The Black Man’s Experience with Police Is Not Over-Exaggerated

By:  BlackConservative93

For a couple months now, there has not been much racial friction between black (men) and (white) police officers, not to say that there has been peace made or that officers do not want deal with anymore BLM rallies.  It has been a couple of months of not having to think about or be reminded that I am on the wrong side of the streets or law.

While black people are more focused on Hollywood such as the failed Netflix boycott.  There has been an awareness of how women (in general) and non-blacks are harassed or killed by police.  A white sixteen year old boy named Joseph Haynes had been vaguely publicized in the media and has not been fought for as compared to other youths killed by police.

The latest incidence that has garnered the most sympathy was a subway station arrest of an 18 year old (assumedly Latina) girl who refused to get her feet off the seat. 

She was told multiple times by an officer to rest her feet on the floor, but she refused and cursed at him with her smart mouth, yet she remembers how serious her actions were when she saw the cuffs slapped on her arms.  In the background another woman is arrested while trying to defend the young girl.  The assumingly older woman (who was also arrested) calls out racism in 2018 and leaves the scene cuff dropping F-bombs.  Therefore, I hate the PC generation of letting women and little girls do whatever they want in public spaces because of their gender.  The situation is messed up and the officer did not need to be that aggressive, but when a grown man is constantly disrespected by a little girl well, that is not the place she wants to go with him especially when he is bigger and has more authority over her.  No, this is not me siding with #BlueLivesMatter, but I have noticed other races of people riding off the NWA Fuck the Police attitude as if we just hate them out of thin air.

Most of the arrests or deaths of black men caused by the police, we are doing our best to not be thrown in a body bag so we comply despite how hard it is for white America to believe.  In the future I know I will stopped or randomly questioned by police, but I am not going to give white America the ammo to showcase how black people are anti-police.  Regardless, there is no pleasing them because a black man has to be in the wrong for a cop talk to them.

Regardless of the victim’s race or gender, it is a life lesson that black men are not lying about our country’s police department being corrupt.  The good ol’ boy system is only going to get worse when they test the waters on these new demographics.

Would the white community stand with a white boy over a white man with a badge?

Could another Daniel Holtzclaw get away with raping illegal immigrants?  Could an Arab boy be shot in a police driveby like Tamir Rice?

Could an Asian man be choked to death for standing on a street corner? 

In all honesty this is karma for how other minorities (including white women) witness how white men are turning their backs on them in addition to these same minorities showing fake support for black issues.  Lastly, I’ve notice a trend of whites harming themselves to blame black people and white men throw away the case, despite how corrupt they are towards black people.

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