The Truth About Black Women on Dating Sites

By:  BlackConservative93

For years, online dating sites like OkCupid have received negative feedback from black women as they are hazed with anti-black messages, unwanted dick pictures or no one looking at their page.

Black girls who fell victim wrote articles of how racism affects their dating lives.  White men tend to show favoritism towards Asian women.  These women are stereotyped to be more cultured and untainted by western female ideology (feminism).  Down the line Latina women live off sex appeal.  Simply being a Latina from an exotic country comes with its own elitism from colorism to “featurism”.  Of course, white women are still on demand due to their many types of personalities ranging from emo to Miss America material.  In environments outside of the online world, black women come to men’s minds (regardless of race) as the ugly duckling.

Thanks to coons, white men who are not even attracted to black women cite obesity, poverty and out of wedlock rates among these women.  I will never forget my former classmate said, “…only 5% of black women are attractive.”  It was not much of an issue anyways  because he resembles Brainy (the creepy kid who stalks Helga) from Hey Arnold.  Granted, there are physical issues that black women fall short in, but it should be only discussed by black men.

Yes, weight, kids and appearance does hold black women back in dating and it really shows on OkCupid and POF.  I am going to start with Plenty of Fish because I have used it for about 5 years.  My primary preferences were black and mixed women.  As much as I hate to agree with racist, but honesty most profiles I see, these women literally have nothing on.  Just look for yourself and scroll the pages to the last viewable page of black women with tacky styles and incomplete sentences as their profile bio.

There are women asking for money and transsexuals posing provocatively with a duckface.  When fat and gay men are the first things seen on the page 1, do not expect heterosexual men of any race to either ignore it or accept it.  Poverty is a major factor in dating as black women are the face of it, hence the reason for black men not being interested in step-fathering her children.

OkCupid was a little better, but the problem is that it gives users too much wiggle room to self-identity their sexuality.  I did not understand why most of my matches were women who were lesbians or bisexuals.  I was puzzled and knowing that I am a black conservative, it is common sense that a black woman who identifies as a “pangender demisexual” is not even worth a McDonald’s date.

I was hoodwinked by SJWs who force men to like them for being themselves.  I was expecting 10s who were open to dating guys who had a job, education and could hold down a non-sexual conversation.  Now, it is not to say these women do not deserve love simply due to my lack of attraction to them, but it does take an emotional toll when there are the few attractive ones and they either take online dating as a joke or they are too lazy to reply.

At times, black women play games and become the victim when convenient.  When men call them out their name expect a Huffington Post article about the hardships of black dating from racism to how the pool is so small.  For starters, if black women want better results they should do the following:

Treat your profile like a resume  

We do not know you from a can of paint, so at least make yourself seem friendly or interesting.

Take Better Pictures  

Guys have a keen eye on what’s going on in the background.  Hello, we can see the trash on the floor and how oddly empty the living room is.

Be Open  

Black women act as if no one loves them, but they are their own problem.  I do not respond to “ok” or other one-word liners.  It gets personal when I see black women being more social to other people, with them I guess my company is not wanted.


I hate it when women message back once, if you cannot hold a conversation then do not start one.

Flaws are Not Cute  

I hate it when black women online list their flaws, detractors and number of kids right off the bat.  For even a woman to start a sentence with “I have a bad attitude” is a turn off.  Granted you have kids (thanks for being honest), but just know that a single parent should put dating on the backburner until that child is out the house.  I am tired of single mothers using dating sites to find baby sitters and allowing strangers to be fathers out of thin air, hence why stories of black babies are abused or killed by the stay-at-home boyfriend that their mothers met online or off the street.

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