Dominicans are Now Black All of a Sudden

By:  BlackConservative93

The series Love & Hip-Hop Miami generated a lot of buzz with the surprise reunion of Pretty Ricky and the controversial subject of colorism in the Latin community.

Singer/TV star, Amara La Negra won the hearts of black viewers through struggle as an Afro-Latina who’s deemed too dark to be a Latina and too foreign to be accepted as black; yet most of the pushback is from the Latin community.

It all started as producer Young Hollywood disapproved of Amara La Negra’s afro and confused it as a gimmick as he fails to understand the meaning of being an Afro-Latina.  La Negra was offended and went on a rant of personal experiences of racism and colorism.  Just like with most rejected classes of biracials they run in tears to the black community to rebuild their pedestal.  Despite her dark skin, she needs to know why black people cannot immediately jump to her aid.

For starters, her Latin descent is a status symbol.  In the black community, being mixed was and is still a privilege, especially among women and girls.  Think about the hair wars in regards to which type of natural should spear the black hair movement.  Now colorism over who is more appealing to black men is the biggest problem.

Honestly, I do not believe La Negra’s alliance with the black community is sincere.  It looks forced.  If Young Hollywood accepted her identity would she still want to align herself with us, probably not.  As an Afro-Caribbean there has always been a rift between those of African and Latin descent.  Latin islands and countries erase dark skin people from international depictions.  Despite poverty and violence, American men fantasize with being with Latinas and they get the benefit of the doubt.  This is from black and white men.  The conscious community and MGTOW are the best examples of contributors to colorism.  Brazilians are supposedly loyal and have a culture that values men.  Going to Latin America has always been the ace card for sexually frustrated men.  Meanwhile, the shared culture that black have in the Caribbean are ridden off as ungodly.  Black people shame the genre of dancehall as ratchet and an embarrassment to the country, yet give races of people a pass when their culture mirrors theirs.  In black dominant Caribbean islands poverty and violence are highlighted to death.  It took Tariq Nasheed’s documentary 1804 for black people to say something positive about Haiti.

Even amongst black Caribbeans, the ignorance or boasting of the Latin culture sparks a superiority complex.  My dad told me that my mother had this feeling towards her family due to having relatives from Venezuela.  My family dynamics were more complex as my older half brother was Native and Afro-Latino.  As a child, I put up with his mocking of my hair as he struggled to cut it with his broken clippers.  Ironically, he was conscious, but it is unclear even to me that he loves black people.  They were only cool in Ancient Egypt.  Black people of today, made him uneasy, unless they were conscious or from the Caribbean.  Occasionally, he would sprout anti-black woman opinions as he saw them as ghetto.  Granted his distain spawned from a black female coworker constantly rejecting him.  Despite, the supposed idolization of mixed ethnicities rejection is the keyword, but I cannot accept them.  My voice or opinion may not be of most black people, I just want the Afro-Latino community to be accountable for the damaging psyche of the black community.  Nothing is sadder them hearing black girls wishing that they were Latina or from the Dominican Republic.  We love the very countries that show zero interest for us.  Blacks are alienated.  I hate it when black men do too much for Dominicans as we brag that our girlfriends are from there or mixed in some way.

Amara La Negra may not be a bad person, but I warn black people to be more exclusive and peep game that they are being played for ratings.

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