Do Black Women Really Need Marriage Advice?

By:  BlackConservative93

Nothing is funnier than seeing black celebrities fall from grace.  My personal favorite was when Jesse Williams lost his black female fanbase after his messy divorce and child custody battle with his now ex-wife and to add a cherry on top, he was criticized for seeing a white woman.

Anyways, singer Ciara has frustrated black women on social media after using her own hashtag, #LevelUp to school women on the difference between dating to be a girlfriend versus dating to be a wife.  The hashtag was for a video she shared of Pastor John Gray giving a sermon to a crowd of, you guessed it, middle-aged black women desperately in need of a man.

First off, I get what the pastor and even Ciara are trying to say, but neither one of them should be leading the charge.  Pastors in general are former pimps who take advantage of the broken black community.  Unlike black men who can freely reject white Jesus, black women have their “woke” moments, but it’s their fear of the unknown is the reason why they are still walking by faith and not by sight.  Granted some of these men’s marriages are successful, but it is mainly due to re-enforcing the notion that divorce is a sin and against God’s will.  Ciara is on the same boat of course, this was the woman who was dumb enough to get with Future and have his baby.  Let’s not play dumb as if she was not feeling thugs and the bad boys from the start.  Ciara boosted Future as the best man in the world and love of her life, despite other women warning her to not get involved with him.

Her marriage with Russell Wilson is not a win to make men believe that character wins overall.  He was there just to give her stability now that being middle-aged with baby daddy issues is tacky.  The love triangle among Ciara, Russell Wilson and Future generate hundreds of black men to produce videos on YouTube on the hypocrisy of dating black women at a certain age.

Black people do not need advice or hope via celebrity marriages.  The black marriage hustle has been tried before with Ro Élori Cutno, author of Man Leads…: Woman Follows, Everyone Wins.  As conservative as I am, she is someone that I would side-eye mainly due to her naiveté as a foreigner and not truly understanding what’s going on in America.  For her to bash African American women by name calling them as “masculine” in order to gain a consumer base with the conscious community is a low blow.  It bothers me when black men allow foreigners/light-skinned black women to finger point on the issues of our community, while they are in Europe and Latin America taking advantage of colorism and Western imperialism.

Yes, there is a problem with weight and attitudes, but no wife certificate from her wife school will increase the black marriage rates.  It is not just that her marriage advice is weak (I mean come on if a woman can cook, suck dick and treat her man like a king then wife is not needed), but it is her toxic advice towards black women that all their problems are due to not being married and I literally mean this.  Cutno had the nerve to create a meme claiming that Sandra Bland would be alive if she had a husband.  She has more bad advice that claims women can prevent rape and stalking as long as women respect their predators.

Really bitch?

I have seen women respond to thirsty men with “no thank”, “sorry not interested” & “I have a boyfriend” and that’s how nice these women can respond respectfully.  Unfortunately, respect does not guarantee safety and women are still at the mercy of men.  The thing is that, it is not like women are typically responding with “fuck off” or not even looking at men straight in the eye.  Granted, this is the foreign privilege she has so her nonsense is more believable in the COONscious community than anywhere else.

Even from conservatives, religious zealots and conscious community; they really do not know what men want from women and they sure as hell do not know what I like in a woman.  I am not looking for a dandelion that can be easily blown away.  Nor do I want grown women to be seen and behaving like children who always need a man for every problem.  It gets annoying because I have been there to where I got calls to set up televisions or work around the house because they live up to patriarchy to the T.  Instead, I want a girl who can do both or at least try even if she fails miserably.  As much as black men want patriarchy they do have to realize that their manhood is on speed dial for the most childish of reasons, hence why white men allow their women to do things that is against gender norms.  For example, in the South, it is not uncommon to see attractive debutant looking white girls with proficient gun and survival skills that could rival servicemen in the military.  Even women in the military are used as propaganda against middle-eastern/Muslim nations that bound women to only marriage and domestic work.

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