Black People Hate It When Black Bullshit is Called Out

I started this website Dec 7, 2013 and I’ve literally spent years writing about podcasting about white people’s bullshit relentlessly to where I, for the most part, purposely chose to ignore most of black people’s bullshit simply because it was just too much white people bullshit going around non-stop…and it still is to this day.  The problem is, white people’s bullshit is the same ole story over and over again and again which prompts damn near the same responses over and over again and again to the point where a content creator like myself is left wondering what else is new to talk about when it comes to addressing white people’s bullshit that hasn’t been stated already?  I’m sure something new will pop up that demands my attention to write/podcast about, but lately, I just feel like I’ve said everything about white people and their racism bullshit that needs to be stated for the time being.

But when it comes to knee grows, I’ve yet to really go in.  I mean, I’ve discussed some black bullshit here & there but never really focused on it to the degree that I do white people’s bullshit but I think the Great Hotep War of 2017 between Tariq Nasheed & Dr. Umar Johnson sort of sparked a flame in my heart to address a lot of the bullshit I’ve been seeing from black people these days.  The reason being is because quite simply, niggas be on a lot of bullshit that is simply allowed to slide in the cracks because the knee grow powers that be tell us to basically ignore nigga shit and focus solely on white supremacy shit most of the times when in reality, nigga shit is probably just as problematic if not more so than white supremacy bullshit because nigga shit is literally in our face everywhere we go even if we try to go out of our way to avoid it.  To a degree, I can avoid some white supremacy bullshit, but it’s rather damn hard to avoid some nigga shit.  It’s rather hard to avoid having a discussion with another black person on social topics without wondering if this nigga is gonna call you a coon because you disagree with his perspective.  It’s rather hard to sit around and discuss whether you want to go to see the Black Panther movie without a bunch of super duper pro black niggas getting all in their feels because you didn’t go see Tariq Nasheed’s 1804 documentary or one of Jason Black’s self-proclaimed “most important documentaries in history”.  It’s rather hard to sit around and get your chill on without some ratchet baby mama/baby daddy nigga shit flying up and down your timeline leaving you wondering as to who exactly raised these niggas.  It’s rather hard trying to pretend like I don’t see hoodrats preaching their hoodrat ideologies to the next generation of children to produce future hoodrats.  It’s rather hard to see niggas go so hard on trying to tear other black people down while George Zimmerman is still running around free popping off at the mouth.

Anyways, it’s rather hard to avoid a lot of things I see either in real life or online that I feel should be addressed.  So for those you all in your feels cause I seem to talk about knee grows a lot these days…well, it’s rather long overdue and quite frankly, a lot of this bullshit we allow to fester needs to be called out because it’s just too many bum ass niggas doing bum ass nigga shit in black society these days that too many black people give a pass to.  You let these hoteps hotep you death with their elaborate tales of white supremacists standing by ready to kick in your door to kick off the race war.  You let these bum ass chicks think that they are actually winning in life because they got a bunch of bum ass niggas to follow them online and hit the LIKE button.  You let these femi-negroes run wild acting like all black men are out to assault, rape & kill black women at any moment.  You let these male femi-negroes run loose chasing behind these femi-negroes cosigning their fuckery for LIKES and the promise of maybe one day smelling their panties.  You’ve let these social justice warriors think that by taking screenshots and dragging people online that they are somehow winning in life.  You’ve successfully punked what used to be known as real men into submission to bowing down to accept that they ain’t shit other than the white men of black people.  It’s just complete madness out on these streets these days and I’m here to call the bullshit out as I see it.

Anyways…that’s sort of the plan for this year.  We’ll see how it goes I suppose.

Your favorite mulatto.