Black Americans Swear They are the Global Authority On the Subject of Racism

I was sitting back thinking about this so-called “outrage” over the black boy wearing that “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” hoodie from H&M and I came to the conclusion that monoracial (non-mixed) American knee grows swear up & down that they are the absolute authority on what is to be deemed as racist as if no other black person’s opinion anywhere on the planet matters.  The reason why I say this is because the mother of this child came out & stated that she didn’t see anything wrong with the hoodie and she took no offense to it (keep in mind, this mother & her child are not Americans and do not live in America).  But yet, damn near nothing but American knee grows were all over the internet calling this an act of racism.  Hell, even the former mack/pimp now king of the hotep hustle by the name of Tariq Nasheed resorted to calling this woman a “buck dancing, Bunny Ruckus mammy” on his Instagram page.

Anways, this situation really makes me wonder if whether or not monoracial black Americans honestly believe themselves to be the global authority on what is to be deemed as racist amongst EVERY black person on the planet.  Seriously, it’s like 45M black people in America and for some reason monoracial black Americans swear they are the experts on the “black experience” and their “expertise” applies to the rest of the hundreds of millions if not billions of black people who have never lived in America, let alone visited America.  Monoracial American knee grows absolutely hate when white people assume black people are a monolith but American knee grows will go out of their way to make sure that black people globally are a monolith on every single subject that may be remotely related to some form of perceived racism.

A few years back, I was in a Facebook discussion with some biracial dude who lived in Ireland who was discussing his biracial experience and how he was viewed & treated in Ireland.  On that same thread quite a few monoracial American knee grows chimed in to tell this dude how he will be seen & treated strictly based off of purely their monoracial black American experience as if this biracial dude’s own words about his own life experiences in Europe didn’t mean a damn thing.  I’m a mulatto (biracial) and I often run into similar problems with monoracial black Americans.  Most BLACK people tend to find the word mulatto offensive due to its antebellum slavery origins.  What’s funny is, nobody ever asks me (the actual biracial or any other biracial) how WE feel about the word because truth be told, most of us do not find the word offensive.  In other parts of the world, the word mulatto isn’t viewed as offensive either but amongst MONORACIAL BLACK AMERICANS, too many of them feel like they are the authority on how we biracials are to view ourselves as if we mulattos have zero say in the matter.  Then to make things even more bizarre, I often hear monoracial blacks Americans tell me what they THINK white people view me as despite 9 times out of 10 a monoracial black American’s thoughts about what they BELIEVE most white people see me as being is the complete opposite (most white people swear I’m some type of Hispanic or they just flat out ask me what I’m mixed with…rarely do white people tell me “you’re just BLACK”…ask Meghan Markle).  But the same thoughts monoracial black Americans have about us American mulattos is the same thoughts they have about mulattos globally.

Anyways, I’ve always found it rather interesting & eye opening to see how so many monoracial black Americans swear up & down that every person of color throughout the world is supposed to view the world in the identical manner as to how monoracial black Americans choose to see the world.  Non-mixed American knee grows swear they are the authority on everything race related and that the non-mixed black American experience is the law of land.

Lastly, I predict a few “coon” comments being tossed my way which will serve as direct proof of the attempted forced monolithic thinking strategy too many “woke”, social justice warriors & pro-black American knee grows will try to impose upon me to either “get me on code” or ostracize me from the great ancient society of Blackistan as if these niggas honestly believe they have any real power to do anything other than bang their feels out on social media about how they think every other person of color should see the world.

Your favorite mulatto.
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