Whitewashing Our Movements: Black People Need a “No White Woman” Zone

By:  BlackConservative93

Can we not trust white women our movements?  I mean, can black women not allow them in our circles and stop wasting time trying to convince them that fighting for black issues benefits them too?  I remember reading articles claiming that Black Lives Matter was dead in 2017.  In theory, the movement regressed over multiple reasons:

  • The Cis and LGBT alliance was weakening.
  • Black women and the LGBT community noticed that black men did not march for them, especially for Korryn Gaines.
  • Political party split between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
  • It got old.
  • Activists went Hollywood.

But what affected BLM the most was how black issues morphed into women’s issues.  The fight to imprison white officers was too much to manage with limited victories.  Asking the local government to increase minimum wage and women in high positions were less of a controversy and a non-violent fight that all women could take part in.  Keywords like “diversity” and “women of c olor” were cheesy and tokenism charms for white women to feel as though that their whitewashing of black movements was out of solidarity and not smite.

We came from #OscarsSoWhite to #TimesUp and demanded equal pay from Hollywood because it made marketing look safer to follow.  White women may cry and wine that their roles are too sexist and female stereotyped, but they still want a pedestal and screen time.  They would not want the upcoming Ocean’s 8 to star black and non-white women, instead they include the token ghetto Sapphire played by Rihanna and guess what her name is, no shit her name is “8-Ball” for Christ sake.  It is the stupidest supposed real name in movie history, but at least she is hacker, so she must be smart, right?

Speaking of fake support, where were white women for the millions of black people who were not feeling Cynthia Mort’s biopic of Nina Simone starring Zoe Saldana?  Where were the white women in the planning of the all female cast of Ghostbusters where Leslie Jones was the only main character who was not a scientist?  I am sure you guys already know how pissed I was when Lupita N’Yongo played an ugly alien in the new Star Wars trilogy.  Even when white people hand black women a piece of the diversity pie, it ends up being crumbs rather a real piece.  White actresses expect black people to support them blindly, yet white women are not as excited to see Black Panther or Proud Mary.  I could at least see some reason why white women should be angry on how Taraji P. Henson was screwed into starring in a film used a punchline on why female led movies fail.

The #MeToo movement has also been whitewashed as a protocol because society would rather believe that Taylor Swift does not ask for unwanted harassment versus an everyday black woman who has been raped and betrayed by her own community.  Again, the movement was for black women who did not have access to rape crisis centers or the privilege to be worth fighting for their recovery.  The (original) #MeToo movements should be for black women like Sandra Bland and how her voice was ignored by white women because the police are their “boys” and “sons” that white women refused to believe that Daniel Holtzclaw would be dumb enough to rape multiple black women while still in uniform. 

Let’s talk about the black girls who catch up with fake friends who lore them into places where sex is expected or else.  A black girl was recently beat up and stripped for a tiny piece of weed, meanwhile in the background a male is heard slut-shaming her for wearing a thong, yet not giving it up.  #MeToo is for black girls in college like Cherelle Locklear who killed herself because her school was too lazy to investigate her rape claim.

Honestly, I am angry from writing the previous paragraph alone.  Black women will continue to be in last place and their priorities on hold, unless they reject the concept of intersectionality.

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