Why Do Black Women Love Bum Ass Dudes?

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the tv show The Chi, I suggest you go watch the show as (based on the first 2 episodes) it appears to be a really decent show depicting life in (I’m assuming) the south side of Chicago…you know, the area of Chicago that Fox News likes to make it seem like all black people live.  Anyways, I’m not about to give you a play-by-play rundown of what all has taken place on the show thus far, but I do want to briefly discuss this one character on the show by the name of Emmett played by actor Jacob Latimore.

Emmett is the epitome of a bum ass nigga who is winning when it comes to the ladies.  There really is no other way to accurately describe this character.  Emmett is a nigga who lives at home with his mom, literally hides women under his bed when his mom comes from work (as in literally), he works at a fast food joint, he has 3 baby mamas, and the only thing he has going for himself is a rather impressive shoe collection.  That’s it.  But yet, women are tossing themselves at this dude as if he is the most desirable bachelor walking around the city of Chicago.  To further paint the mindset of this bum ass nigga, Emmett is so unapologetically in love with his shoe collection & the false image of presenting himself to be the man in order to attract women that this nigga actually contemplated on abandoning his infant son in a public park so that he could about his business of living life as a single dude in order to collect more shoes and collect more women.  That’s how mentally deranged this nigga’s character is on the show…yet, the pussy keeps getting tossed to him.

After watching these first two episodes of The Chi, I’ve come to the conclusion that Emmett’s character is quite possibly the most accurate shit I’ve ever seen portrayed on television when it comes to way too many young black men these days.  Niggas who have absolutely nothing going on in their lives other than getting high, buying shoes and getting endless women pregnant.  We all know dudes like the character Emmett and yet I find myself wondering how in the hell do niggas like this staying winning when it comes to the ladies?  Granted, I’m married and I’ve been out of the dating game for 14 years now but even when I was in my early to mid 20s when I was single with no kids, I still pulled women, but it wasn’t because of my amazing shoe collection.  It was because I actually had real tangible shit to offer women besides just dick…and I didn’t live at home with my mama.  But even still, I knew plenty of niggas like Emmett (and still do this day) who probably don’t have $500 saved up in a bank account but can manage to pull a few hundred out their ass at any given moment to cop the latest pair of Js and as a reward for their phenomenal Michael Jordan shoe collection, women toss these niggas pussy and allow for these niggas to impregnate them as if these women honestly believe they just hit the lottery.  These niggas stay winning which is why I guess I can understand the concerns from a few writers on my website when they talk about the struggles they have when it comes to being a blerd who’s doing all of the “right things” a man is supposed to do but they are still losing to the bum ass Emmett’s of the world.

When it comes to black women constantly giving these bum ass niggas pussy and babies, I’ve yet to figure out exactly what in the fuck is really going on in these women’s heads.  The character Emmett has 3 baby mamas, doesn’t want to claim his latest kid and contemplated on abandoning his latest kid in the park…yet, this nigga still has pussy being thrown at him.  Why?  What in the world do black women see in dudes like this who have not a damn thing going for themselves?  Seriously, what in the fuck is so impressive about these niggas (other than maybe their sex game) that these women continually allow these niggas to run up in them & get them pregnant and then these women have the audacity to honestly believe that somehow her coochie is the magical coochie that will change this nigga?  How come too many black women honestly believe that these bum ass niggas who have absolutely shit going on in their lives other than collecting shoes & getting women pregnant are about to somehow do right by them?  This shit is madness and I wish black women would stop getting online to cry & complain about these bum ass niggas doing them dirty as if these crazy broads had no fucking clue what type of nigga this was & where his priorties lie.

“B-b-but…this is just a tv show!”  No nigga, this is real life that way too many of you are comfortable with living.

Your favorite mulatto.
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