I Cannot Put Hip Hop on Trial

By:  BlackConservative93

When we watch music videos of our favoirite rappers, we see the essential kit to grab an audience:

  • Bad bitches
  • Money
  • Power on the streets

There is something about seeing a black man give zero fucks about today’s politics or social events.  The black music video world is real enough for the inner city youth to thrive for greatness.  Ignorance is bliss as it bothers white Americans that rappers can generate millions of dollars.  It does not seem easy to drop lyrics and live up to the demand of blackness as a rapper.  You have to be hard, go to jail, & diss gay people but don’t have fans questioning your sexuality and simply beef for the sake of beefing.

Despite the poor grammar and how it shuns American values, whites love rap the most since it shows that they are the most valued consumer base.  Due to the edginess of blackness, white people worldwide either question or believe in movies like Boyz in the Hood, Poetic Justice or Belly to see if these are true stories of the African American experience.  Instead of pitying the blues of troubled artists, our lives are action movies.  White teens internalize rap as a rebellion against the old patriarchy.  They are not too motivated to relive the 1950s.  They live the rawness of drugs, sex and hypermasculinity that black men have perfected.

It does annoy me when white kids jam to black music that they cannot relate to but then again it is not like is a part of black culture that I want to keep.  Granted, I love Tay-K The Race and Kodak Black ft XXXTentacion Roll in Peace, but music gives us life and like I said before it is the only or most acceptable way of black success.  I do not care how successful or professional a black person is at their job, but I can guarantee that their playlist is full of the most explicit and uncensored lyrics imaginable.  I knew of a black woman like that while on a volunteer trip to Australia.  She was so afraid to share her playlist during a road trip.

Despite the so-called sexist lyrics that black women on and off support and ignore, rappers get the benefit of the doubt because they have a pedestal for black women to sit on.  It is not the fanciest or most prestigious one on earth, but it lives up to ideal blackness that gases up black women to default themselves as thick.  Hence, why they were the most vocal against Coco (Ice Tea’s wife) after saying that she invented the thick trend.  It was black video vixens that gave them bragging rights against whites claiming that white chicks asses were flat and that their sex game was wack.  The rise of video vixens to now Instagram models has the support of 4th wave feminism being led by Amber Rose and Black Chyna.  The benefits of sexual desirability outweighs the negative, especially when conservatism is boring.  Honestly, who wants my life?  I am the lame boring southern kid with a limited circle.

Hence why I attach myself to hip-hop/rap culture as it is something that black people enjoy in mass.  Despite how some black people feel when they are in white spaces, our company livens up the place.  Even with my dorky appearance, me making the party lit separates and confuses people who think I am some dorky guy.  I love walking around blasting music by Migos, Lil Uzi Vert and Cardi B and people think I am the coolest person in the world.  As much as the old generation hates today’s music, they secretly envy the “no fucks given” generation.  We perfected sex appeal and embraced taboo topics like oral sex, cross-dressing, threesomes, anal and bisexuality.  The embracing of taboos alarms Fox News viewing whites who tease us to the point that even they cannot stop their own kids (especially their daughters) from dropping Taylor Swift for Beyoncé.  Unfortunately, this puts me and other black people in a quagmire as our own destruction is entertaining.  As much as rappers have been exposed for being fake, I do not know how to respond when black hypermasculinity has my sons to believe that all problems can be solved with violence nor do I want my future daughter to believe that her body is the only avenue for money.  Tay-K is someone’s son who is now a lost child and despite us men worshipping the booty of Nicki Minaj, I am reminded that she is someone’s daughter that to a degree rap has made us shameless as a race of people.

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