Hotep Foolery

By:  BlackConservative93

I was way done with being conscious long before the Great Kwanzaa War between Dr. Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed.  It was the babble sounding like Hollywood science and Wikipedia history lessons that turned me off as I once saw niggas selling magical rocks on Youtube.

Conscious means nothing; so, do not let someone slam (us) intellectuals due to thinking for ourselves.  I get it, we want to have value and compete for racial superiority, despite not having tangibles.  Our history is lost and unfairly deemed as alternative facts.  Granted, I appreciate Afrocentric scholars of today and the past; unfortunately, here is a newsflash, it is 2018.  I do not care about pyramids, Haitian Gods or aliens who created humans.  I am living in a world where white men rule with an iron fist and an ego the size of space.  Black people have been studying and attending lectures for decades, it is such an addiction to a mentality that some of us want to go backwards in time rather than forward.  Meanwhile other races only go backwards for tourism and do not use outdated tradition as an absolute lifestyle, instead they pick the good and toss out the bad as they borrow or accept Western ideology.

Black people on the other side purge their minds of anything white as they refuse to believe that any Caucasian man had a brain stem to invent anything good.  Despite the supposed feel “goodery” of being conscious, black people become more self-hating than non-conscious brothers/sisters.

Nothing is more comical than seeing grown men dressed as medieval beggars cursing at non-believers.  These are the same people who think God will grant them superpowers to destroy the white man on chariots despite them (white men) having a modern military that possesses the world’s most dangerous weapons.

Good grief, what is the point of the “knowledge” when even these career lecturers can only do just that…lecture.  Where are the jobs after I accept that the black woman is god?  Sadly, consciousness is dumbing us down as science is not even properly taught.  Hearing Young Pharaoh’s failure to properly describe a proton is pathetic.  But black women love him, along with Seti and Brother Polight because they can play with words to make it seem like black women are all knowing.  Some of these hoteps know nothing about the female body, yet they can fool real women into thinking that periods are not natural.  Black women eat up the word worshipping of being called queens and gods/goddesses without merit.  Simply giving birth is now a phenomenon as if non-human organisms cannot do the same.  Black men have pimped and bastardized the 70s Black Power movement for sexual gain but let’s be honest, it was always for pussy in the first place.

Conscious women are easier than hoodrats because they can be sweet talked out their draws with little resistance.  Just go stroke her with knowledge that in Ancient Egypt women ruled and that they were no wars.  Remind her that money is worthless and that materialism is the devil’s temptation, yet watch them backtrack as Egypt’s materialism was divine.  The hotep player will tell his woman that the stars were made by her, yet the fool cannot even name any star in general.  Hoteps know so much about space, yet they have nothing compared to NASA nor are there any conscious laboratories creating formulas measuring mass and gravity on other planets.

Hoteps are the new black feminists and promote the same garbage.  Now male leadership/patriarchy is a white construct, yet women (including black women) still need men (regardless of color) to maintain their high-end lifestyle.  The fairytale stories of ancient Africa are a bandage to the shattered ego of black men.  What hoteps tend to miss is that Egypt was not built under magical thinking or simply words.  There were math and calculations made.  Fast forward to now, these niggas can name every relevant detail about black history, yet they cannot revive the tangible aspects of living.  Polight or Seti do not know how to build pyramids.  Dr. Boyce Watkins failed to resurrect Black Wall Street.  Luckily, this is where the DVD/documentary hustle motived the minds of lazy pro-blacks to do more debates and studying than putting their economic theories to work.

Consciousness is for the dumb, weak minded, sexually frustrated and low self-esteem individual who failed at being coons or life in general.  I could easily be the next Young Pharaoh, as long as I reject common sense, conservative standards, America and Christianity.

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