more effectively simply because black people is Dr. Watkins’ prime demographic.  Charles Wu, to my understanding, just happens to be a marketing expert who knows how to tap into the emotional appeal of people in order to convince people to buy and/or invest in a product of service which is standard operating procedures for any marketer or company looking to market a product.  Now the problem with Charles Wu is that a video surfaced where Charles Wu was talking to another gentleman about how he markets products.  During this video Charles Wu brought up one of his clients as an example to explain the power of marketing and this client just happened to be Dr. Boyce Watkins.  During this video Charles Wu was speaking strictly as a marketer talking about a client but he used some questionable language which could easily lead gullible conspiracy driven knee grows to believe that Charles Wu is some type of puppet master pulling all the strings and that Dr. Boyce Watkins is the black face of a Charles Wu company and/or product line in order to siphon black dollars back into the Asian community.  Reality is, that conspiracy is probably complete bullshit and Charles Wu probably was speaking strictly as a marketing guy talking about a success story of one his clients to another person on that video and also that Charles Wu probably had no earthly idea how serious the conspiracy of “down with whitey, da man and anybody else not black” can be in the black community.  Charles Wu was probably at home getting inbox messages clueless as fuck as to what was taking place which would cause countless pro-black knee grows on the interwebs to believe that Dr. Boyce Watkins was his employee.

Now the reason I’m brining all of this up is because, this latest pro-black “outing” of Dr. Boyce Watkins being an alleged fraud for having the audacity to hire an Asian dude who specializes in marketing to help him market his products to black people only just adds more fuel to the fire of why being pro-black or advocating for pro-blackness is quite possibly a futile effort.  It’s one thing to call out Dr. Umar Johnson on his school considering he’s raised considerable money over the past few years and to my knowledge, niggas haven’t even seen a lesson plan on what is to be taught at Umar’s school.  But it’s another thing to call Dr. Boyce Watkins a fraud for hiring an Asian dude who used poor wording during a discussion about how to market to certain demographics who believe in certain ideologies.  I mean, niggas are stupid for the most part if they honeslty think that a man who literally allows people to sign up to his website for free for 30 days and then offers you a 30 day money back guarantee is running a scam.  Now, some of you are reading this thinking I’m dick riding Dr. Boyce Watkins.  Reality is, I’m not.  I’ve never signed up for his school my damn self simply because, I don’t feel like I need it.  Plus, dude ain’t paying me to write this and more than likely dude doesn’t even know I exist, nor am I trying to get him to notice me.  I’m just telling you basic common sense on what more than likely is the real deal taking place with him and foolishness that has black people all over the internet believing he’s bought by the Asian masters trying to gain access to the black dollar.

But this leads back into my original point of me being done with supporting pro-black ideologies in that, it’s a wasted effort that really boils down to nothing but a bunch of infighting to see who is the blackest of the blackest by counting up followers, likes and YouTube view counts.  If you listen to Jason Black, this nigga literally talks about his YouTube video view count in order to help him justify in his own mind that he is the head nigga in charge of Blackistan that black people need to be listening to.  Tariq does it every now and then, Dr. Umar, this nigga calls himself Prince of Pan-Africanism for crying outloud and Dr. Boyce does similar things as well every now and then.  What I’m getting at is, being pro-black is a damn popularity contest for the most part.  Sure, everybody will talk about black issues here and there, but in reality, most don’t give a damn about fixing things in the black community.  Most are just concerned with yapping and crying about the white man all day long while adding up their follower and view counts to see if they can convert it into some money.  Hell, most don’t even trust knee grows who claim to be proud pro-black business owners which is why I fail to see why black people are so hell bent on informing people that they are a “BLACK BUSINESS OWNER” as opposed to simply just being a business owner.  I mean, Eldridge Cleaver stated in his Soul On Ice book back in the 60s that the label “black” causes people to believe a product to be inferior, from white AND black people, AND that mentality is still prevalent to this very day, hence why niggas are always asking for the hook up or assuming a black person who sells a legit product is just trying to hustle black people.

This is why I’m advocate of pretty much every man being for himself.  And yes, I can hear the pro-black cries of people telling me “You can’t make it on your own!” or “Don’t come running back to us when you get your nigger wake-up call!” as if these people honestly were helping me to do shit beforehand.  You see, I’ve been engrained into the pro-black talking points for so long now that I know exactly every response a pro-black will say to me because 9 times out of 10, they are literally just repeating shit they’ve heard from someone else, damn near word for word.  I know all of the damn talking points.  I know all of the rebuttals.  But the problem is, these knee grows have somehow tricked themselves into thinking that they were actually helping me (or anyone outside of themselves) to begin with.  Seriously, a nigga will say some dumb shit like, “Don’t come running back to us” as if this person actually believes he has something to offer in case shit gets rough.  Most black people are broke.  How do I know?  Because damn near all of your favorite pro-black social media personalities tell you this over and over and you all cosign it all day long.  Most pro-blacks honestly believe that white people are smarter than them.  How do I know?  Because I’ve actually heard Tariq Nasheed say this out of his own damn mouth recently.  So if someone with the level of influence like a Tariq Nasheed is telling you that he believes white people to be smarter, then I can only imagine how so many people who blindly follow the likes of a Tariq Nasheed wholeheartedly believe this to be so true to the point where too many pro-black knee grows will use this as an excuse to justify why they can’t accomplish shit…even simple shit.

To wrap this up, you can be pro-black if you want and I’m not going to knock for doing so.  Just understand, I really see no benefit of “pro-blackness” simply because it’s way too divisive amongst black people and there really is no legit trust amongst the pro-black crowd.  It’s either you 100% subscribe to my way of thinking or you are a coon.  As much as black people cry about white people assuming black people are just one big monolith, knee grows who are pro-black often times demand that black people actually be a monolith or have the coon or sellout label affixed to you.  Real talk, being pro-black is really just a bunch of contradictions and chaos once you really take a step back to examine the people who identify as pro-black along with the ideologies they are pushing.  I don’t see how any of them can achieve the things the claim they want to achieve for black society as a whole when damn near all of these niggas can’t get along with each other because everybody doesn’t subscribe to the exact same ideologies of pro-blackness in the exact same manner.  And if you don’t subscribe exactly how another demands for you to subscribe, it literally becomes war…which, becomes entertainment as far as I’m concerned.  I’m just gonna keep it real with you all, pro-blackness that I see being shared online these days is strictly entertainment for the most part.  I actually look forward to the pro-black beefs these days to see who can sling the most mud to snatch someone’s followers.  Somehow I’ve managed to take a resentment and transform it into entertainment.

But all in all, I’m out for me & my family only because if life ever came crashing at me hard to where I needed some legit support, pro-black knee grows that I know in real life outside of social media wouldn’t be able to help me because 9 times out 10 they’re broke and just speak pro-black while not exactly living pro-black as their Facebook profiles would have you to believe, as I’m sure it’s same with damn near every other pro-black knee grow in America.

Your favorite mulatto.
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