Super Duper Pro Blacks Don’t Want Black People to See the Black Panther Movie

Some people often wonder why I use the labels “pro-black” and “super duper pro-black”.  The reason being is that I feel a pro-black person is simply a black person who loves & values all things black while still respecting other people’s choices as to how they want to live their lives.  Case in point, a pro-black may not believe in interracial dating but really doesn’t give a damn about your preference for interracial relationships and will not be all up in your face attempting to beat you down into submission to see things strictly from their perspective.  These pro-blacks I have absolutely no problem with.  Then there are the super duper pro-blacks.  These are the knee grows who spend their entire existence walking around angry at any and everything that isn’t black.  They hate white paint on walls, they hate white bread, they wish loose leaf paper was black so they could sign their names in red or green ink….bottom line, if it ain’t bliggity black-black 100% of the way through, they are pissed off, AND they DEMAND that you be pissed off too.  You see, it’s one thing to run around pissed off that world isn’t 100% bliggity black-black but it’s another thing to demand that every other black person walk around pissed off too.

So why am I bringing this up?  Good question.

You’ve probably seen his name mentioned on this website before, but there is a somewhat popular YouTuber out there by the name of Jason Black who hosts a podcast on YouTube called TBA (stands for The Black Authority).  Just to give you a quick rundown about this guy, he’s pretty much the head angry knee grow in charge when it comes to super duper pro-blacks.  I’ve made mention of Tariq Nasheed being the head knee grow in charge of the super duper pro-blacks, but honestly, Tariq kind of teeters between the hoteps and super duper pro-blacks.  Tariq talks bliggity black-black but he isn’t demanding the everybody else see things from his perspective either (for the most part).  Jason Black on the other hand, this knee grow absolutely demands that all black people accept his word as law so much so that he nicknamed himself The Black Ayatollah.  If you don’t know what an ayatollah is, it’s basically the highest ranking title one can earn in the Islamic faith…somewhat similar to that of the Pope minus the “world leader” image the Pope has.  Basically, Jason Black and his cult of followers believe him to be the “authority” on all things blackness.  And when I say they believe him, they really do.  You think Tariq Nasheed’s fans are loyal, try again.  Jason Black may not be as big of a name as Tariq Nasheed, but his following is extremely loyal (or at least that’s the way they posit themselves online).  Some of you are probably wondering how I know so much about this guy and if it’s true, based upon my views about super duper pro-blacks, why do I follow this guy.  Simple.  He’s like a guilty pleasure (in a non-homosexual way of course).  Meaning, I agree with probably about 50% of the stuff he says.  The other 50% that I don’t agree with, I mostly just listen to be entertained because he’s very articulate with how he puts an argument together.  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but if Jason Black ever decided to come out from hiding behind the image of Eldridge Cleaver and decide to do public speaking, this guy would honestly make a killing.

The reason why I’m talking about Jason Black is because as I’m writing this, I’m presently about halfway through his latest video on YouTube titled We Were (And Are) Kings where he’s giving his thoughts about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and what this man meant to black society.  In addition to his MLK talking points, he’s giving black people the ultimate lecture on why you are essentially a traitor to black society if you decide to go out and watch the Black Panther movie next month. 😂  I’m not even making this up.  Jason Black literally feels like black people are committing treason for supporting this movie and all through the comments on this video are nothing but a bunch of B1 (Black First) comments which is the social media equivalent to a salute to their Blackistan general to show that they stand in full solidarity with Jason Black. 😂  You gotta honestly admire his cult’s dedication to a degree.  But real talk, this man actually believes that if a black person decides to spend some money to go see the Black Panther movie that these black people are nothing more than coons, bed wenches, buck dancers, traitors and the sworn enemy of black society for simply going to watch a movie. 😂

But here’s the real deal with Jason Black:  Jason Black is really pissed off because hardly anybody in black society showed this much enthusiasm to watch any of his documentaries.  Oh, I forgot to mention, Jason Black is a documentary film producer as well.  He produced two documentaries so far titled 7 A.M. & Gentrified — Ethnic Cleansing:  American Style.  According to Jason Black, 7 A.M. is “the first documentary to definitively explore why it’s a lack of businesses, not a lack of jobs, that makes Black people the poorest people in America.”  His documentary Gentrified is a film that focuses on how gentrification is affecting black society.  Jason Black is also currently working on a new documentary titled Race War as we speak, which by the title, you already should know what it will be about.  But anyways, he unapologetically touts all of his films as “the most important documentaries in history”, as in, he actually says this about his films.  But you know what, maybe they are.  I’m not going to pretend like I’ve seen any of them because I haven’t.  I’ve been meaning to check them out, but you know…I’m just going to keep it real, I’m really just not that interested.  Well, maybe this year I’ll find some time to get interested so that I can hopefully scratch my name off of the traitor list. 😂  We’ll see.

Anyways, when it comes to the super duper pro-black crowd you are to view every single thing from the tiniest atoms all the way to biggest star in the universe as some sort of plot by the white supremacists to colonize your mind to steer you away from your African roots into a place of accepting yourself as less than human which would ultimately lead to you accepting your eventual extermination.  There is no other way to view existence at all.  There is no fun.  There is no relaxing.  You are to eat & sleep black empowerment 24/7/365.  You are to be so bliggity black-black that you go to sleep with with the black fist pumped in the air just in case the race soldiers kick in your door in the middle of the night like they did unto Fred Hampton and right before they execute you, they see the black fist upright firmly like a flag pole.  This is how you are to live your life with no exceptions in the world of the super duper pro-blacks.  You are forbidden from taking time out of your lives to go see a form of entertainment that you know is entertainment and you are viewing as entertainment regardless of if there are a few black people who are overly excited to see Black Panther as some sort of black empowerment movie of inspiration, who gives a damn at the end of the day.  You are forbidden.

Are knee grows not allowed to indulge every now and then?  I mean, according to Jason Black himself, he says his movies are not for people looking to be entertained.  As a matter of fact, from what I’ve heard from people who have seen his movies, they are rather dull.  Now I’m not saying that from a standpoint of being hateful because once again, I haven’t seen any of his movies, but I have seen the first 2 Hidden Colors and if they follow a similar format to what Tariq Nasheed put together with his first two Hidden Color projects, let’s just say I found myself dozing off about halfway through his films as well.

Can we just be honest here, who honestly wants to go to a theater to watch a documentary that is designed to not be somewhat entertaining?  Who honestly wants to go out in droves to support a guy’s documentaries that nobody knows what he looks like or if Jason Black is even his real name?  Who honestly wants to go out to see a documentary by a guy who literally thinks that at any moment a white supremacist is about to kick in your door and blow your brains out?  Who honestly wants to go see a documentary from a guy who spends countless hours on social media trying to make it seem like he is the smartest black man on the internet?  Who honestly wants to support a documentary from a guy who literally just complains about how other black people don’t bow down to his every word?  Get real.  Jason Black can make these wonderfully articulate YouTube videos laying out his vision of black society and why he believes black people are headed for destruction and find a way to weave the Black Panther movie into his diatribe, but the reality is, behind all of this faux black empowerment bravado is (I’m assuming cause I haven’t seen him) a black man who’s literally jealous that more black people have a genuine interest in seeing a black fictional comic book character than anything produced by the self-proclaimed Black Ayatollah.  Jason Black can try to dress his argument up in white supremacy, colonization, coon and self-hate rhetoric all he wants, but the bottom line is, out of the roughly 45M or so black people in America, probably less than 0.1% (45k) actually know of this guy.  Now don’t get me wrong, 45k thousand people is still a lot damn people especially in terms of an independent filmmaker who hardly anybody knows of, despite his endless attempts to claim he’s relevant yet never producing receipts of his relevancy beyond his Facebook following…but still 45k is an admirable number.  Hell, I don’t even have 45k people supporting me…but then again, I don’t try to convince people to follow this blog and/or me either.  I just post my shit and keep it moving for the most part.

To all of you super duper pro-blacks who blindly follow Jason Black and every other super duper pro-black who’s attempting to make a name who has instructed you to not go see the Black Panther movie because you feel it is treasonous to black society, that’s fine.  Keep on doing your thing I suppose.  If you honestly believe that in your heart of hearts, who am I tell you to feel anything differently?  But I will say that you all sound like complete idiots for honestly believing that black folks aren’t allowed to indulge in fun and can’t distinguish fiction from reality.  But most importantly, accept the fact that your fearless leader by the name of the Jason Black (The Black Ayatollah) is simply just a jealous man who has FAILED to garner much interest in his movies beyond the dedicated blind super duper pro-black crowd.  You know it just like I know it, the vast majority of the people interested in any film project he does are ONLY super duper pro-blacks who yearn to be white supremacists so that they can impose black martial law on everybody who does not bow down to the religion of super duper pro-blackism.  Jason Black has currently FAILED with his projects to position himself as a household name to the likes of a Marcus Garvey or Malcolm X to where when he speaks or releases a project, damn near the entire knee grow population’s ears will perk up and come running to check out his works even just out of pure curiosity.  And how do I know this?  Simple.  I’ve actually asked just complete random black people in my travels have they ever heard of a man named Jason Black, The Black Authority, or any of the movies Jason Black has released and out of about 50 or so people I’ve asked over the last year or so, only ONE PERSON (outside of my website) has actually heard of you.  Jason Black just accept that fact that nobody knows you outside of these deep pro-black circles to the tune that you believe people know of you.  You claim that quite a few celebrities know who you are, yet you never name drop nor have I seen any relevant black celebrity regardless of A, B, C or lower list status ever mention your name.  The way you speak about how influential you are, I’m sure by now SOME celebrity with some significant following of black people would have dropped your name or mentioned one of your projects by now to possibly HELP you get this desired recognition that you are obviously so envious of that movies like Black Panther are receiving.  I mean, it just makes sense.  Hell, I’ve seen mediocre black celebrities mentioning Tariq Nasheed & Dr. Boyce Watkins in the past, but NOBODY (other than the occasional shout out Tariq gives you) mentions your name to provide as proof of the credibility you claim you have.  Why would a man who unapologetically touts himself as one of the most important black voices of our generation who’s capable of speaking the unabashed truth about black society not have anybody of significance that damn near all black people are somewhat familiar with mention your name in any type of setting to help make more black people aware of you?  That’s because nobody knows you which is reflecting in your ridiculous anger over a fictional movie that black people choose to support over your projects that most people don’t even know exist or if they did, they have no clue who the hell you are.  Your billboards you love to brag about that you used to promote your Gentrified movie, nobody knew who the hell you were then when they read those billboards and it was reflected in your constant grievances about the overall lack of support from these cities when people didn’t show up in lines wrapped around the building to see your film.  Sure, your hardcore 45k or so showed up around the country and probably bought your DVDs, but the overwhelming vast majority of black people do not know who the hell you are and have never even heard of you yet you have the nerve to call black people traitors for wanting to see Black Panther and not your off-brand films when nobody knows who the fuck you are to the level you honestly believe yourself to be on.  Real talk, I only know of you due to Tommy Sotomayor.  Tommy dropped your name in one of his videos a few years back where he was talking about a dude who used to call into his show all of the time (you) who then somehow started some beef with Tommy when Tommy & Tariq were going at it.  That’s how I came to discover you…from a video where even Tommy stated he didn’t know who the hell you were despite the numerous times you used to call into his show as one of his fans.  But I digress.

I’m going to watch the Black Panther movie and I might even watch one of your films this year.  I mean, despite everything I just typed above, I’ve listened to damn near every last one of your broadcasts over the last 3 years or so and plan to continue listening because I do agree with about 50% of the stuff you say.  So I figure I might as well toss you a few dollars so I can see how “wonderful” your cinematic game is so that I can get a real feel as to whether or not black people should be supporting the Black Ayatollah who proclaims himself to be the best at damn near everything in life despite nobody but his hardcore 45k followers (& himself) telling him that over & over again.

To wrap this up Jason Black, stop hating on Black Panther.  Spend some time actually getting your name out there and proving that you are “the man” beyond you just telling people on your YouTube channel that you are and then maybe whenever you get ready to release your latest project Race War, you might see the same level of excitement & enthusiasm from black people for your film as black people currently possess for Black Panther.  Maybe just maybe, but then again, what do the fuck do I know…I’m just another knee grow with a blog.

Your favorite mulatto.
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