Blerd Men, If You Wonder Why the Thugs Prosper, Consider How Blerd Women are Treated

By:  H.T., Website:  Rogue Black Nerd

One of the big topics on this site is why is it that blerds do all the right things and yet women still look them over?  Even Gil briefly touched on this talking about The Chi.  But I asked myself the question, why does this happen?  Why in the black community do we not come together and shift the culture to where better is expected of men, and thus blerd men could honestly compete in the dating pool.

The reality is that it does boil down to black women, but not in the hotepy “the black woman hates black men and wants to be us”, instead it’s two parts.  One being that the media and the world around us downplays black women’s accomplishments, beauty and mere existence in the western world.  The second half is the compliance of black men to helping black women feel strong.  While I understand that black men have had hardships too, but it must be acknowledged that we suck in the reciprocity to black women’s care of us as a culture.

Black women have been fighting for black men to get their shit together in how they treat them, but black men fall short as black women (due to decades of dealing with black men’s subpar actions) have been forced to adapt and put themselves in a box, thus giving problematic black men the idea that their actions are okay or used to as this generation of black women have no quarter and is fighting back.

Enter blerds.  Blerd men are the answer to the question, “What happens when the standards of masculinity set within blackness no longer are convenient to all black men?”  Blerd men grow up being told their the next generation that will restore honor to black men’s reputation, but are not wanted by black women (to a degree).  But it must be acknowledged that 1) blerd men still have a nasty sense of entitlement and 2) refuse to back the movements for change in the black community, which creates them having blerd male privilege.

Privilege in that blerd men don’t realize that the dichotomy in how blerd men are raised and how blerd women are raised should inform them on the injustice towards black women within a microcosm.  While blerd men’s interests are encouraged and even celebrated by elders and authority figures, blerd women grow up being told that they should turn away from interests that range from harmless to enlightening as it’s not “ladylike” and “they won’t be able to get a man doing things like that.”  For as much as blerd men complain that they have to repress their blerdness to attract women, blerd women are told they have to give it up just to be considered normal.  Parallels really.  The lack of empathy from a lot of blerd men and the black community, it should not be shocking to know many blerd women identify as feminist.  Not because their bitter, but because it’s one of the only communities that accepts them as they are.

If blerd men want the culture to shift for them, they need to follow blerd women in that blerd men following the logic of every hotep, player, pimp, so-called doctor and guru that tries to make them “alpha males” rather than accept who they are.  The blerd women of the world want a culture that accepts them for who they are while allowing black women to prosper.  If nothing is done, this cycle will continue and blerd men will be left sulking rather than bringing about change.

You might not like it, but I say this to all blerd men:  you can’t complain that women are insensitive to intelligent thoughtful men when you also indulge those bad behaviors too and refuse to push for change simply because you fear women getting off the proverbial reservation and emasculating you.  You have to grow and understand that equality will mean that, yes, the present state of blerd culture being female led was a potential result of things improving.  You might not like everything the feminists have to say, and even I don’t, but they are the best bet for change that favors our subculture.  Swallow your pride, get in formation and stop taking life advice from men who think being a dick to women will get you sex.


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