The Duality of White Women

By:  BlackConservative93

Dear Black women, I wanted to apologize on behalf of the black men who were hypothesized by Tomi Lahren’s fake acceptance of black culture.

Honestly, this one reason is why I do not find white women attractive.  It appears, they live to agitate black people.  In droves, white women have proudly supported Trump’s racists policies and opinions, even at the expense of their supposed black conservative allies.  I recently saw a video of a white woman agreeing that African countries are shithole countries that have nothing to contribute to America.

It is a true “Nigger Movement” for Africans and Caribbeans to know that their white-savior complex does not give them a pass over us African Americans.

Truth be told, white Americans see Africa as a total wasteland riddled with war, sex-trafficking, AIDS and slavery.  Meanwhile, Africans see these same white folks as the “Joness” who treat their neighbors kindly and welcomes them with apple pie.  Foreign blacks think they are the better buffer class to prove to whites that not all niggas are lazy and dumb.

Unfortunately, other than their accents, they are treated the same as us or even worse, especially if they are muslim.  We have seen white urbanites run Arabs and African muslims out of their neighborhood as they harass their daughters and refuse to hire their sons.

White women are just as xenophobic as one video went viral of a black woman being harassed in Canada.  Tomi Lahren is the hot conservative that motivates white men into thinking that not all white women are lost to black men.  What catches them off guard is that these white women love teasing black men.  They pretend to get down with black culture by listening to rough-riding trap rappers, while twisting their fingers and slipping the N-word like puppets to black artists.  The suburban white woman is the black man’s weakness because we enjoy seeing someone from a higher status glorify the ghetto.  It may look trashy, but we know how to party.

White women love to play to their innocence.  You would not expect someone as conservative and anti-black as Tomi Lahren to even know who 21 Savage is in the first place.  It is annoying that black men have a King Kong complex as they would die and do anything for a white woman.  It has been almost a year since the initial release of Get Out and sunken place negroes still want to fight racism with slum gutter sex.  These women laugh like super villains as they enjoy seeing black women continue to cry and doubt themselves as they question if black men still like black women.  It becomes harder and harder to prove to our women that we still love them, despite being in high paying careers.  We are not going to leave them for a white girl, but maybe it is just me.

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